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Who Is Stronger Kawaki or Jigen? Can Kawaki Defeat Jigen

Kawaki has been my personal favorite ever since he appeared in the anime. He has what it takes to be the perfect villain. He is edgy, has overwhelming powers, and a tragic background as well.

It’s evident that he is strong and capable enough to beat trained shinobi off single-handedly. And we all know that he will be the last boss towards the end. As of now, he has some shortcomings, but that’s what makes things interesting.

He is definitely overpowered, but can he defeat the current big baddy of the series. Is Kawaki stronger than Jigen, who is giving our leads a hard time? Can Kawaki defeat him?

 Jigen, the leader of Kara, has defeated both Naruto and Sasuke alone. Kawaki cannot defeat Jigen as he is not strong enough to fight on par with him. Considering his current abilities Kawaki still has a long way to go.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Boruto.

1. How Strong Is Kawaki?

All of us sitting here will agree on one thing; Kawaki is an absolute monster. He is an exceptionally talented individual. Even if he is not a shinobi and currently learning ninjutsu, he has great potential for it as Naruto is personally training him.

Kawaki also has Isshiki’s karma seal that enables him to draw in Otsutsuki powers. His karma can absorb any form of jutsu and chakra. As Kawaki has control over his karma, he can use it on command so, battling him becomes a big challenge. Kawaki is also seen changing the flow of Karma and using it to make portals connecting to spatial dimensions.

Who Is Stronger Kawaki or Jigen? Can Kawaki Defeat Jigen
Kawaki | Source: Fandom

Besides, as Kawaki is the next vessel for Isshiki, he was brutally trained by Jigen since he was a child to withstand any form of attack. This training gave him the experience of battles in comparison to Boruto or Sarada. Moreover, the training made him achieve mastery in close combat.

At the same time, it made his battle senses sharper, and now he can read the flow of the fight and predict attacks quite easily. Moreover, his overall strength and potential make him a formidable enemy. If Boruto hadn’t interrupted the fight, he would have completely wiped out Team Konohamaru with a single attack.

If we only consider his Karma seal, he is overpowered, but he becomes a complete beast during fights as his body is modified to handle Isshiki’s essence within it. So in comparison to the current vessel, Jigen, Kawaki’s body is in a better condition, and he’s a perfect host for Isshiki Otsutsuki.

2. How Strong Is Jigen?

There is a reason why Jigen is the strongest character of the Boruto series right now. Jigen was formerly a monk and had nothing to do with the fiasco currently going on in the anime.

However, the peaceful times were long gone as Isshiki entered the picture. Isshiki Otsutsuki, an alien parasite, forcefully possessed Jigen, who was present around the surrounding area after a battle with Kaguya.

The possession eventually turned Jigen into Isshiki’s vessel and adapted itself into a powerful tool. To add to that, in order to make Jigen even stronger, Amado scientifically modified Jigen’s body into a walking talking weapon.

Who Is Stronger Kawaki or Jigen? Can Kawaki Defeat Jigen
Jigen | Source: Fandom

Due to Jigen’s karma seal, he can create rods that absorb chakra. He used these rods to trap Naruto in a capsule. He didn’t even use his full strength on Naruto and Sasuke and defeated them both alone. Furthermore, he is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and has achieved mastery in handling weapons.

His Sukunahikona especially makes him an almost unbeatable opponent. As seen in the anime, he can resize the molecules of any non-living being, including jutsu and himself. Moreover, he can also summon the objects that he has kept in his dimensional space.

Just imagine fighting an alien with celestial powers. That’s literally Jigen or, rather, Isshiki. Killing him is no joke; it’s easier said than done. Until and unless one puts their life at risk and loses something very precious to them, Jigen will always overpower our protagonists. Naruto had to sacrifice his life to protect everyone and defeat Isshiki.

3. Will Kawaki Ever Surpass Jigen?

As of now, it’s difficult for Kawaki to overcome his limitations and defeat Jigen.  Kawaki has also lost the karma that made him cheat-level skills. Since he is one of the main characters, he will soon get his own spotlight and background music.

Who Is Stronger Kawaki or Jigen? Can Kawaki Defeat Jigen
Jigen and Kawaki | Source: Fandom

Currently, their power levels are way off; he can’t even touch Jigen, let alone harm him. However, Isshiki’s skills are not the only factor that makes him deadly, he is really cunning, and his perceptive skills have always prepared him for the worst. For example, he could predict Amado and Koji’s betrayal.

However, I am not claiming here that Kawaki can never defeat Jigen. In fact, in the manga, if it were not for Kawaki. Naruto’s sacrifice would have been a waste, and they would have lost their lives.

When it comes to brain games, Kawaki has already surpassed Jigen or Isshiki. With his quick thinking and planning, he avoided the worst-case scenario— Isshiki’s resurrection, and now he is really gone for good. Jigen will never return in the series.

Sadly now that Jigen is dead, we cannot see a Kawaki and Jigen face-off where they can fight on par with each other. Nevertheless, I cannot wait for Kawaki. I really need my boy to shine! Eventually, he will surpass Jigen’s level and will likely be as strong as any shounen protagonist can ever be.

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