Which Warzone 2 contract gives the most money? And More – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

In Warzone 2, there are various contracts you can do to earn rewards and money so you can buy loadouts and items. Contracts in both DMZ mode and Battle Royale are represented on the map using green phone-shaped icons. All you need to do is just head to the location, find a small walkie-talkie, and then you can activate it to take the contract. Complete the contract and you’ll get your money.

Contracts are a good way to earn money though they can be a bit tricky to pull off. Completing Bounty Contracts will get you the most cash in battle royale and Cargo Delivery will give you the most cash in DMZ. They can be a bit tricky to complete but they’re worth it.

How many contracts can you do in Warzone 2?

I. Battle Royale Contracts

Which Warzone 2 contract gives the most money? And More – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Battle Royale Contracts

There are 4 contracts in Battle Royale mode but there are twice as many in DMZ mode. First we’re gonna explain all the contracts in the Battle Royale mode:

i. Safecracker

Map Symbol – Safe

Rewards – $1700 and Safe rewards

In this contract, you’ll have to crack three nearby safes which are marked on the map. Go to the location of the safes, activate it to plant C4 and then wait for it to explode. The safes can contain rewards like cash, weapons and more items. 

ii. Bounty

Map Symbol – Crosshair

Rewards – $2200

This contract is very straightforward as taking this contract will mark a random enemy player on the map and place a bounty on them and all you need to do is just go and eliminate them. 

iii. Most Wanted

Map Symbol – Crown

Rewards – $2600

This contract places a bounty on the head of the person who activates it. To complete the contract, all you need to do is keep that person alive for three minutes. 

iv. Intel

Map Symbol – Document

Rewards – $1700

This is one of the easiest contracts as all you need to do is find a laptop, extract data and then deliver the hard drive to a specific location. 

II. DMZ Contracts

Which Warzone 2 contract gives the most money? And More – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
DMZ Contracts

In DMZ mode, there are twice as many contracts than Battle Royale and they are a tad bit more complex than the battle royale ones. Here are all the DMZ contracts:

i. Eliminate HVT

Map Symbol – Crosshairs

Rewards – $5000

This contract is basically an assassination mission in which you have to eliminate a high-level enemy target. This target will be either in a compound or a building and will be protected by enemy soldiers and all you have to do is just take them all out. 

ii. Secure Nuclear Materials

Map Symbol – Nuclear symbol

Rewards – $3500 and bonus

This contract requires you to find some nuclear materials and secure them. Take a Geiger counter and equip it in your tactical slot, then go to one of the two rings that are marked on the map. The closer you are to the material, the higher the number will be so head towards the direction which shows the highest number. Grab both pieces of nuclear material and extract to get a bonus. 

iii. Hunt Squad

Map Symbol – Skull

Rewards – $3500

This contract will basically pit you against a group of enemy players and tell you their location, in that way it’s kinda similar to the Bounty contract. All you have to do is just eliminate the group and you’ll get the cash. 

iv. Rescue Hostage

Map Symbol – Handcuffs

Rewards – $5000

This contract isn’t as complicated as the others and the name tells you what you need to do. Head to the locations marked on the map, eliminate the enemies, grab the hostages and take them to one of the extraction points to get your money. 

v. Destroy Supplies

Map Symbol – Bomb

Rewards – $7500

In this contract, you’ll be given two locations where you have to plant some explosives on supplies, but you don’t have to stay there until they explode. So just plant it, and get away from the explosive and take the cash. 

vi. Secure Intel

Map Symbol – Document

Rewards – $5000

This contract is very similar to its Battle Royale counterpart. You have to find intel on hard drives in specific locations, and then head to a radio tower to upload them. Keep your eyes open as there might be reinforcements guarding the radio tower that you need to eliminate.

vii. Cargo Delivery/ Ship Cargo

Map Symbol – Briefcase

Rewards – $10,000

This contract will require you to find a vehicle with the cargo and take it to the desired destination. Ship cargo is the same thing, just on a boat, although keep your eyes open as you will likely be shot at by enemies during both. 

viii. Raid Weapon Stash

Map Symbol – Box with a flag icon

Rewards – $5000 and weapons

In this contract, you’ll be directed towards an enemy strongpoint which you’ll have to raid in order to take the weapons and cash from them. 

These are all the DMZ contracts in Warzone 2. The contracts are great for earning money and weapons so if you’re a beginner, you should definitely check them out.

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