Will Anya get close to Damian Desmond in Spy x Family?

The Forger family might consist of fabricated relationships, but the bond between Loid, Yor, and Anya extends beyond blood and truth.

Episode 6 of Spy x Family sees Anya emerge as her parents’ daughter, despite the fact that she is not biologically theirs.

Anya has learned a few useful skills from her spy dad and assassin mom, and with the introduction of Damian Desmond, she has the opportunity to put them to use.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Spy x Family.

For to Phase 2 of Operation Strix, Anya has to either get membership into the Imperial Scholars or become closer to Twilight’s target’s son, Damian.

Twilight/Loid has no faith in Anya’s academic prowess and they give up on her becoming a Scholar. The easier option seems to have Anya and Damian become friends. But this proves more impossible given how their first encounter plays out.

Damian decides to bully Anya when he meets her during the Eden Academy school tour. Anya makes sure there are no teachers around and throws a punch straight to his face.

Despite the fact that they got off to a rough start, Anya will get close to Damian and develop a strong relationship with him later in the series. Their closeness will affect and/or alter the outcome of Operation Strix.

Who is Damian Desmond? What is his personality?

Damian Desmond is the younger son of Twilight target, Donovon Desmond. He studies at Eden Academy and is in Cecile Hall’s Group 3, along with Anya Forger.

Damian, being the son of the chairman of the National Unity Party, has always been proud and arrogant about his social status.

Will Anya get close to Damian Desmond in Spy x Family?
Damian Desmond And Anya | Source: IMDb

Being automatically respected and awed by his peers, Damian has the habit of showing off his family’s high class and taunting those who come from “lesser” backgrounds.

Though Damian comes across as a spoiled and braggy kid, he is only that way on the outside. In reality, Damian is kind hearted and sweet, but it takes him some time to reveal that side, even to himself.

In episode 6, we realize that Damian’s unlikable front is likely a result of being ignored by his father. During the group photo students are supposed to take with their parents, Damian stands all alone.

Also, Damian has an inferiority complex because of his brother Demetrius, who is one of the renowned Imperial Scholars and is revered throughout the school.

Anime watchers will soon become aware of Damian’s complex relationship with his father, his layered personality getting clearer.

What is Anya’s relationship with Damian?

Anya’s relationship with Damian starts off negatively but slowly becomes better. Due to Anya’s presence, Damian turns from a bully to a tsundere, but Anya is currently still closer to her friend Becky Blackbell than with Damian.

When Anya first meets Damian on her first day at Eden Academy, Damian seems like a nasty snob. With his entourage tailing him, he is the stereotypical bully who relies on his dad’s social status to navigate his way through school.

Will Anya get close to Damian Desmond in Spy x Family?
Anya | Source: Fandom

Anya wants to befriend Damian as part of a “friendship scheme” that will help Loid get closer to his target.

When she locates him during Orientation Day, she stares at him, and Damian assumes that she likes him. This, as you can imagine, angers Anya, and she turns away. But she keeps up a calm exterior since she still needs to become his friend for Loid’s sake.

It becomes clear to Anya that Damian is a cocky egoistical kid who is only interested in putting others down. He insists on being referred to as Lord Damian which doesn’t help Anya like him.

She mockingly calls him “sy-on boy”, a mispronunciation of the word “scion” which she heard Loid use. Scion means a descendent from a wealthy, famous family.

Damian, on the other hand, is confused why Anya doesn’t give him attention like the other kids. Anya’s fake unbothered smirk is further belittling to him.

When he finds out that Anya’s father Loid is a mere psychiatrist, he calls her a commoner and makes fun of the fact that she is poor. When Anya keeps up her smug expression, he interprets her smile as her looking down upon him.

Triggered, Damian insults Anya further and calls her “the queen of uggos.” He harasses Anya by throwing crumpled paper balls at her and threatens to bully her so much that she would be forced to leave school.  

Anya, who had recently learned self-defense from Yor, keeps up her zen smile, but punches Damian across his cheek. He goes flying into the trash cans and bursts into tears.

Later in the anime, Damian will soften his behavior towards Anya. His anger towards her will turn into mixed feelings and although they will remain frenemies, he will become protective of her.

When his entourage and friends make fun of Anya in front of him, he will scold and tell them off, defending her in a not-so-obvious way.

During a dodgeball competition in the manga’s Stella Star arc, Damian praises Anya for her performance in the game. When she falls, he prevents the balls from hitting her Anya, resulting in his own elimination from the game.

Due to his attitude towards Anya, many fans consider him one of the best characters on the show. Damian morphs into a very likable character – a true tsundere: rough, harsh, and cold on the outside, but generous, caring, and warm on the inside.

Does Damian have a crush on Anya?

Damian develops a crush on Anya. Whenever she looks at him, he becomes tongue-tied and blushes. Anya on the other hand, is oblivious to his feelings.

In episode 7, Anya will try apologizing to Damian for punching him. Since Anya is nervous and is being harassed by Damian’s friends, she delivers her apology in tears.

Will Anya get close to Damian Desmond in Spy x Family?
Anya | Source: IMDb

This is when Damian will fall for her. His entire face becomes a deep shade of red, and bewildered by his own feelings, he will reject her apology.

He will try denying what he feels for Anya but won’t stop thinking about how she looks at him.

Fans already ship Anya and Damian, although it will take a while for romantic feelings, if at all, to take form.

Damian is only six years old, and Anya is about four or five. The romance would have to come in when they are slightly older, likely when Anya and Damian are both close to becoming Imperial Scholars.

But romantic feelings aside, Anya is definitely going to become closer to Damian. First it might be solely for the sake of Operation Strix, but she will realize eventually that Damian is actually a gentle soul. She will form as true a bond with him as with Loid and Yor.

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Season 2 and a theatrical film are releasing in 2023.

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