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Will Shinsō Join Class 1A or Class 1B?

Who would have thought that Hitoshi Shinsō — a mere side character during the Sports Tournament arc — would make a grand comeback in Season 5 of Boku no Hero Academia?

First off, I thought he’s just a one-trick pony: needed for the Sports Tournament arc, and absent throughout the rest of the series. But to my surprise, he’s re-introduced and has a significant role in the series.

Moreover, out of all the side characters, I didn’t expect Shinsō will be rumbling with Class 1A and Class 1B; and, in Season 5 of Boku no Hero Academia no less! With his deep-seated backstory that made viewers wallow and sympathize with his sorrows, it’s no wonder this dude from Class 1C’s General Studies Department is in the spotlight!

It’s all thanks to the homeroom teacher of the battle-prone Class 1A students — Shōta Aizawa. He trained the mysterious Shinsō off-screen and out of our radar; hence, why Season 5’s Joint Battle Training Arc is now in session!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from My Hero Academia.

1. Will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B?

Shinso will join class 2-A of UA High School in My Hero Academia in the next year of his Hero Course. Shinso’s mentor, Aizawa, is also Class A’s homeroom teacher so it’ll help Shinso reach his full potential. Also, he could fill in the empty seat left after Midoriya quit UA.

Hitoshi Shinsō is a wild card among the Heroics Department students and a fan favorite in the fandom, but the big question remains: will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B? Where is his starting line in the prestigious Hero Academy? Which class will accept him as a hero-in-training?

Will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B?
Hitoshi Shinso | Source: Fandom

Deku dropped out of U.A. as of Chapter 306. Therefore, Class 2A’s #18 seat is vacant; meaning, Shinsō will likely occupy his rival’s former seat number!

However, the series has not yet confirmed the class that this talented student will be joining. The manga only mentions that he will transfer to the Heroics Department starting in his 2nd year.

Nevertheless, we can speculate which class he will be transferred to using the facts revealed to us during the Joint Training Battle between Class 1A and 1B.

2. Shinsō in Class A?!

I. Pros — The “Plus Ultra” Side

  • Eraser Head is the homeroom teacher. Therefore, Shinsō would pick this class first and foremost so he can learn from the one and only teacher who initially saw his potential and capabilities as a hero!
  • Class 1A has superior knowledge and experience in fighting villains. Learning from them would augment Shinsō’s combat ability.
  • Shinsō already established friendly rivalry with Class 1A members, particularly with Izuku Midoriya. If he transfers to Class 2A starting on his second year, he can observe Midoriya’s battle moves, study his openings, tactics, etc. to defeat this one-and-only unique rival that Shinsō targeted since the Sports Tournament!
Will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B?
Izuku & Shinsho | Source: Fandom

II. Cons — The “SMASH!!!” Side

  • Favoritism – Eraser could favor Shinsō over the other students of Class A. He can be biased and give more personal time for his Quirk growth and development.

Eraser already took a liking to Shinsō since the Sports Tournament. So, being in the same class would allow their mentor-mentee to grow. Furthermore, it could develop into a father-and-son bond like how All Might has with Izuku!

If Eraser dotes on Shinsō too much, it’s detrimental to the rest of Class A because their Quirk growth is side-stepped or ignored; their abilities could downgrade!

  • When the next Joint Training comes around on the 2nd year, Midoriya could be a liability if Shinsō keeps saving his rival from out-of-control (One for All) power outbursts!
  • An original Class A member must be transferred out so Shinsō can get into the Heroics Department! But we already know this from the start, right?
  • Shinsō could lag because he’s the greenest member come 2nd year (when he’d be transferring)! If he faces Bakugō, or Todoroki, or Īida in the Sports Festival, he could lose, and this could undermine his confidence!
  • Shinsō’s opponents in Class 2A would be that good because they already underwent rigid hero internships with the Pro Heroes during their 1st year. It would not be fair for Shinsō because he’s still “fresh meat”.

