Netflix’s Ozark Will Not Return for a Season 5 and Here’s Why 

Ozark fans had quite a bit to look forward to this week since the second part of Season 4 of Ozark released on Netflix. But unfortunately, the party is coming to an end pretty soon as Ozark will not be returning for a fifth season.  

In June 2020, Netflix had officially announced that Ozark has been renewed for a fourth and final season. So, the recently released Part 2 of Season 4 of Ozark is the final season of the show.

Why will Ozark not return for a Season 5?  

Well, we do not know for sure but from what the creators have been saying in their various interviews, it is probably a well-calculated creative decision. Jason Bateman explained the decision to end Ozark at the right time in his interview with Collider.  

I think there’s always been the presumed area [of] three seasons, four seasons, five seasons, something like that. Based on the sort of the pitch line of what these characters are doing and the rate of escalation in danger and plot, there’s a certain pitch to that. And, if you keep going on that pitch for a whole lot longer, you’re going to go over the cliff, or up over the peak of the mountain and you end up jumping the shark.

Jason Bateman

So, given the intelligence of Marty Byrde and Wendy Byrde [Linney], if they keep going at this pitch for much longer, they’re either going to be killed or put in jail. The alternative is to flatten out that pitch so that you don’t end up jumping the shark, but then you start stalling just for additional episodes and seasons. 

Jason Bateman
Netflix’s Ozark Will Not Return for a Season 5 and Here’s Why
Jason Bateman

It is probably a well-thought decision because we all know what happens when a show is stretched for too long. For instance, look at Money Heist and the widespread criticism it got for Seasons 4 and 5, which many thought were not up to the mark.  

Will there be any spinoffs?  

As of now, no spinoff or sequel to Ozark has been announced or is on the cards. However, we never know with Netflix. It all depends on the audience, the response to the fourth and final season of Ozark and probably, what we collectively want.  

There may just be a good spin-off on the books. But the popularity of Ozark is nowhere near to the likes of Breaking Bad or Peaky Blinders, both of which led to spinoffs. So, we never know the chances of that happening.  

Ozark: Season 4 | Part 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Other Shows Like Ozark You Can Check Out  

Trust me when I say this, I do understand the void that hits you once your favorite series ends or you finish watching a series or show. It is as though you’ve been living in that world for so long and now with a snap, it all just ended.  

Now, it is hard for us to fill that void too easily, especially if you’ve been a dedicated fan. So, I thought, why not suggest some rebound shows for all those of you who are in dire need. Unlike relationship rebounds, this one is not that unhealthy!  

I am assuming everyone reading this article has already watching Breaking Bad, which is like, the greatest television series of all time. Just in case you haven’t, this is your cue to leave everything and go for it, NOW! And yes, it’s got all the exciting stuff that comes with a rebound—crime, drugs, and anxiety.  

If you’re looking for something pretty close to Ozark, I would highly recommend Narcos, Billions, or The Wire. Better Call Saul is also a great choice, if you’ve already watched Breaking Bad, since it is a spinoff of the show.  

So there you go. One show might be over, but all you need to do is just move on to another! It is tough, but you can do it!  

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About Ozark

Ozark is an American crime drama starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. It is a crime drama mixed with family concept and is created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Willaims. Bateman also serves as a co-producer of the show.

Ozark debuted on Netflix in 2017 and soon received favorable reviews, becoming a favorite. It received 32 Emmy Award nominations, including two for Outstanding Drama Series. It even earned Bateman an Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and Julia Garner an Outstanding Supporting Actress twice in a row.

The plot revolves the Byrde family, with Marty and Wendy losing a money laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel and relocating to Missouri, with their family. Things start turning for the worse as they get entangled deeper into the organized crime world, including the biggest mafias.

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