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Will Yami Sukehiro Die in Black Clover?

Yami is one of the most popular characters in Black Clover, and his death is sure to cause waves in the fandom.

The Spade Kingdom arc is going strong, and every chapter has brought on even more plot twists and surprises.

As formidable villains are being introduced and gaining monstrous power-ups, for the first time in a while, our heroes are in a pinch; and what’s better than getting out of it than giving them a goal?

Yami and Asta’s iconic fight against Dante did little to impede the Dark Triad’s action of abducting the Black Bulls’ and Golden Dawn’s captain.

With both Yami and Vangeance serving as the key to opening the Tree of Qliphoth, their fates are uncertain. This provides an excellent impetus for the two protagonists, Asta and Yuno, to grow stronger and save their captains.

However, things might not be so simple this time around. With the threat of the now-emerging twin devils, Yami might actually die before Asta awakens his MC power.

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1. Will Yami Die in Black Clover?

Will Yami Sukehiro Die in Black Clover?
Yami Sukehiro | Source: Fandom

Yami Sukehiro will not die in Black Clover as Asta and Yuno will come to his rescue. While the Tree of Qliphoth has already been opened thanks to Morris, Yami’s death has not been confirmed.

Since his abduction, Yami has not been seen, and fans cannot help but worry about his fate. Is this beloved character about to die, or will Tabata refrain from killing an important character as usual?

While many hope for the latter, with the release of chapter 279, things don’t seem too promising.

Morris, the magic scholar who defected from the Diamond Kingdom, used the power of his devil to transplant Lolopechka’s vast trove of knowledge into himself.

By doing so, he created a method to hasten the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth and opened the first gate.

With the first gate of the Tree of Qliphoth open, two twin devils entered the living world, successfully threatening the lives of everyone present.

With this unprecedented event, Yami’s life is in an even more precarious situation, i.e., if he has not already died yet. It is very likely that soon we might see the last of him.

I. Too Popular to Die

Yami and Vangeance were destined to act as the keys to opening the gates of the Tree of Qliphoth, and their deaths were almost guaranteed.

Will Yami Sukehiro Die in Black Clover?
Yami | Source: IMDb

Now that the first gate is open, and the devils have arrived, surely, Yami must be dead by now, right?

If we look at Black Clover from the beginning, rarely any characters have died, let alone significant ones such as Yami, Noelle, and Yuno.

Even the elves that had been long considered dead made an appearance, and an elven village was recently discovered. Taking this tendency of Tabata into account, the chances of Yami dying are meager.

Furthermore, Yami enjoys great popularity in the Black Clover fandom. Killing him off will definitely create waves and generate a lot of opinions online.

If the creator has not killed any other significant character yet, it is less likely he’ll start with Yami right off the bat.

However, there are resounding opinions and theories from a major section of the audience that believes that Yami’s days are numbered.

II. The Jiraiya of Black Clover

Black Clover has been heavily influenced by Naruto, and this is no secret. From a loud-mouthed main character to a devil within him to even his emo rival, they share quite a few similarities.

This makes fans wonder whether this similarity will also extend to the way Tabata deals with his characters.

Will Yami Sukehiro Die in Black Clover?
Jiraiya | Source: Fandom

As we all know, Naruto is famous for traumatizing its fans and plunging them into the depths of sadness.

One way it achieved this was through the tragic death of Naruto’s teacher, Jiraiya. While this great Sannin died, it motivated Naruto to grow stronger in order to protect his loved ones.

Similarly, what if Tabata takes inspiration from this event and decidedly kills off Yami in order to motivate Asta to seek more power and surpass his limits?

While the series might get a lot of hate for taking this step, it is a logical move on the creator’s part.

Thankfully, the chances of this happening are close to zero. Asta has already received a tremendous power-up by fusing with his devil.

The next time he appears, we will most likely see an entirely new strong and flashy form of Asta that does not require anyone’s death.

2. Will Asta Become the Black Bulls’ Captain if Yami Dies?

While Yami might not die, let’s think for a moment about what will happen if he does. Will Asta take over his position and become the Black Bull’s captain? Definitely not.

Will Yami Sukehiro Die in Black Clover?
Asta And Yami | Source: Fandom

Asta will not become the Black Bulls’ captain after Yami’s death and will instead decide to train alone for a while.

After experiencing the recent events, he is focused on growing stronger, and taking on such responsibility will only hinder him from doing so.

Furthermore, due to Julius’s prophecy that Asta will die, some theories state that Asta will probably “die” in front of the public and appear in another world, such as the devils, for example.

He will undergo baptism and come out much more powerful than before.

The question of taking Yami’s place will not even occur, as either Nacht or Charmy will fill his place.

There’s also a chance that all the Magic Knight squads will be dissolved in order to form one combined force to fight against the Dark Triad.

However, all of this holds weight only on the off chance that Yami dies; until then, they are nothing but mere speculations.

3. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015 and currently has 23 volumes in tankōbon format.

Black Clover follows the life of Asta, a young boy without magic powers within a World of Magic. His circumstance does not hinder his dream of becoming the next Wizard King.

Along with his frenemy, Yuno, Asta sets into the world of Magic Knights and Squads in hopes of making his dream a reality.

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