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CUE!, Behind the Scenes Seiyu Anime Releases New Visuals For Winter 2022

Although CUE!’s smartphone game never really took off in the west, the upcoming anime is gaining some traction. After all, it gives us a deeper insight into the voices behind our favorite characters.

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The game follows the perspective of a manager at a new studio who has to train and manage 16 new voice actors. The anime takes a different approach and focuses solely on the journey of the upcoming voice actors, half of whom are featured in the new visuals.

The Twitter account for CUE! anime has released two key visuals. The series will premiere in January 2022.

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 Released new key visual “Flower” for TV anime “CUE!”Cherry blossom

#六石陽菜#鷹取舞花#鹿野志穂#月居ほのか 4 people!

 Two months left until the anime broadcast Cherry blossom


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The visual is titled “Flower” and features Shiho Kano, Honoka Tsukii, Haruna Mutsuishi, and Maika Takatori preparing their lines for a recording session.

[Information lifted Public address loudspeaker ]

 Released new key visual “Bird” for TV anime “CUE!”Baby chick

#天童悠希#赤川千紗#恵庭あいり#九条柚葉 4 people!

 Two months left until the anime broadcast Baby chick


English Translation, Twitter Translate

This visual features Yuzuha Kujoh, Yuuki Tendou, Chisa Akagawa, and Airi Eniwa standing behind the curtains before going on stage.

All 16 main characters join a voice actor agency called AiRBLUE, in order to realize their dreams. The story covers their journey from their training to their very first audition, and continues even after they land their first role.

This might seem like everything goes well with little resistance story, but the anime’s website points in the opposite direction.

The website describes the story as one filled with anguish, setbacks, and conflicts. Everyone might have a big dream, but not all of them will pass their auditions to realize that.

Many of the video game anime adaptations often turn out to be an advertisement for the game rather than a good story. What will this one be?

About CUE!

CUE! is a Japanese smartphone game for Android and iOS platforms produced by Liber Entertainment. It was released in October 2019. The game will be inspiring an anime adaptation soon.

The game revolves around 16 aspiring idols who belong to a not-so-popular agency. The player is the manager of these idols, whose role is to make the girls flourish.

Source: CUE! Anime Twitter Account

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