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Nano Machine: Who is the mysterious person, Blade God?

Nano Machine has many interesting characters but one intriguing character stood out from the rest, the Blade God. He stood out not for his good deeds but his malevolent deeds.

From here on, I’ll be talking spoilers from the novel so read it at your own risk.

Blade God is the main antagonist of Nano Machine. He is from the future and is the originator of the Extreme Art of the Blade God in the current timeline. He is the founder of the Blade God 6 Martial Clan.

Cheon Yeo Woon is taken aback by the fact Blade God knows about his nano machine in chapter four hundred sixty-three of the novel. This confirms that Blade God is someone from the future who knows the existence of the nano machine.

Blade God even pointed on how if it is in a different timeline, he will have hacked the nano machine and owned it. This also shows how greedy and wicked his ways are.

He has a name to himself for being so vicious as the past events of him killing mercilessly three of the strongest warriors of Murim.

He rose to fame of being the strongest after killing them (Monk Kong Wun of the Forces of Justice, Yuk Jingkem of the Forces of Evil, and Chung Ming of the Martial Clan).

Did Blade God travel through time?

Blade God has been traveling through time to collect the cores of the 5 spirit beasts and also to destroy any potential threat. There are 5 spirit beasts of nature: the Dragon, Qilin, Phoenix, Dragon Turtle, and White Tiger.

Usually, these spirit beasts aren’t easily found, and even if one appears it appears only after an era passes.

Nano Machine: The mysterious person Blade God
Nano Machine | Source: Fandom

Most spirit beasts focus on increasing spiritual power in their cores because their purpose is to ascend back to the Heavenly Realm. These cores of the spirit beast will give unimaginable power to the user.

The spirit beasts who fail to rise to the Heavenly Realm are called the fallen spirit beasts. Their spiritual energy will transform into demon energy that wants to destroy all things. This energy can even destroy immortality and regeneration.

He established the Blade God 6 Martial Clan with the plan of collecting the five cores. He left records of the future to his followers and assigned them tasks for this sole goal.

Blade God desires immortality for which he travels through time. He somehow became immortal through extreme regeneration.

Yet his half immortality can be counter by the demon energy, so he keeps traveling in search of the best results. It is still a mystery as to what his plans are after obtaining immortality.

Why did Blade God kill Cheon Muhey?

Cheon Ma, the founder of the Demonic Cult was once challenged by Blade God. He defeated Blade God but he couldn’t kill the latter due to his immortality and Blade God disappeared.

Later, Cheon Ma unsuccessfully tried to combine Blade God’s martial art with his own.

Nano Machine: The mysterious person Blade God
Blade God And Cheon Muhey | Source: Fandom

Blade God reappeared three centuries after his duel with Cheon Ma. He then killed Cheon Muhey, the 7th Lord of the Demonic Cult along with his followers.

This was a heavy misfortune for the Demonic Cult because Cheon Ma’s martial art was lost with Cheon Muhly. The only martial art which could counter this nefarious being, Blade God.

About Nano Machine

Nano Machine is Webtoon written by Jeolmu Hyeon and illustrated by Geum Gangbulgoe. It is adapted from a Webtoon novel with the same name. It is published by Naver in 10 June 2020 and is still ongoing.

Cheon Yeo Woon, the discarded Prince of the Demonic Cult is cursed with only misfortune and hardship. His whole life turns upside down when a descendant from the future abruptly appears. This descendant installs a nano machine inside his body which drastically changes Cheon Yeo Woon’s life after its activation.

The story of Cheon Yeo Woon’s journey of shunning the Demonic Cult and soaring to become the best martial artist has just begun.

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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