Well Who does Luffy end up with in One Piece? Hancock or Nami? Or Someone else?

One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda, has admitted that romance is not a huge focus or part of the series. Still, that doesn’t mean that there are no signs of it.

While Luffy’s true love has always been meat, the shipping discussions have been consistent throughout the series.

Who Does Luffy End Up With?

Monkey D. Luffy will end up with Boa Hancock. Frankly, there’s no one better to handle the future Pirate King than the Pirate Empress herself. If not her, Luffy will likely end up alone as Oda has stated romance isn’t a big part of One Piece.

Why will Luffy End up with Hancock?

It hasn’t been confirmed officially, but most fans speculate and bet that Luffy is going to end up with Boa Hancock.

Luffy and Boa fulfill some cute tropes like enemies to lovers, as initially Hancock had an antagonistic relationship with Luffy and was the antagonist of the Amazon Lily arc.

Later on, as the Summit War Saga unfolded, their roles shifted, and she ultimately became Luffy’s ally and started to fall in love with him. After witnessing his selfless nature and noticing that he did not judge her even after knowing of her past.

Whom will Luffy marry at the end? Will it be Hancock?

She had openly confessed her feelings for Luffy and proposed to marry him. Luffy had straight out rejected Boa Hancock’s initial proposal.

This can be chalked up to the fact that Luffy has no interest in romance at the moment as he is too focused on achieving his main goals, just like a Shonen protagonist should be.

Another thing to mention is that Hancock’s love for Luffy even caused her to turn against the World Government on several occasions. Hancock is very loyal to Luffy despite him rejecting her proposal.

Yet, Luffy is most probably going to marry Hancock once he fulfills his goal, just like Gol D. Roger did. The pair of a Pirate King and a Pirate Empress is nothing but a perfect One Piece ship, get it?

Luffy has no interest in romance, but he does love food, and from the start, Hancock is shown to understand it perfectly well. Since the old days, Hancock has taken great care of Luffy’s appetite.

During the two-year time skip, she learns to cook and becomes skilled in cooking meat which is Luffy’s favorite dish, it sounds like some romance is cooking between the two.

One easy thing that could help Boa Hancock stand alongside Luffy is that she has the strength to stand alongside him during battle.

She belongs to Amazon Lily, a community known for its women whose leadership and social standings are based purely on strength.

As the island’s ruler, Boa is the strongest of them all, They’d be a perfectly powerful couple.

She is a pirate and, in a way, a colleague of Luffy’s. They share similar ambitions and history as leaders of their respective crews.

Another important factor is that One Piece’s creator admires and takes a lot of inspiration from Dragon Ball. This includes everything from Akira Toriyama’s hunt for a MacGuffin to the spirited and gluttonous main character.

Due to this, the chances are high that One Piece might follow after Dragon Ball by having its main character marry a warrior princess of a strange land, such as Boa Hancock.

Another parallel can be drawn to the Shonen anime Naruto, the girl who chases the protagonist from the start gets him regardless of the initial absence of reciprocated feelings.

In that case, it was NarutoxHinata, and here it could be LuffyxBoa.

Why will Luffy end up with no one romantically?

Well, Luffy is someone who deeply craves freedom. This yearning is the very reason behind his goal of becoming the Pirate King, and so far, he has been undeterred from his ultimate goal.

It would be lovely to see him grow to his strongest self, ending up bagging the treasure, getting a girl, and starting a family.

However, as a shounen anime and a protagonist who loves freedom and is crazy to achieve his goals, marriage might act as a shackle for him.

Once he accomplishes his goals, Luffy may decide to enter matrimony and even embrace fatherhood, following in the footsteps of the former Pirate King.

Whether he will excel or not as a father remains uncertain, as his heart is forever drawn to the allure of adventure and the boundless sea.

Who knows, maybe he will even take his family along with the Straw Hat crew to embark on new adventures and raise his children like that once he achieves the title of the Pirate King.

Predicting Luffy’s future is futile since he is an impulsive soul, guided solely by the instincts of the moment.

For now, we can only await the continuation of Luffy’s grand quest for the treasure “One Piece” and hope for more delightful surprises like having a family around.

