Releases New Visuals For Winter 2022


By Epic Dope Staff | October 27, 2021

Although CUE!’s smartphone game never really took off in the West, the upcoming anime is gaining some attention.

The Twitter account for CUE! anime has released two key visuals. The series will premiere in January 2022.

The visual is titled “Flower” and features Shiho Kano, Honoka Tsukii, Haruna Mutsuishi, and Maika Takatori preparing their lines for a recording session.

This visual features Yuzuha Kujoh, Yuuki Tendou, Chisa Akagawa, and Airi Eniwa standing behind the curtains before going on stage.

This might seem like everything goes well with little resistance story, but the anime’s website points in the opposite direction.

The website describes the story as one filled with anguish, setbacks, and conflicts. Everyone might have a big dream, but not all of them will pass their auditions to realize that.