WWE: Has Roman Reigns surpassed Hulk Hogan as the longest-reigning champion?

Roman Reigns is on the cusp of history. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is currently in the midst of a historic title reign, and he is on track to break Hulk Hogan’s record for the longest championship reign in WWE history.

Hogan’s record is 1,474 days, which he set during his first run as WWF Champion from 1984 to 1988. Reigns currently has 1,042 days as champion, so he still needs to hold the title for 432 more days to break the record.

Although, officially, the record has already been broken.  

“This accolade was previously held by WWE Hall of Famer Hogan, whose first reign as WWF Champion lasted 1,474 days. That said, only 1,041 days of that reign were part of the WrestleMania era,” according to Ringside News.

Reigns will likely break Hogan’s record of 1474 days too. He is still in his prime and one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. He is also backed by WWE, which is interested in seeing him succeed.

However, there are also some challenges that Reigns will face in his quest to break the record. One challenge is that he is facing more competition than Hogan ever did. In the 1980s, Hogan was the unmistakable face of WWE and didn’t have many credible challengers. Today, Reigns faces several talented wrestlers who are all vying for the title.

Will Roman Reigns beat Hulk Hogan's Streak as a champion?
Roman Reigns in WWE | Source: WWE

Another challenge is that Reigns is currently working a part-time schedule. He only appears at a handful of monthly WWE events, so he has fewer opportunities to defend the title. This could make breaking the record difficult, as he must win many matches quickly.

Despite these challenges, Reigns has a good chance of breaking Hogan’s record. He is a talented wrestler and a great performer, and he has the support of WWE. If he can stay healthy and motivated, he can break the record in the next few years.

In addition to the abovementioned challenges, Reigns must overcome the perception that WWE is protecting him. There is a vocal minority of fans who believe that Reigns is not a legitimate champion and that he is only being pushed by WWE because he is related to The Rock. If Reigns can silence these critics and prove that he is the real deal, he will have a better chance of breaking the record.

Of course, anything can happen in wrestling. Reigns could get injured or lose the title, or WWE could change its mind and push someone else. But for now, Reigns is the favorite to break Hogan’s record. He has all the tools he needs to succeed and has the support of WWE. He will achieve this historic feat if he can stay focused and motivated.

In addition to breaking Hogan’s record for the longest championship reign, Reigns could also go on to surpass Hogan in other ways. Hogan is considered by many to be the most outstanding wrestler of all time, and Reigns has the potential to reach him in terms of popularity, success, and legacy.

Will Roman Reigns beat Hulk Hogan's Streak as a champion?
Hulk Hogan in WWE | Source: IMDb

Reigns is already one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and he is only getting more popular. He is also one of the most successful wrestlers in WWE history, and he has the potential to win even more championships and accolades. And if he can break Hogan’s record for the longest championship reign, he will cement his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

Only time will tell if Reigns can break Hogan’s record and surpass him in other ways. But one thing is sure: Reigns is on the path to greatness, and he has the potential to become the biggest star in WWE history.

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