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The Iconic Founding Members of Tokyo Manji Gang!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Tokyo Revengers (Manga).

We encounter several gangs throughout the Tokyo Revengers series, from Black Dragon to Valhalla. However, none of these gangs was as iconic as the Tokyo Manji Gang.

With more than 100 members, this gang aimed to rule Tokyo and bring a new age for delinquents. This huge gang was formed by the six founding members and is headed by Manjiro Sano alias Mikey.

Let’s find out everything about the founding members of Toman and the history of its formation!

Toman was originally founded by Mikey, Draken, Pah-chin, Mitsuya, Baji and Kazutora as they wanted to create a new age for delinquents. In the final timeline, Takemichi and Kisaki Tetta became two of the final 8 founding members.

1. The Original Six Founding Members! ( Unchanged Timeline)

Tokyo Manji Gang or Toman was founded on June 19, 2003, after Manjiro Sano defeated Kazutora’s childhood friend and his group all alone. Mikey just wanted to protect Kazutora from getting hurt but this incident led to the formation of Toman.

The six major founding members of Toman are Manjiro Sano, Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji, Takashi Mitsuya, Haruki Hayashida, and Kazutora Hanemiya. They retaliated and won against Black Dragons, which was the strongest group at that time.

Mikey, Draken and Takemichi
Mikey, Draken & Takemichi | Source: IMDB

2. List of Division Leaders and Vice-Presidents( Unchanged Timeline)

Toman’s structure is pretty simple and resembles that of every other delinquent gang. It is headed by Mikey, the leader with Draken, the Vice-President at his side. They also had five divisions with their respective division heads and vice presidents.

After the fight with Moebius and Pah-chin inflicted injury to Moebius’ leader, Kisaki Tetta was appointed as the leader of the Third Division. It was later revealed that Kisaki promised to get Pah-chin out of prison in exchange for giving him the position.

After the gang’s victory against Valhalla, a sixth division was founded and was under the command of Hanma. However, the sixth division was later dissolved and Peh-yan was made the leader of the Third Division.

DivisionSquad CaptainVice Captain
Division 1Keisuke BajiChifuyu Matsuno
Division 2Takashi MitsuyaHakai Shiba
Division 3Haruki Hayashida (Tetta Kisaki and Peh-yan Later)Ryohei Hayashi
Division 4Nahoya KawataSoya Kawata
Division 5Yasuhiro MutoHaruchiyo Sanzu
Division 6Shuji Hanma
Baji, Leader of First Division
Baji, Leader of First Division | Source: IMDB

3. Toman’s New Founding Members!

After repeated attempts, Takemichi was able to save everyone in Toman, this also lead to a different timeline where Takemich and Haruchiyoi are now the part of founding members.

After the changed timeline, the new founding members are Mikey, Takemichi, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya, Pah-Chin, Kazutora, Haruchiyo, and Kisaki. Mikey is the President of the new Toman while Takemichi is the Acting President and Draken the Vice-President.

The Special Division was created which is headed by Tetta Kisaki and Shuuji Hanma.

List of Division Leaders and Vice-Presidents( New Timeline)

After Takemichi managed to save everyone, the new Toman was able to defeat rival gangs such as Black Dragon and Tenjiku. They added them under the Toman banner which increased the number of members as well the divisions.

The new Toman now 8 divisions with their respective Captains and Vice-Captains. They also included a special squad which was headed by Kisaki and Hanma.

DivisionSquad CaptainVice Captain
Division 1Keisuke BajiChifuyu Matsuno
Division 2Takashi MitsuyaHakai Shiba
Division 3Haruki Hayashida(Pah-Chin)Ryohei Hayashi(Peh-yan)
Division 4Kazutora Hanemiya
Division 5Haruchiyo SanzuSenju Kawaragi
Division 6Nahoya KawataSouya Kawata
Division 7Taiju ShibaHajime Kokonoi and Seishu Inui
Division 8Izana KurokawaKakucho
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About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is a manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on March 1, 2017, and ended its run in November 2022. It is compiled into 30 tankobon volumes.

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, who learned that Tokyo Manji Gang had killed his only ex-girlfriend from back in middle school. After learning about the incident, Takemichi was pushed from the railway platform.

Landing on the tracks, he closed his eyes, accepting his death, but when he opened his eyes, he had time-leapt 12 years into the past.

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