Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?

Chapter 322 has definitely increased the gravity of the situation. Lucifero’s is just way too strong, and he hasn’t even used a single spell yet.

In chapter 319, we saw Lucifero destroy the Captains. In chapter 320 and 321, Lucifero is simply irritated with Yuno and his Star Magic. In 322, we see the entry of Yami, who was saved earlier by Asta.

Right now, the situation is looking pretty grim for the good guys. Is the King of Hell too powerful to take down?

Yami and Asta will not be able to permanently defeat Lucifero. However, they might be able to deal some serious damage to his physical manifestation, sending him back through the portal to the underworld/hell, until he re-emerges again.

Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?
Asta And Yami | Source: IMDb

Even with the combined efforts of Asta’s anti-magic and Yami’s dark magic, Lucifero is unlikely to be destroyed; he’s still in his first form – final form Lucifero could literally unleash hell.

The manga has been progressing towards Yami and Asta fighting Lucifero for some time now. Dante Zogratis, Lucifero’s host, almost killed Gauche, which made Asta and Yami mad.

Dante’s ideals are the stark opposite of Asta’s, and Lucifero has always been hating on our boy, calling him things like “magicless piece of trash” and “filthy scum”. We know that in the recent chapter, Lucifero is folding everyone but still has active thoughts about killing Asta.

Asta in Devil Union does manage to cut of a part of Lucifero’s horn, which is more than anyone has done. Not even the barrage of attacks from the Magic Knight Captains could land a single scratch on Lucifero – although they do manage to hold him off from killing Asta.

Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?
Asta | Source: IMDb

Lucifero literally smacks them off like flies – Charolotte, Dorothy, Jack, Nozel Silva, the Vermilion siblings, even Rill, and Fuegoleon. Nozel and Fuegoleon were two of the Wizard King candidates but they were utterly humiliated.

Yuno arrives to save Asta, and basically does with his 2 Grimoires what it took all the Captains to do together. But Yuno’s experience with Star Magic is far too basic as of now, although it might be a good match against Lucifero’s Gravity magic, since stars have a gravity of their own.

But for now, he was just able to teleport Mimosa and Asta next to Sekke, before standing up to Lucifero on his lonesome.

The surprise of chapter 321 was Mereoleona, who comes to fight Lucifero alongside Yuno. Lucifero himself notices her, saying, “This woman’s magic keeps growing.” Maybe Mereoleona growing stronger means that she will help Asta try and defeat Lucifero.

Coming to Yami. Yami and Vangeance were saved by Asta in his Devil Union form, helped by the Black Bulls, just before Lucifero’s physical body fully manifested.

Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?
Yami Sukehiro | Source: IMDb

In chapter 322, vice-captain Nacht gets into a new Devil Union, attempting to perform a heroic self-sacrifice (again), when Yami jumps in to save him.

Yami’s sword was possibly made by William, because it has tree branches at the hilt; although William himself is nowhere to be seen. Neither is Patry. But Yami’s entry at this point in the battle indicates that there might just be some hope.

Asta is totally wrecked and he’s already gone into Devil Union twice now. Mimosa spent all her mana healing him, but Asta clearly isn’t capable of fighting – even though he’s on his way to help.

Yami right now does seem like the best bet to damage Lucifero. His wooden sword probably has World Tree magic, which blocked Lucifero’s attack point blank. Previously, we’ve seen Yami being strong enough to knock out Dante in his 4 Arm state.

He’s a top Arcane Stage mage, able to channel his Dark magic into his Black Blade. His Black Moon spells is badass, and he also has total mastery of Reinforcement magic.

Now what I’m afraid is going to happen is, Asta will arrive, and Yami and Asta will probably get a few panels’ worth of hits in, when Yami is killed in a critical attack, which sends Lucifero (and probably Asta with him) back to the underworld.

Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?
Asta | Source: IMDb

Tabata has been getting a lot of flak for not killing his characters; I have a bad feeling someone is going to be sacrificed by the end of this arc, and it’d make complete sense if it were Yami.

But Yami’s potential sacrifice would mean that Lucifero is sent back to the underworld; if Asta and Liebe are somehow transported with him, we could have a whole arc worth of exploration and answers, which is exactly the break we need from the chaos currently ensuing.

Is Lucifero the Final Villain in Black Clover?

Lucifero might be the final devil of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, but not the final villain of the series.

Okay, I just want to set this straight before we go further – this is not the last arc of Black Clover. I know some fans think that we’re near to the end, but there are way too many things yet to happen for the manga to finish after the Spade Kingdom arc.

Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?
Lucifero | Source: Fandom

Lucifero is the highest-ranking devil connected to the Tree of Qliphoth, the most powerful of the Dark Triad, with sworn enmity with our protagonist, Asta.

It would make sense that one of Asta’s most defining moments will be his face off with Lucifero – I think there is a bigger battle yet in store for us, with final form Asta and Lucifero, but Tabata will make us wait for that one.

Black Clover draws heavily from various lores and mythologies, like Christianity, Judaism, Norse, and Greek. Going by this, I believe that the final villain will be some kind of god, like the god of fate. It could also well be the fourth Zogratis brother, who will be possessed by the time devil.

I also have my suspicions that Adrammelech will play some kind of role, maybe towards the end of the arc, or in the next one. During the last chapter, Adrammelech blatantly disobeys Lucifero when he asks them to fight against Yuno and Mereoleona.


It would be amazing to see Lucifero harmed – even just a tiny bit – in the upcoming chapters. The only way to get any damage done is to attack the King of Hell together.

Will Yami and Asta Defeat Lucifero? Is he the Final Villain?
Asta And Yami | Source: IMDb

We have an injured Asta, an amped Yami, and a crazy Mereoleona; if Yuno, Patry, Nacht, William, and the others come back in Saint/Arcane Stage, we could, maybe, possibly, hopefully, see Lucifero defeated.

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Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who received the rare four-leaf grimoire and has more magic power than most people! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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