Will Sam And Rebecca’s Relationship Last In Ted Lasso?

Romance is in the air for Sam and Rebecca in Ted Lasso and while some of us are going “awww” there is also a “oops” associated with it. You know, boss-employee, age gap and all.

Sam is 21 years old and plays for AFC Richmond so Rebecca is actually his boss since she owns the team. Oops.

It is in season 2 episode 8 titled “ManCity” where Rebecca has the realization that the one she has been flirting with and sending romantic messages all along is Sam!

It does kind of make me wonder if this is going to be a long time thing, considering Rebecca didn’t really have much to do this season except her romantic revelation.

The big question in my mind is whether this is actually going to last.

Sam and Rebecca might not last or become a long term thing as they have too many differences. There’s the huge age app and also, Rebecca is Sam’s boss at work, so the personal and professional could clash. All of this would not be good for a relationship.

What’s Sam And Rebecca’s Relationship?

Sam and Rebecca are officially dating as of season 2. They met on an online dating app called Bantr. But they were unaware of each other’s identity until the two met for a date and eventually kissed in “Mancity”, confirming their romantic relationship. 

Ted Lasso 2x08 Kiss Scene - Rebecca and Sam Obisanya. Ending
Ted Lasso – Rebecca and Sam Obisanya

The two met at Bantr. Obviously, both were unaware of each other’s actual identity when they began chatting and things were all going great while the two sent romantic messages to each other and engaged in casual flirting.

But Sam slowly began considering the option of a serious relationship with this mystery lady. In fact, after he finally asks her out on a date at the restaurant Le Tucci, he asked for a new haircut!

A classic example of how excited our lad was!

So when he reached the restaurant, he met Rebecca instead. At first, both think it is a coincidence but it does not take them much time to realize that they have been flirting with each other all along.

Will Sam and Rebecca’s relationship last in Ted Lasso?
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Rebecca even freaks out for a brief moment when she calls herself a “pedophile”. That was obviously panic talk or an awkward joke, because Sam is an adult. Though the age gap between the two is pretty huge, it does not make Rebecca a pedophile.

After the two have their dinner date, they even kissed, which kind of confirms that they are in a relationship. So I guess we can say they’re officially a couple.

Will The Relationship Last?

I am not someone who judges any kind of art on the basis of how politically correct it is, but even then I don’t think Sam and Rebecca will last as a couple.

What I mean is, the problem with this relationship is not because it is “problematic” but because it might not be too healthy.

Will Sam and Rebecca’s relationship last in Ted Lasso?
Rebecca and Sam
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It is not because of the age gap but more because of the power dynamics. Rebecca is Sam’s boss so no matter how much the two try to keep professional separate from the personal, the two are meant to clash.

These things could be the reason why the relationship might not last a long time. Besides, the age gap between the two can also hamper their emotional understanding of each other as well.

Will Rebecca And Ted Become A Couple?

Rebecca and Ted are two very wholesome people who make people around happy and also compliment each other well. I don’t see why this cannot be a thing.

Will Sam and Rebecca’s relationship last in Ted Lasso?
Ted and Rebecca
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Now the power dynamics that I spoke about in case of Sam and Rebecca will somewhat be present in a Ted Rebecca relationship too, but there won’t be a huge age gap and most importantly, the two have a similar past experience with relationships.

As for whether they’ll become a couple or not, only time will tell. But I guess we can keep our hopes, considering the mutual trust and the strong foundation of friendship on which their relationship is built.

So, the two can make a good couple and also be able to understand each other better. So yes, I would totally be up to watch Ted and Rebecca together.

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