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Will Thorfinn Return Home in Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga mangaka, Makoto Yukimura, announced last year that the series entered its ‘fourth and final arc’.

The series has enamored fans, including myself, because of its macabre scenes, dark storyline, and fascinating characters.

But before fans bid their farewell to Crunchyroll’s Best Drama of 2019, let us find out whether Thorfinn will return home!

1. Thorfinn or Thorfinn Karlsefni?

As the protagonist of the Vinland Saga, Thorfinn is the teenage son of Thors Snorresson (the most popular Jomsviking warrior) and Helga, daughter of Chief Sigvaldi.

Will Thorfinn return home?
Thorfinn | Source: Amazon

Also known as “Karlsefni”, Thorfinn is a former warrior of Askeladd’s band, a mercenary band of Vikings.

Vinland Saga manga portrays its story arcs based on the real adventures of the Icelandic-born and Scandinavian explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni. Perhaps this explains why Thorfinn has ear-length, shaggy blonde hair, and brown eyes!

But you know what else is cool? It is the fact that the true-to-life stories of his voyages were recorded in “Saga of Erik” and the “Tale of Greenlanders”!

Since the real Thorfinn Karlsefni was born between 980 A.D. and died sometime after 1007 A.D., he became the leader of an early colony expedition and led his group to North America!

Vinland Saga’s “Leif” is also based on a real-life person named Leif Eriksson, an Iceland Norse explorer. The real Thorfinn Karlsefni followed Leif Eriksson to the route of Vinland.

Vinland Saga Episode 21

They voyaged to Vinland so they can try to find and establish a settlement there. All their travels occurred sometime around the year 1010 A.D.

Therefore, Thorfinn Karlsefni should have already married his wife Guðríður Víðförla Þorbjarnardóttir, and they should already have gained many followers.

2. Will Thorfinn return home?

Thorfinn does return home to Iceland in Chapters 100 and Chapter 166 of the Vinland Saga manga. After thinking long and hard, he decides to prepare for the voyage to Vinland.

Even if fans do not know up to what extent the author will use Thorfinn Karlsefni as a reference, Vinland Saga’s manga portrayal of him is still inspirational

3. Analyses

Let us look at the number of times Thorfinn returned home in the manga. The first time Thorfinn voyaged home occurred between Chapters 99-100.

Leif referenced Thorfinn as the “prodigal son” who needs to apologize to his mother, Helga, for being gone for so many years.

Will Thorfinn return home?
Helga | Source: Fandom

The second time is on Chapter 166 after the time skip. YIva was completely shocked when Thorfinn brought home his wife and his son!

Thorfinn was elated to return to his home village after being gone for a decade in Chapter 100. As a reader, I’m glad that there are comedic scenes in this chapter to lighten the heavy mood!

One such case is when Ylva shoved her foot and punched Thorfinn because she cannot recognize her own brother!

Ylva’s comments only demonstrate that Thorfinn’s appearance drastically changed since his presumed death at the age of six years old!

Unlike Ylva, Helga warmly and tearfully welcomed her lost son with open arms. She even compared how alike Thorfinn’s eyes are to his father, Thors.

Will Thorfinn return home?
Ylva | Source: Fandom

Their reunion scene is melancholy because Helga was speechless even though she recognized Thorfinn right away! It just goes to show that a mother’s instinct knows best!

Meanwhile, in Chapter 166, Thorfinn returned home with his grand fleet from Constantinople and from marrying Gudrid.

This time, Thorfinn pursues a profitable business venture. He wanted himself and the people of his homeland to pioneer and claim Vinland while fostering economic growth.

“My road is to Vinland at the end of the Western Sea: building houses…farming wheat…making a country.”


His devotion to his community is unparalleled!

4. Conclusion

Thorfinn returning home on Chapters 100 and 166 shows that he will always return home no matter how far his travels were! He has a strong affinity to his mother, his sister, as well as the people of his hometown.

With his devotion to establish strong bonds to his community, fans can see Thorfinn becoming the progenitor of his village.

Will Thorfinn return home?
Thorfinn | Source: Fandom

The perilous adventures he took as a warrior, as a traveling merchant, and as a colonizer gave him sufficient experience to uphold a country.

5. About Vinland Saga 

Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical manga series that began serialization in 2015. It is written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura.

The series is published under Kodansha in its monthly manga magazine – Monthly Afternoon – aimed at young adult men. It currently has 22 volumes in tankōbon format. 

Vinland Saga is set within Viking times, where a young Thorfinn’s life goes astray when his father Thors – a well known retired warrior – is killed while on a journey.

Thorfinn then finds himself under the jurisdiction of his enemy – his father’s killer – and hopes to seek revenge on him when he grows stronger.

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