Will there be a Lucifer season 6?

Ah well. It was one hell of a ride Lucifer Season 5B just gave us. But our tryst with the ruler of Hell is not over yet.

It seems like it is not yet time to say goodbye to the Devil, Lucifer is returning for a Season 6!

In the final episode of season 5, “A Chance at a Happy Ending”, Michael (played by Tom Ellis) puts forward an interesting offer for his brother Lucifer (also Tom Ellis).

According to this offer, Lucifer could return to Hell as the ruler once again and also have Chloe by his side. Chloe will also be heading to Hell following her death as she is full of guilt after Dan’s death. But on the other side, Lucifer must let Michael take over Heaven.

But our Ruler of Hell will not let this go easily without war. Now that leaves us with a lot of unresolved questions for season 6.

Though Season 5 was originally supposed to be Lucifer’s final season, Netflix is bringing back Lucifer for a Season 6. Once the main cast members along with Tom Ellis were officially on board, Netflix announced in June 2020 that Season 6 will be Lucifer’s final season.

Not much is not known about Season 6 yet, but we can definitely make some guesses until the Devil returns for one final season. Here’s all you need to know to gear up for Season 6!

1. Lucifer Season 5 : What Happens In The Finale?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5.

In the final episode of Season 5, “A Chance At A Happy Ending”, Michael presents Lucifer an interesting plan to avoid war. If Lucifer lets him take over Heaven, he would let Lucifer return to Hell as the ruler once again.

Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6
Amenadiel, Lucifer and Chloe

Bonus factor: Chloe also gets to join him in Hell after her death considering she is full of guilt after Dan’s death in the penultimate episode which opens up the doors of Hell for her. So, this is Lucifer’s chance at a happy ending.

Michael also gets Remiel killed after discovering that she was working as a spy for Lucifer.

Lucifer takes enough efforts to stop his evil twin Michael from getting hold of Amenadiel’s piece that would be the final piece for activating Azrael’s Flaming Sword. But Michael manages to retrieve the piece.

The election was due the next day, so Lucifer had to work quick to stop Michael from winning the title of God.

Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6
Lucifer and Michael Fight

In the election, though Michael secures more votes, it had to be unanimous and hence the twins get into war for the throne. Meanwhile, Chloe disassembles the Flaming Sword using Amenadiel’s key.

But Michael manages to kill Chloe, who has overcome her guilt due to Dan’s death and heads to Heaven. The war between the angels and demons finally begin and a heartbroken Lucifer tries to resurrect his love Chloe back to life by going to Heaven.

Fortunately, Lucifer had Lilith’s immortality ring and manages on time to bring Chloe back to life. But everything has a price. The ring had the power to only bring back one of them, so Lucifer sacrifices himself to bring Chloe back to life.

Once Chloe returns to Earth, still holding the key, she tries to kill Michael but Lucifer arrives on time. He cuts off Michael’s wings instead of taking his life and the episode ends with everyone kneeling down before Lucifer and considering him the new God.

Lucifer & Chloe || I choose you, Chloe. --- Lucifer [season 5B]
Lucifer and Chloe

The ring had the power to save only one of either Chloe or Lucifer. Then how does Lucifer return? That is a question we do not have an answer to, yet.

Interestingly, the whole scenario reminds me a lot of Harry Potter and the whole concept of Horcruxes. You will know what I mean if you’re a Potterhead: the idea of the powerful sword (Gryffindor’s sword?), resurrection (resurrection stone, remember?) and pieces of the sword coming together to make Michael powerful (isn’t that Voldemort and the Horcruxes?).

Well, this theory has nothing to do with Season 6, but just dropping in some food for thought and a cinematic parallel. Just in case.

2. Will There Be A Season 6?

Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6
Tom Ellis as Lucifer

Hell yes! Netflix has already announced that Lucifer has been renewed for a Season 6 and Ellis will be returning as Lucifer. The cast has in fact, already shot for the season. Behind the scene photographs and videos from the cast members bring us that news.

