Succession Season 4: Why Nan Pierce is More Important Than You Think

The greatest show on television right now is back and we’ve got a pretty important character in the house! Nan Pierce has been established as one of the most significant characters in the very first episode of Succession season 4.

In the season premiere, Nan holds the key to PGM as the CEO, which both Waystar Royco and the Roy siblings are dying to get hold of. So, it’s evident that she has considerable influence.

However, Nan Pierce is not a new character in the series and her track has been developing for long in the show. She made her first appearance in Succession season 2, episode 5.

She did not appear in season 3, but Logan Roy always had his eyes on PGM. She’s now back in season 4 and is set to play a much more important role in the show as both Logan and the Roy siblings are now looking to buy PGM from her.

Who is Nan Pierce?

Nan Pierce is the CEO of Pierce Global Media, a massive media conglomerate that is a direct and most prominent competitor of Logan Roy’s Waystar Royco.

As I mentioned above, she first appears in Succession season 2. In the episode in discussion, Logan Roy tries his luck at buying PGM at a small weekend get together at the Pierce residence.

Nan Pierce and Logan Roy in Season 2

At the end, the deal does not work out as the Pierce family changes their mind. But Logan Roy is not a man to step down, so he’s had his eyes on PGM since season 2.

The premiere of Succession season 4 sees the conflict within the Roy family continue after the shocking finale of season 3, where Logan Roy decides to not include Kendall, Roman and Shiv in Waystar Royco.

The Roy siblings, however, have come up with a plan to retaliate against their father by instigating a bidding war with Waystar Royco to outbid their offer to purchase PGM.

This development holds particular significance as Logan has been eyeing PGM since season 2, making it a personal matter. As a result, PGM and Nan Pierce’s role in Succession season 4 gains more importance in this season.  

In the cutthroat world of Succession’s business environment, a company as significant as PGM poses a substantial threat, making Logan Roy determined to eliminate it.

Since Nan Pierce was the only obstacle in the way, Logan finally convinces her to sell the company, which gives him an upper hand in the world of business.

The acquisition of PGM has been a significant plotline throughout both seasons 2 and 3 of Succession, with the track remaining relevant even in Nan’s absence during season 3. It seems like the culmination of the PGM storyline is finally approaching in season 4 of Succession, as Nan is on the brink of selling the company.

Why Nan Pierce is So Important in Succession Season 4

In Succession season 4, Nan Pierce is among the most influential characters as the Roy family feud now depends on her decision. As the only one who has the power to take decisions regarding the future of PGM, Nan holds the power to get her way with both Logan and the Roy siblings.

Succession Season 4: Why Nan Pierce is More Important Than You Think
The Roy Siblings

Given their fierce competition, both teams are determined to persuade Nan to choose their side, making her the deciding factor in the Roy family conflict.

Nan Pierce’s role in Succession season 4 presents an intriguing opportunity. With each member of the Roy family facing financial difficulties after season 3, Nan could negotiate to the extent that the price of PGM significantly harms the buyer.

For instance, the Roy siblings’ offer of $10 billion significantly surpasses the actual value of the company, and Nan could continue to raise the bid.

Nan could take advantage of her position to pit the Roys against each other, ensuring their mutual downfall and potentially emerging as the real winner in this battle of Succession season 4.

In fact, this could be her real motive, as PGM is the biggest competitor of Waystar Royco. Creating further conflict between Logan and his children would significantly benefit her company. She might not want to sell her company at all, but probably wants to use it as a bait to eliminate the Roys from the corporate world itself.

Nan Pierce’s plans could actually lead to a potential reunion of Logan and his children, once they realize her motives. All of this, however, is speculation so let’s look forward to the next episodes to see what’s coming!

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About Succession

Succession is a satirical comedy-drama TV series created by Jesse Armstrong for HBO. The American TV series first aired on HBO on June 3, 2018 and has four seasons. 

It follows the Roy family who are owners of the conglomerate media house WayStar RoyCo. With patriarch Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) health on a steady decline, the heirs of the family business rival against each other for their rightful succession.

Part of the ensemble cast as Logan Roy’s children are Jeremy Strong playing Kendall, Kieran Culkin playing Roman, and Sarah Snook playing Siobhan. 

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