Could Luffy perhaps end up with someone else?

If not Boa, then are there any chances of the other women around Luffy ending up with him? Here’s a short list and their shot at getting Luffy.


Opposite attracts, and that may be the case for Luffy and Nami. Luffy is all strength with no brains, while Nami has the brains but no strength like Luffy. They complement each other.

Both of their goals also complement each other, as Nami’s dream is to explore and map the entire world, and Luffy also wants to explore the entire world and become the Pirate King; hence they will probably stick around for a long time.

Whom will Luffy marry at the end? Will it be Hancock?

It might backfire, though, as she probably wants that freedom to accomplish her own goals rather than being tied down by a family.

Luffy saves all his Nakama, but when it comes to saving Nami, there is a small distinction. Nami and Robin’s stories are very similar in the way they were constructed. Both became part of the crew provisionally, and both decided to leave the crew.

When Robin leaves, after being with the crew for some time, Luffy does not chase her right away. He decides to follow her and save her after knowing the reasons why she left.

Yet, when it comes to saving Nami from Arlong, Luffy doesn’t want to know why she decided to leave. He just wants to save her without any reason.

Moreover, Luffy says, “I don’t want to sail without her.” Why does Luffy, who has the ambition to become a Pirate King, say something like that concerning a thief who has already betrayed and deceived him many times?

Luffy has never expressed this type of thought to anyone of his crew. He would leave without Usopp if his friends had not brought his apologies and asked to return. He would also never saved Robin if he had not found out why she had decided to leave.

In addition, Nami is currently 20 years old, and Luffy is about 19. As compared to Boa, their relationship might be more compatible as Boa is a staggering 12 years older than him

Also, Nami and Luffy have shared more moments together as compared to Boa, as Nami has been with him since the beginning.

Nami is also one of the few people Luffy entrusts his treasure, the “Straw Hat” to. That just shows the amount of trust Luffy has in Nami.

Luffy ending up with Nami is very likely. The way he goes the extra mile for Nami and also how Nami’s punches hurt our rubber man might be a hint to this pair. Nevertheless, Luffy perhaps just wants Nami as part of the Straw Hat crew, her being the navigator and having the brains.


Nico Robin is the seventh member of the crew and the sixth member to join Luffy’s crew at the end of the Arabasta Arc and also the second Devil Fruit user.

Luffy and Robin get along extremely well with each other despite their infrequent conversations.

Robin is very grateful to Luffy for having saved her life twice. Due to her past, she struggled to find a place she could call home until she met Luffy and joined his crew.


She had been betrayed by everyone she was close to because of money and grew cold and distant from everyone.

 However, Luffy warmed her up and convinced her that she should live even if the world does not want her to and made her join his crew.

She has a deep respect for him as her Captain and does anything Luffy says, and he is the reason she strives to become better and stronger.

Luffy cares for Robin a lot and does not tolerate anyone hurting her. He has faith in her abilities and trusts her completely.

Upon learning of Ace’s death, she became very concerned about him, and her relationship with Luffy can best be described as motherly, as out of all the crew members, she is by far the most patient and calm with him.

In conclusion, despite their close relationship, there is no chance of Luffy and Robin ending up together, as it seems like they share a family sort of bond, and Robin is probably going to end up with Franky.


Nefertari Vivi is a princess of the Alabasta Kingdom and a former member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She and Luffy are close friends, despite having started as enemies.

Even though she is often amazed by his laid-back attitude and recklessness, she completely trusts him.

Whom will Luffy marry at the end? Will it be Hancock?

She is extremely grateful for his help and desires to follow him on his journey to true freedom despite her duties as a princess.

Luffy sees Vivi as a kind person and wishes to help her. Regardless, he also thinks of her as naive and is reluctant to continue helping her at one point until she understands his reasoning.

Nonetheless, he cares a lot for her and was filled with disappointment when she did not join his crew.

The relationship between them is one of mutual respect and friendship. The chances of Luffy and Vivi ending up together are close to none. Besides, there’s her childhood friend, Koza, whom she is likely going to end up with.

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