We also know that Season 6 will consist of 10 episodes.

Earlier, Season 5 was supposed to be the final season of Lucifer. But by February 2020, there were rumours that Warner Brothers and Netflix are looking to extent the series for another season. And here we are. In June 2020, Netflix confirmed that Lucifer will be returning for Season 6.

Season 6 is confirmed, and that is why Season 5 left us with some unanswered questions. So, we have a lot to look forward to in Season 6! With massive twists and turns in the Season 5 finale, there are high expectations for Season 6.

Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6

With Season 6 on board, Lucifer is going to be Warner Bros. TV’s longest running Vertigo based show.

3. What To Expect In Lucifer Season 6?

Season 5 finale ended with Lucifer taking over as God and everyone accepting him as the next God. So, Season 6 would deal with Lucifer’s new position and his celestial powers.

This is an enormous change for Lucifer and the other characters of the series so it will be exciting to see how the Devil deals with his new powers and position.

Lucifer and Chloe

Lucifer and Chloe will probably end up together, though that’s just my prediction. However, Season 6 will definitely explore Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship and the change in their dynamics due to this enormous shift in power. What will be the fate of Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship?

That’s something Season 6 will have to tell us.

Throughout the five seasons of Lucifer, we see him go through a lot of character development and Chloe had the greatest role to play in it. It would be impossible to imagine Lucifer from Season 1 giving up his life for Detective if not for the enormous change.

Moreover, Season 6 must also provide us with an explanation behind Lucifer’s return from Heaven. I would guess his love for Chloe and his sacrifice to bring her back to life had a part to play in his return, considering the ethos and theme of the show.

Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship in the series is not just for the sake of a romantic angle, but it has a lot of consequences for the plot and its themes. So, this could definitely be something to do with a miracle related to love.

Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6
Dan with Amenadiel

Another thing to look forward to would be Dan Espinoza and whether there is any chance of him to return from Hell. We all see how Lucifer tries to resurrect Chloe after her death. Now obviously Dan is no Chloe to Lucifer!

But Lucifer does admit to his therapist Linda that he is not okay with how unjust the system is and how Trixie, Chloe and Dan’s young daughter has to live without a father. So, there might be a track where we meet Dan one last time.

Maybe Lucifer tries to bring him back to life or at least pave way to send him to Heaven from Hell, where he is as of now: in Season 5, post his death.

Kevin Alejandro, who plays Dan Espinoza in Lucifer also dropped some hints about the same. Alejandro said that it might not be over for Dan and we could expect to see him once more in Season 6.

Inbar Lavi also revealed in social media that Eve will be returning in Season 6, most likely to complete her story with Maze.

4. When Is Season 6 Coming?

Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6

Although Netflix has announced Lucifer Season 6, they have not officially declared a release date yet. The cast has already shot for Season 6, and it should be under post-production.

Due to the global pandemic, things are obviously not going by the usual timeline for the entertainment industry. But if things are better, we could expect season 6 to drop late 2021 or early 2022.

We hope the series will give us a well framed, well written finale. A series as witty, dark and unique in its approach as Lucifer definitely deserves a grand finale.

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5. About Lucifer

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy drama series created by Tom Kapinos. It is based on the DC Comics character from The Sandman, created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Entertainment produce the series.

Originally premiered in 2016, Lucifer was picked up by Netflix when Fox canceled the show after three seasons. Lucifer is set to end with Season 6, which is rumored to air early in 2022.

The series revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles, where he runs his own nightclub named ‘LUX’ and becomes a consultant to the LAPD. All the while working on his character development to be a better Devil/Angel.

The latest season featured the retirement of God, a lot of broken hearts and mending relationships, ambitious Angels, and the Devil taking it upon himself to right the wrongs of his dear ol’ dad, God.

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