Ted Lasso: Will Sam Obisanya Leave Richmond FC?

Sam Obisanya has come a long way in Season 2. Right from becoming one of the team’s star players to standing against Dubai Air, to even having a mature outlook on love and relationships.

Yup, Sam Obisanya, and Rebecca started dating after they bumped into each other on Blindr. Although none of us expected them to look great together, they did seem pretty happy with each other. In Episode 10, they wake up next to each other, and honestly, that was rather beautiful.

However, Rebecca decides to take a break and split with Sam because she wants to work a few things out. As honest and rational as that seems, it pops so many questions about what will happen with Sam next.

But wait, there’s more. The official synopsis of the show on IMDb reads “A billionaire football enthusiast from Ghana makes Sam an unbelievable offer.” Does this mean Sam gets an offer from another club?

Will things get awkward between Sam and Rebecca? Will Sam feel uncomfortable in the team? Will he accept this new offer? Will he leave Richmond AFC?

Will Sam Obisanya leave Richmond FC?
Sam Obisanya

Whether he leaves the team or not, we know he won’t leave because of the breakup, because he’s pretty mature about that.

In Season 2, fans had been speculating who was talking to Rebecca on Blindr. The show diverted our attention by making us think it was Ted before ultimately revealing that it was Sam.

While the pairing was rather odd, it was interesting while it lasted. Rebecca, however, mentioned that she was in a place where Sam could really hurt her with just a wrong move. It scared her, and she needed to figure out why on her own.

Will Sam Obisanya leave Richmond FC?
Sam Obisanya

However, there’s something more. An offer from someone from Ghana is pretty close to home. Sam has always been pretty connected to his roots and has stood up for his identity. Does this mean that he’ll choose this offer (if there is one)?

What if the offer is merely a sponsorship for Sam’s team because he was impressed by Sam’s stand? I think we’ll just have to wait for the episode. But here’s why I think Sam won’t leave.

Why Won’t Sam Leave Richmond AFC?

Sam seemed to take the split pretty well, even if he was a little sad about it. Knowing Sam, he has endured a lot more in the past and has still not left Richmond. For instance, Jamie bullying him in Season 1 always had him question himself, and his self-esteem took a great hit. Nevertheless, he hung on.

Ted Lasso S02 E02 Clip | 'In Good Hands' | Rotten Tomatoes TV
Ted Lasso S02 E02 Clip | ‘In Good Hands’

In his current scenario, he’s got too many things to hang on to. Firstly, his team—his biggest supporters when he chose to stand against Dubai Air. Secondly, his excellent form, thanks to his skills and guidance from coaches. These are two of the strongest reasons why I think Sam Obisanya will hang on to Richmond AFC, and his encounter with Rebecca might seem like a mere bump.

So even if the offer is to join another club, I don’t think Sam would. At least I hope he won’t. Let’s wait and we shall have the answer.

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