Alexander The Great’s Relationships Explained: Who He Married & Had Affairs With

Transporting us back in time, Alexander: The Making of a God delves into the fascinating personal life of the legendary leader known as Alexander the Great. From his extensive romantic past to his numerous love affairs, the film offers a glimpse into the complex relationships of this influential figure.

Decades later, historians continue to pour over Alexander’s love life, pondering whether his multiple partners were driven by love or political ambition. Thus, the enigmatic love life of Alexander the Great remains a topic of endless fascination.

How many Wives did Alexander The Great have?

Alexander The Great Had Three Wives: Roxana Of Bactria, Stateira & Parysatis.

Although she is not featured as a character in Alexander: The Making of a God, it is worth noting that Roxana of Bactria was Alexander’s first wife. Originating from the land of Bactria, modern-day Afghanistan, she was the daughter of a powerful chief.

The reasoning behind Alexander’s desire to wed Roxana has been a point of discussion for hundreds of years. However, most scholars concur that it was a union based on love.

Additionally, it is essential to recognize that Roxana’s father wielded considerable political influence in the neighboring region of Sogdiana, a necessary conquest for Alexander. In this sense, their marriage is also a strategic alliance.

But in one theory published on his death, Roxane was also rumored to have poisoned her husband out of jealousy.

The historical account of Alexander: The Making of a God revealed that Alexander the Great engaged in multiple marriages throughout his life, a common practice in Macedonia at the time.

One of his wives was Stateira, the daughter of King Darius, who was taken captive by Alexander’s army after the battle of Issus in 333. The docuseries depicts how Alexander treated both Stateira and her mother with utmost respect during their time as prisoners.

Eventually, in 324 BC, Darius’ daughter became Alexander’s second wife.

However, unlike Alexander’s marriage to Roxana, his union with Stateira was purely for political gain. In season 1, episode 3, “Face to Face,” it is revealed that Stateira’s mother viewed Alexander as a barbarian after he captured them.

Alexander’s third marriage was to Parysatis, also known as Parysatis II. In an elaborate event known as the Susa weddings, Alexander compelled several high-ranking officers to take Persian wives, perhaps to foster unity between European and Asian elites.

How many Wives did Alexander The Great have?
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However, the strategy ultimately failed, as many of these arranged marriages ended in divorce. At the same time, most accounts state that Alexander married Stateira at the Susa weddings; renowned Greek historian Aristobulus claimed that he also wed Parysatis on the same occasion.

Did Alexander The Great have any affairs?

Alexander The Great Was Rumored To Have An Affair With Barsine & Campaspe.

Alexander the Great, as depicted in the docuseries, was a man of many loves. His marriages did not confine him, as he was known to have several mistresses and extramarital affairs.

Two of the most famous women in these rumors were Barsine and Campaspe, who were believed to have shared a romantic connection with Alexander.

According to some accounts, Barsine was even considered Alexander’s wife due to her Persian heritage and ability to speak Greek, which captivated the leader.

Their relationship resulted in a son named Heracles, who was ultimately cut short after Alexander’s marriage to Roxane. This enraged Barsine, causing her to leave Alexander’s court and return to Pergamon, now in modern-day Turkey.

What were Alexander The Great’s Relationships with Hephaestion & Bagoas?

While it was confirmed that Alexander the Great was married to three women during his lifetime, there was also debate over whether Alexander had affairs with men.

While there is no hard evidence to prove he was gay, Alexander: The Making of a God shows that he had a romantic affair with Hephaestion, one of his childhood friends and loyal bodyguard.

At a time when same-sex relationships were accepted without much thought, the court didn’t bat an eye. As the king’s trusted protector, Hephaestion was fiercely devoted to Alexander, and the two were said to share a fiery romance, as revealed in the docuseries.

But tragedy struck when Hephaestion succumbed to illness in 324 BC, leaving Alexander completely shattered.

According to rumors, Alexander may have been in a romantic relationship with Bagoas, a eunuch and courtier under Darius III. While Bagoas’ early life remains a mystery, it is known that he was a talented dancer.

Due to the negative public perception of eunuchs and their reputation as provocateurs, Alexander was likely discreet in his interactions with Bagoas, utilizing his political savvy.

Bagoas was also said to have participated in various dance competitions as he accompanied Alexander on his travels. This suggests that the series “Alexander: The Making of a God” closely adhered to historical events, possibly omitting specific details.

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