Will Link and Jo Finally Confess Their Feelings in Grey’s Anatomy S19?

Link and Jo have one of the most wholesome friendships on Grey’s Anatomy, which is refreshing for a series that has seen so much heartbreak through strained relationships and characters’ departures.

After Link was added to the show in season 15, Jo has always had someone to lean on and help her through her worst moments. The fact that Link knew her even when she was going by Brooke Stadler proves how long they’ve been close to each other.

The Grey’s Anatomy writers made it pretty clear that both Link and Jo only saw each other as friends, and nothing more; that is until they had the two of them hook up in season 18.

The question on everyone’s minds now is: will they end up together?

It’s clear that both Link and Jo have feelings for each other. Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy will end with the two of them finally admitting how they feel, possibly setting up a romantic relationship for them in the next season.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Grey’s Anatomy.

What is the history of Link and Jo’s friendship?

Link and Jo have known each other since they were undergrads, before Jo changed her name from Brooke. They also waited tables at Jimmy’s Crab Shack together and have been like brother and sister ever since.

When Jo started her relationship with her now ex-husband Paul Stadler, she and Link drifted apart for a while because Paul wasn’t comfortable with their friendship. But Link later admits that had he known how abusive Paul was to Jo, he would have stayed by her side.

In season 15, Link gets hired as an orthopaedic surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where he reunites with Jo for the first time since their fall out. They rekindle their friendship almost immediately.

For the remainder of the episodes that they spend together, both Link and Jo are constantly looking out for each other’s best interests.

Will Link and Jo Finally Confess Their Feelings in Grey’s Anatomy S19?
Link and Amelia, with their son Scout

Jo helps Link through his complicated relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Amelia. She checks up on him even when he wants to be left alone because she knows that he needs her support.

Even when Link gets the news of Amelia being pregnant with their child, a boy who they name Scout, Jo assures Link that he will be a great father and that he shouldn’t be afraid of the future.

Similarly, Link is there for Jo in her darkest times.

Jo finds out about Alex, her second ex-husband, abandoning her to settle down with Izzie as well as the truth about her birth mother never caring for her, around the same time.

This sends her into a depressive state, but Link makes sure to return her favour by taking care of her even when she doesn’t want him to.

Will Link and Jo Finally Confess Their Feelings in Grey’s Anatomy S19?
Link and Jo with Jo’s daughter, Luna

Link also agreed to temporarily foster Jo’s adoptive daughter, Luna, while Jo was working with her lawyer to get her criminal record cleared and her adoption approved.

The sacrifices Link and Jo make for each other proves how deep their connection goes.

Do Link and Jo have feelings for each other?

Link and Jo have always cared for each other a lot. But in season 18, episode 7, when Link casually reveals that he used to have a crush on her when they were younger, Jo is taken aback by it and this makes her re-think their relationship with each other.

In episode 9 of season 19, Link confides in Jo about his failed relationship with Amelia.  Jo comforts him by saying that there are plenty of other women who’d be lucky enough to have him. But the situation quickly escalates and they end the night by sleeping with each other.

Will Link and Jo Finally Confess Their Feelings in Grey’s Anatomy S19?
Camilla Luddington as Jo

Link and Jo avoid discussing the aftermath of the incident but eventually agree that they were both in vulnerable places when the whole thing happened. They decide that it’s best to stay friends and not ruin what they already had.

Little do they realise that things between them will never actually be the same.

For the rest of season 18 and the entirety of season 19, Link and Jo are caught longingly looking at each other multiple times, without even realising that they’re doing it.

Will Link and Jo Finally Confess Their Feelings in Grey’s Anatomy S19?
Chris Carmack as Link

Jo slowly starts pushing Link away because she realises that she’s falling in love with him. When Link confronts her about her behaviour towards the end of season 18, she admits to him how she felt, but says that it was all in the past.

Jo’s confession only makes things awkward between them, but it makes Link re-think his feelings for her too. In season 19, Link finally admits to Teddy that he’s “crazy about Jo”.

Will Link and Jo end up together?

Jo is obviously still in love with Link, and now that Link has admitted that he feels the same way, it’s only a matter of time before the two of them confess their true feelings for each other.

Will Link and Jo Finally Confess Their Feelings in Grey’s Anatomy S19?
Jo and Link in Grey’s Anatomy

With only two episodes left in the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy, it looks like the writers are finally ready to put a rest to the will they- won’t they situation between Link and Jo, one that has already dragged on for far too long.

We could likely get a confession scene between Link and Jo in the finale of Grey’s Anatomy season 19. This would help in setting up a romantic relationship between the two for season 20, which was renewed in March 2023.

Both Link and Jo deserve to be happy, especially after all the failed relationships they’ve had. The two of them are perfect for each other, and the trust they already share between themselves would make dating much easier. 

The Grey’s Anatomy writers have dropped plenty of hints about Link and Jo ending up together over 5 full seasons. Let’s hope they’ll give the audiences what they want and will avoid ruining a great friendship in the process.

Catch the double-episode finale of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 this Thursday, April 13, 2023, on ABC.

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