3. Shinsō in Class B?!

I. Pros — The “Plus Ultra” Side

  • Neito Monoma likes Shinsō because of his brainwashing capabilities! He’ll fit like a glove in Class 2B because Monoma’s warm greeting and “friendliness” towards the transfer student can be contagious!
Will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B?
Monoma & Shinso | Source: Fandom

Although Monoma isn’t the big bro in Class B, his influence among his peers is formidable! His strategy to observe Class 1A during the obstacle race during the Sports Tournament paid off because a few of Monoma’s friends followed his commands. They were loyal to him to a tea.

With Monoma as the loud voice of Class B, he can potentially sway some of his classmates to play “naughty” or “nice” towards the transfer student!

  • The Quirk combos between Monoma and Shinsō is impressive! It’s not undefeatable, but it gets the job done to lure and attack Midoriya during the Joint Training Battle Arc.

Since their Quirks mesh well together, they can defeat tough combo opponents of Class A (excluding the Midoriya & Uraraka pair, of course, since this pair won against Shinsō).

  • The Monoma and Shinsō combo could have taken Class 1A down if it weren’t for Midoriya’s “Black Whip” going berserk during the joint training.

Hence, if Shinsō transfers to Class 2B next year, he could pair up with other students whose Quirk meshes properly with his brainwashing and “Persona Chord” attacks. Essentially, Shinsō would become a formidable foe and a threat!

Will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B?
Shinso & Monoma | Source: Fandom

III. Cons — The “SMASH!!!” Side

  • Eraser Head isn’t the homeroom teacher for Class 2B. Sekijirō Kan (also known as “Vlad King”) teaches Class 1B. He might not have ample time to teach Shinsō one-on-one just because he’s Eraser Head’s pick.
  • Class 1B’s villain engagement isn’t as exposed as Class 1A’s. Only a few students had the combat skills plus the know-how to defeat villains.

For example, Itsuka Kendō and Tetsutetsu showed outstanding leadership skills and implemented wise counterstrategies against the villain emitting gas, “Mustard. They succeeded and apprehended the perpetrator during the Forest Training Camp Arc.

  • Dependency on only a few members of Class B could be detrimental to Shinsō. For example, the transfer student could find himself frequently paired up with the same people during tournament matches or joint training sessions.

It could be strong classmates like Monoma (whose Quirk is “Copy”) and Jūzō Honenuki (whose Quirk is softening the ground like mud). If it’s always the same people, it could hinder or stagger Shinsō’s Quirk enhancement, let alone his growth!

Remember that Shinsō is at the initial stage and he has a lot of room to grow and improve. In his 2nd year at U.A., he should be accelerating his power, speed, stamina, intelligence, and teamwork skills so he can catch up to his classmates. If Class B can’t do that for him, it would leave Shinsō further behind.

4. Conclusion

Shinsō would be an asset to the Pro Heroes! He has an equal opportunity to stand among them and with them in the upcoming crisis.

Will Shinsō join Class 1A or Class 1B?
My Hero Academia | Source: Fandom

Eraser Head will work with Principal Nezu and the remaining Pro Hero instructors to make Shinsō’s dreams real. After all, they’d need Shinsō’s brainwashing and “Persona Chord” attacks to be at full power by the time the next war against All for One and Tomura Shigaraki comes around.

5. About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia (MHA) or Boku no Hero Academia (BnHA) is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi.

The manga has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014. Its chapters are collected in 30 tankōbon volumes as of April 2021. It follows a 15-year-old Izuku Midoriya and his adventures with the No. 1 Pro Hero of the hero society: All Might.

Despite being a fanboy since 4-years old, Izuku was born without a “Quirk”. On one fateful day, he meets All Might — his idol and the greatest hero of all time. With his diligent attitude and unwavering spirit to become a hero, Izuku manages to impress All Might; and thus, his adventures to become a great hero begins.

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