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Why are Scarlet and Violet fans disappointed with the pre-order bonus?

The new Pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet is here with new and exciting Pokemons, adventures and opponents to battle against. With the release date set close, pre-ordering has become available.

I will be trying to reveal everything we know thus far about the pre-order bonus and if it is worth ordering before the release date.

You shouldn’t pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as the pre-order bonuses outside Japan are disappointing, to say the least. Gamers pre-ordering through Amazon will receive an in-game Healing Set which includes ten potions, ten antidotes, and three revives.

1. Does Scarlet and Violet look promising?

Putting aside the pre-order bonuses, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet looks promising, and will not disappoint if you are looking for an early game experience. There are new regions to explore, you can develop stories as you wish and get to train legendary pokemon.

The new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to make a debut on 18 November and it will mark the beginning of the franchise’s ninth generation.

The game has new regions to explore, more Pokemons to train with and lots of opponents to battle with. You will be using legendary Pokemon Miraidon or Koraidon to traverse, depending upon the version you choose. You can travel on land, water and air with drive, aquatic and glide modes respectively.

Tera raid battles are also in a completely new format, where you can attempt to take on terrastallized Pokemon without waiting for other trainers’ turns, which many are thankful for.

There are three main story modes, Nemona path, Penny path and Arven path. You can choose to go back and forth between these three stories and this can allow you to develop the story as you wish. It’s an open world and it’s pretty exciting!

Why are Scarlet and Violet fans disappointed with the pre-order bonus?
Koraidon and Miraidon | Source: Official Website

2. Is it worth pre-ordering or is better to wait?

I. Pros of Pre-Ordering

  • Pre-ordering the game will ensure an early experience, based on the information we have so far the game does not seem like it will disappoint.
  • You will not have to wait long to receive the game and will most likely get it in case of overbooking.
  • Other than the general pre-ordering benefits, there are almost no other pros, as the bonuses being given are almost useless.
  • As a special consequence, you might receive the flying pokemon.

II. Cons of Pre-Ordering

  • Pre-Ordering in games is almost always a risky move, as you are ordering a game of unknown quality before the reviews. In this case, however, the game looks promising, but nothing can be said with confirmation.
  • For the entire gaming community, it creates a situation, where with high pre-order sales, publishers do not bother polishing their releases.

Choosing to pre-order Pikachu Violet and Scarlet or not depends on what you are expecting. If you are looking for a pre-order bonus, it is highly recommended not to do so. However, if you want an early game experience, the game won’t disappoint you.

Why are Scarlet and Violet fans disappointed with the pre-order bonus?
Terastal Pikachu, Flying type | Source: Official Website

3. Distasteful Bonuses Have Left the Fans Salty!

The inconsequential bonuses that are being offered have left gamers angry and disappointed. There is a huge difference between what is being offered at Japanese outlets and US outlets.

Japanese Outlets are giving out amazing bonuses. Animate is offering a microfiber mini towel which comes in different colours based on what you pre-order. Over on Amazon, you can get a cutlery set, if you order a double pack. 

Over Aeon, you get stainless steel tumblers, which come in different logos based on what you order. There are a lot more other outlets that are offered in Japan.

While in the U.S and elsewhere, if you choose to order through Amazon, you get an adventure pack, which has ten potions, ten antidotes and ten revives. Although they are pretty useful, these items can be acquired super easily throughout the game. This pre-order bonus does nothing and is pretty much useless.

If you, however, choose to order the game from the official Pokemon site, you will receive a code for an in-game backpack accessory. This is a customization item and does not affect the gameplay.

If you are choosing to buy the double pack, you receive 2 codes, one per game, that will reward you with 100 pokeballs.

Under certain conditions, pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will also receive a special Pikachu which is a flying type, which is generally not possible as Pikachu is unable to learn this mode. It can temporarily become a flying type when it terrastallizes during the battle.

4. Do the pre-order bonuses Differ Based on Scarlet or Violet?

Pre-order bonuses will not differ if you order from Western outlets, you will be receiving the same adventure set. However, Japanese stores are giving out theme-based pre-bonuses.

Welp! Such a wasted opportunity isn’t it? While Japanese outlets are making the most out of the theme difference and giving pre-order bonuses with different colour schemes and emblems, Western stores do not have any such difference. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you are going to end up with a boring adventure pack.

5. Conclusion

The game looks pretty promising and there is no disadvantage in pre-ordering. However, if we take a look at the pre-order bonuses, they are pretty much useless compared to what is being offered in Japanese outlets. This has urged multiple gamers, not to pre-order. You can still pre-order if you would like to, but be warned not to expect great pre-order bonuses.

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