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Who betrayed Rimuru? – The Secret Informant of Hinata Sakaguchi

Finally, after a long-awaited time, we have a second season of TenSura. Rimuru is as cute as ever, but other characters have evolved into their most adorable self, especially Shion. Episode 6 ended on a big cliffhanger, and we can’t wait for the next episode.

Everything was peaceful, the Tempest Kingdom was preparing for a festival, but sadly their happiness didn’t last long. Humans just can’t seem to sit well with others being happy they had to ruin it all! The attack was pre-planned and calculated. Somebody tipped off Rimuru’s identity, and that person was someone familiar.

The whole ordeal is complicated, like Inception. Everyone is being deceived, and they are downright falling into traps set by a mastermind. Hinata’s informant is fooling her and using her to get rid of Rimuru.

Yuuki Kagurazaka is Hinata Sakaguchi’s informant. He is the only person close to both Rimuru and Hinata who knows Rimuru is reincarnated and why his appearance is similar to Shizu. He used this knowledge to his advantage and distorted the truth.

The upcoming episodes will be a ride, so braise yourselves you will need a box of tissues.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

1. The Falmuth Kingdom Is Being Manipulated!

The snobbish King had to be a fool and underestimate our overpowered Slime. They infiltrated the Tempest Kingdom and used their status as humans to create a reason for war.

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Who Is the Secret Informant of Hinata Sakaguchi?
Hinata Sakaguchi | Source: Fandom

Their wicked plan was successful since they blocked Rimuru from entering the forest. Although their reason and motivation for the invasion, i.e. monopoly of trade, made perfect sense, something was amiss. Why would the Church involve itself and send Hinata? Unless they have other darker motives and are manipulating Hinata as well.

Yuuki slides the information about Tempest’s growing power, and with the Church’s support, Falmuth got an ideal opportunity to execute their plan.

The original plan was to take over the rights of trade and possibly kill Rimuru. As the end scene of the 6th episode depicts, the attack destroyed the monster’ precious home.

The ordeal makes Rimuru extremely angry; this will lead to a big fight between Falmuth and Rimuru. Is this the real cause for the disastrous event, or is there something more to it?

2. Clayman Planned the Entire War

The Falmuth created an anti-monster barrier which weakened all the monsters in Tempest. Clayman carefully crafted his masterplan and blackmailed Mjurran to put a double barrier to cut off the communication.

Who Is the Secret Informant of Hinata Sakaguchi?
Clayman | Source: Fandom

Clayman wants to become the True Demon Lord, and to do that, he needs a sacrifice of several thousand souls. The Tempest and Falmuth war would result in the necessary deaths.

He planted Milim to destroy Beast Kingdom Eurazania to abduct Demon Lord Carrion. Since Milim is a walking nuclear weapon, it was an easy task for her, and Clayman got another Demon Lord puppet.

Everything was within his reach, but how can our Rimuru be trounced instead of Clayman despite the circumstance. Rimuru himself became the Demon Lord!

3. Why Did Yuuki Turn His Back on Rimuru?

Yuuki is the real mastermind behind everything that is happening. He watched everything commence on the sideline. If he wanted to, he could stop the war, but he chose to sit back. There are few speculations amongst the fans that reason out Yuuki’s betrayal.

The Yuuki from the manga, light novel and web novel are entirely different from each other. Web Novel Yuuki is all-out antagonistic and evil, whereas light novel Yuuki is an anti-hero. However, his underlying psychotic tendencies are evident in all of his portrayals. He enjoys drama, and for fun, he loves to toy around with people.

Who Is the Secret Informant of Hinata Sakaguchi?
Yuuki Kagurazaka | Source: Fandom

But this lunatic still had a person he cared for; his teacher Shizu and Rimuru ate her up, thus killing her. It doesn’t matter if Shizu was suffering, and it was her choice to die, for Yuuki Rimuru is a murderer. Same goes for Hinata, and Yuuki is aware of this disposition. He used this fact to his advantage and leaked the information about Rimuru.

Yuuki is the Grandmaster of the FreeGuild, and he has an alliance with the former Demon Lord Kazaream, who now occupies a female Elf’s body. To recover his original body and shape, he requires a sacrifice, and if you connect the dots, the Tempest vs Falmuth War spoonfeeds Yuuki and his party. 

He indeed turned into a twisted, dark otherworlder. Yuuki fans can now enjoy the bad-boy version of him!

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4. About That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime is a Japanese manga series written by Fuse and illustrated by Mitz Vah. It was serialized online in 2013 but was later shifted to Micro Magazine as a light novel in 2014. It currently has sixteen volumes.

The story of Tensei Shitara Slime follows the journey of Satoru Mikami after he died and reincarnated as a slime in fantasy land. A slime is a creature that reproduces the form and powers of anything that it absorbs or eats.

Satoru starts eating all the magical herbs and crystals in the cave he woke up in and stumbles upon a dragon who had been captured and couldn’t move due to a barrier. Since both of them had nothing else to do, they befriend each other. The dragon accidentally makes Satoru a named monster, and Satoru promises him that he’d find a way to break the barrier. Hence, an unknown journey begins with this unusual friendship.

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