Lookism: Will anyone ever find out about Daniel Park’s secret double life?

Daniel Park from Lookism can transfer his consciousness from one body to another at will.

Swapping between his original body, which isn’t conventionally good-looking, and an alternate one, which is much more appealing, Daniel’s double life has been a relatively well-kept secret. But will anyone ever find out about it?

The 10 Geniuses will find out about Daniel’s Park’s secret double-life, including DG, Crystal Choi, Gun, and Goo. Additionally, Vasco, Zoe Park, and Daniel’s mother might also find out that Daniel has two bodies.

Lookism: Will anyone ever find out about Daniel Park’s secret double life?
Charles Choi with Gun and Goo | Source: Fandom

1. Does anyone already know that Daniel has two bodies?

Charles Choi, the Chairman of the HNH Group, and the guardian of the 10 Geniuses, knows about Daniel’s secret.

He also seems to know the mystery behind how the double bodies work, and tells Daniel that for him to find out why he has an alternate body, he would have to surpass DG.

DG is one of the 10 Geniuses, the Legend of the First Generation, who previously went by the alias, James Lee. James Lee was who Daniel Park thought his alternate body actually was, but the name turned out just to be DG’s discarded identity.

2. Does DG find out about Daniel’s secret? When?

In episode 358, DG or James Lee reveals to Daniel Park that he has always known about his two bodies.

When Daniel asks him how he knows, he simply replies that he’s known about it since the beginning. This might indicate that because DG is from the First Generation he knew about the two bodies when Charles Choi did, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

Lookism: Will anyone ever find out about Daniel Park’s secret double life?
DG or James Lee | Source: Webtoons

When DG invites Daniel to question him about one subject – either how he has two bodies or about James Lee, Daniel chooses the latter.

DG goes into a detailed explanation about James Lee’s history – his own life story, and the thread to the mysterious two body syndrome is broken for the time being. So, we can’t really be sure how DG connects to Daniel’s secret.

3. Does Crystal find out about Daniel’s secret? When?

Crystal Choi has been suspicious about Daniel Park having two bodies since chapter 161. But she isn’t able to prove it. Crystal, like Daniel, has two bodies herself, and being Charles Choi’s daughter, she is bound to find out the truth soon.

Lookism: Will anyone ever find out about Daniel Park’s secret double life?
Crystal Choi Convinced about Daniel having 2 Bodies | Source: Webtoons

During the Cystal’s Investigation arc, Crystal is almost convinced that Daniel is just like her. During a school exam, when she sees Daniel dozing in class, she thinks he is using his other body to copy the answers.

Daniel – and Crystal – can only switch bodies if they fall asleep in one of them.

But Daniel is still asleep when the time is up, so Crystal is unable to prove anything.

In chapter 162, she goes to the convenience store where Daniel in his original body works. She asks him to call up alternate-Daniel so she can confirm that he has two bodies.

Daniel would have to fall asleep for the alternate Daniel to pick up the phone. At the same time, she can see alternate-Daniel doing a live-stream online. She thinks this could be a trick, but if Daniel calls him right now, the phone wouldn’t ring on the stream and she would have her proof.

But the phone rings on the stream and he even picks up and Crystal once again thinks she has been proven wrong.

In reality, the “Daniel” in the convenience store is actually Daniel’s cousin Dylan, who looks exactly like Daniel.

It’s likely that after a few more such gags, Crystal will find out that she had been right all along.

Currently, fans think that Crystal has been written out of the story since she hasn’t made an appearance in any of the recent episodes.

But since she is Charles’s daughter, Daniel’s love interest, and the only other person with two bodies, she will return when the mystery about the bodies is revealed.

4. Do Gun and Goo find out about Daniel’s secret? When?

Gun and Goo will find out about Daniel’s secret double life soon since they are in close proximity to Charles and Crystal Choi, two people who already know or somewhat know about it.

Goo Kim is Charles’s personal bodyguard while Gun Park is Crystal’s. Both are part of the 10 Geniuses raised by Charles.

There is also a small possibility that they know about Daniel already.

Gun, being around Crystal so much, must definitely have noticed her switching bodies. And since Gun and Goo are close friends, Goo might be aware of the double-body phenomenon as well.

5. Does Vasco find out about Daniel’s secret? When?

Vasco will probably be the first one to find out about Daniel’s secret after the double-body narrative is brought back into the story.

There are a few people who know or might know about the whole two-body thing. But the Lookism manhwa has escalated from the theme of appearance-based discrimination to drug wars and violence right now.

The underlying story still pivots on the truth about the protagonist’s identity and who he really is, and since Vasco is connected closely to the physicality of both of Daniel’s bodies, it’s highly likely that he will know what’s going on soon.

Lookism: Will anyone ever find out about Daniel Park’s secret double life?
Vasco | Source: Fandom

Vasco helps train Daniel because he believes in helping the less-appreciated members of society become stronger so they can stand up to their oppressors.

The ironic thing is that Vasco has pointed out multiple similarities between the fighting styles of the two Daniels. Daniel has the innate ability to mimic combat techniques and perfectly execute them. If Vasco was slightly cleverer, he’d have managed to tell something was up long ago.

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6. About Lookism

Lookism is a South Korean manhwa by author Park Tae Joon. It is published on Naver, LINE Webtoon, and other services. It started out in 2019 and is still ongoing.

Netflix will stream an anime adaptation of the series in November 2022. It is about a high school student, Daniel Park, who is a fat and ugly student who gets frequently bullied. One day he wakes up in another body that is so handsome that he realizes how looks matter.

He tries to keep his two bodies a secret and navigate through school life but not without getting involved in a ton of problems.

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