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Will there be a Hundred Season 2? – Expected Release Date & Plot

Hundred is a light novel series written by Jun Misaki and illustrated by Nekosuke Okuma. Hundred is a sci-fi harem anime where the protagonist fights to save the world and also gets the girls on top of that.

The series has a typical plot of an underdog MC transferring to a new high school and gets hated by the students. But we see that a darker power lies deep inside him. 

Hundred season 2 Info and updates
Hundred | Source: IMDb

The light novel readers who wanted to see this play out on the screen were impressed by the 2016 anime adaptation. Now fans are eager to know when the show will return.

Let’s take a look at all the information regarding the upcoming season of Hundred.

1. Premiere Date

The production team of Hundred has not announced a sequel yet. However, Season 2 of the series is expected to air in 2021, if not later. Funimation had licensed the series and streamed the TV series in 2016. 

When the show gets the green light for Season 2, it might feature around 10-15 episodes depending on the number of volumes it adapts.

There is no official schedule for the anime from the animation studios yet, but it doesn’t mean the series has been canceled.

Let’s dive into the plot, popularity, and other intricate details of this anime.

2. Theory Section

Harem anime are always well-liked by the audience, as the show doesn’t necessarily depend on the plot to move the story ahead.

Add in some mecha action, a high school set up, and voila! The story becomes distinctly different from others.

Hundred is very popular among the anime titles in this genre, so let’s see what makes it so good. 

I. Popularity of the Franchise

SB Creative published all 16 volumes of the light novel series between 2012 and 2015. 

A manga adaptation was serialized in the Monthly Dragon Age magazine, drawn by Sasayuki. In 2015, two tankobon volumes were released. 

The 2016 anime adaption of Hundred was well-received by fans. The show received a 6.42 on MyAnimeList rated by over 120k+ users.

Let’s see what else the fans have got to say about this anime.

II. Fan Reviews

Many fans loved the anime for its animation and the girls. Though the story seems very basic, it’s the excessiveness of depending on the tropes that make Hundred so likeable.

A shonen anime where the protagonist’s life is filled with disasters because he is too good looking, too overpowered, and too charming to get away with ‘accidents,’ is a nice way to unwind.

It’s a romantic comedy with a lot of fanservice that sometimes the action is given the back seat in some episodes. But the last episodes bring the battles to their peak.

Even though the show focuses more on the fanservice of the harem, it doesn’t feel like a harem with only three main heroines vying for Hayato’s attention. But the humor in the idiotic scenes makes you wish you were in his place.

With the fans rooting for a sequel, is it truly possible?

III. Possibility of Season 2

Even if a sequel has not been announced yet, it doesn’t mean that the show is taken off the roster! Anime shows usually take five or more years of breaks in between, and Hundred was just released in 2016.

Season 1 adapted only the first four volumes of the light novel series, and there are 12 whole volumes still left, waiting to be adapted.

Hundred got many positive thoughts and reviews during its debut period and a high TV rating too. Viewers definitely want to see the second part of this show.

With the story left incomplete in Season 1, anime-only fans would have to have more patience for the sequel to know what happens.

3. Visuals & Trailers

Season 1 of Hundred adapted only four volumes of the source material. We can speculate that the production team will adapt the remaining novel volumes for this season.

Hundred season 2 Info and updates
Volume Cover 5 | Source: Fandom
Hundred season 2 Info and updates
Volume Cover 6 | Source: Fandom

The covers feature one of the main heroines, Emilia Gudenburg and her best friend Latia Saint Emillion, respectively.

Douglas Wenz is the main antagonist of this arc and we might see him again when the team releases the character designs.

The official sites have not released any teasers for the anime yet. We will update this article when we get the information.

Now, what will the next season be about?

4. Expected Plot

Season 1 ends with a big reveal of Emilia being a princess of the Gudenburg Empire. As Hayato and Emilia confirm their love, they find new hurdles for their relationship.

In the upcoming season, Hayato and Emilia head back to her country, where she was treated unfairly for being an unwanted child. Another obstacle Hayato must face is Douglas Wenz, Emilia’s fiancé.

Let’s analyze the animation production of the anime next.

5. Music and Animation

I. Animation Quality

Hundred season 2 Info and updates
Hundred | Source: Funimation

Production IMS produced a very visually appealing anime. The art, animation, and background were all great to look at.

The flow of fighting, duels, and the choreographies were surprisingly amazing, considering the genre of Hundred.

Many fans though, prefer the character designs in the novel illustrations to that of the anime. But viewers don’t see that big of a difference between them.

II. Theme Songs

The opening theme song is Bloodred performed by D-Selections and there are four ending theme songs in this 12-episode anime. 

The female voice cast sang the ending songs, Eyes on Me, Tabooless, and Hardy Buddy in pairs. 

The sound effects and the soundtracks were pretty good and decent to amp up the emotional scenes.

6. Fan Expectations 

Hundred is a great anime to binge-watch, an anime just right to relax and let go of the day’s pressure. Fans who are in it for the story will desperately want to know what happens next. 

Viewers who only care about their waifus want to see them in action again in a sequel. There are also fans of the weapons and the unique style in which they used in Hundred. 

Many feel that some things were left hanging in the last season and that there should be another season to continue the story.

Let’s recollect what exactly this anime is about.

7. Recap

Hayato Kisaragi is a new transfer student to the Little Garden to become a Slayer. He meets new people, learns about Hundreds, and gets into trouble when he steps into the school.

The next day, Hayato awakens new powers during his battle with Claire and gets invited to join The Selections when suddenly a Savage alert sounds. The aftermath of the battle reveals that Emilia was Hayato’s childhood friend.

Speaking of childhood friends, popular idol Sakura thanks Hayato and his sister for saving her long time back. She also reveals information regarding human experiments conducted using Savage Fluid.

There are many uses of Savage Fluid, and the main use was to create variants to counteract unknown diseases. Claire’s mother died due to one such disease after giving birth to Liza. But Liza turned into an autonomous system after saving Claire’s life.

Meanwhile, Vitaly raises uproar amongst Slayers by creating mechanical Savages without cores, as her revenge against Little Garden. The to-be-Slayers in the school wend of the creations and bring peace to school. 

Emilia, in the end, reveals her real gender to everyone and also that she was a princess.

8. Cast & Staff

The following might return as the cast and staff members for Hundred Season 2:

I. Staff

PositionStaffFamous Works
DirectorKobayashi TomokiAkame ga Kill, Infinite Dendrogram
Series CompositionShirane HidekiDate A Live, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
Character DesignKii TanakaHinomaru Sumo, Cheating Craft
StudioProduction IMSDate A Live, High School Fleet

II. Cast

CharacterVoice ActorFamous Works
EmileOokubo RumiChinatsu (Yuru Yuri), Tamako (Barakamon) 
ClaireIchimichi MaoVorona (Durarara), Shion (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)
HayatoHasegawa YoshiakiBlue Fire (One Punch Man), Abukawa (Gleipnir)
SakuraYoshioka MayuMayu (Wake Up, Girls), Ekoda Ren (Anne Happy)
KarenOkuno KayaKaya (Wake Up, Girls), Tama (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody)

9. About Hundred

The anime is based on Jun Misaki’s light novel with the same name. The story follows Hayato Kisaragi and his ultimate struggle against the Savages.

Savages are a group of mysterious life forms that have become a major threat, and only the ‘Hundred’ weapons can counter them.

Those who can wield a Hundred are trained to become Slayers. Hayato enrolls in the marine academy city ship Little Garden to become a great Slayer. But things start to change when he meets the most powerful Slayer of the school.

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