Which is the strongest grimoire in Black Clover? Is it Asta’s?

Black Clover has latched onto its readers and watchers (or vice-versa for that matter) in a way that they can’t help but keep wanting to know more about its ever-expanding universe, story, and characters.

Black Clover is a show that is strongly centered over magic and various other fantasy elements. Using grimoires is one of the most common and general ways to channel magic in the form of spells.

Up till now, we have been introduced to a wide variety of grimoires with astounding powers and abilities. They range from Yami’s Grimoire specializing in spells related to darkness to Julius’s unbound — never before seen — Grimoire that specializes in time spells.

Below, I will be listing the Grimoires that have been proved to be the strongest and the most powerful, among others.

6. Three-Leaved Grimoires

Although three-leaved grimoires are the most common of all grimoires, their power is not to be underestimated. Many of the most powerful grimoires seen in Black Clover are three-leaved. One good example of such a grimoire is that of The Queen of Witches.

She is considered one of the most powerful magic users in the series. With the power of her Grimoire that specializes in Blood Magic, she has complete control over the human body.

which is the strongest grimoire in black clover
Yami Sukehiro and William Vangeance

Another example is the Grimoire, with powers of darkness belonging to Yami. This Grimoire can absorb light and all sorts of magic. It can even cut through dimensions when used with Yami’s sword.

Other notable powerful users of three-leaved grimoires are Princess Lolopechka, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Mars, Mereoleona, Nozel Silva, William Vangeance, Dorothy Unsworth, and many more.

5. Grimoires of Dark Disciples

The grimoires of the Dark Triad and its subordinates, known as Dark Disciples, are imbued with devil magic. This makes them significantly more powerful than normal three-leaf grimoires.

Although they do not possess a demon, they can use a certain proportion of demon mana from the demon residing in their Kingdom.

which is the strongest grimoire in black clover
Vanica and Megicula

This increased power of the Grimoire makes its users strong enough to take down entire magic squads. As demon magic is extremely powerful and can often only be opposed by demon magic itself, this type of Grimoire is definitely deserving of its position as number five on the list of most powerful grimoires.

Notable users are Dark Triad (Dante, Vanica, Zenon) and Dark Disciples (Svenkin, Sivior).

4. Four Leaf Clovers

The fourth leaf of the Clover symbolizes good luck and fortune. It is one of the rarest types of grimoires. Only people blessed with mana are chosen by it.

Yuno serves as the Greatest Four Clover Mage as with his Wind Magic, he was able to combatively defeat the majority of Elves.

Yuno and Captain Rill Full Fight HD (English Subbed)
Yuno vs. Rill

One reason why four-leaved clover grimoires are so great is that they contain powerful spells which, along with the endless mana reserves of its users, making them near-invincible and powerful enough to make their mark in history.

Notable users of this type of Grimoire are Licht (leader of the elves), Lumiere Silvamillion Clover(the first wizard king), and Yuno (the reincarnation of Licht’s son and the prince of Spade Kingdom).

3. The Grimoire of Despair

Five leaf clovers, also known as the Grimoire of Despair, is created when a mage chosen by a four-leaf grimoire is filled with so much hate and despair that the book is twisted by the dark emotions. A fifth leaf appears on the cover.

which is the strongest grimoire in black clover
The Devil of Kotodama Magic

The Grimoire then becomes the host of a demon. It is one of the most powerful grimoires as it not only provides demonic spells but allows a devil to enter the human realm.

Note: One important thing to note is that the power levels of top two grimoires are not explicitly stated and may vary. The positions of them as we have ranked may change depending on the information that may be uncovered in the following chapters of the manga.

2. Julius’s Coverless Grimoire

Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, possesses a rather intriguing grimoire. Julius uses a rare magic type — Time Magic and has a massive coverless grimoire.

What’s important to not there is that, Julius himself says it that his grimoire is a rare piece even among the rarest of all magics — Time. Hence, it is not common for even Time Magic users to have a coverless Grimoire.

It has been theorized that since the property of Julius’s magic and the spells of the Grimoire specialize in time magic, the Julius’ Grimoire is coverless to indicate that his Grimoire has an infinite number of pages and thus infinite spells — no beginning or end — just like his magic — Time.

which is the strongest grimoire in black clover
Julius Novachrono

The spells help Julius manipulate time. He can restrain, accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse the flow of time.

He is also able to “heal” injuries by reversing the time on his and other people’s wounds. This Grimoire deserves to be the second most powerful because of the endless possibilities stored within its infinite pages.

1. Asta’s Five-Leaved Grimoire

Asta’s five-leaf clover grimoire has the best of the two strongest species in the Black Clover universe — elves and devils.

The devil that resides in Asta’s grimoire of despair is an unknown and mysterious devil whom not even the highest of devils (Lucifero) know of — the devil of anti-magic.

The grimoire initially belonged to the strongest elf in the elvan history — Licht of the Sword magic. Asta’s grimoire not only has the access to anti-magic (energy that can nullify any magic) but it can also conjure Licht’s swords — Demon Dweller, Demon Slayer, and Demon Destroyer.

Asta New Demon Form! Asta vs Vetto Final Fight! Finishes Vetto! Black Clover Episode 49
Asta vs. Vetto

These swords can cut, reflect, or negate any spell created out of magic. Asta can even borrow the anti-magic powers of the demon residing within the Grimoire to transform into a near-demon state where his powers grow exponentially.

Anti Magic is the bane of all magic as it drains all the mana naturally. Asta is the only one who can wield it as he is devoid of any magic.

Being a perfect match for this overpowered Grimoire, he can unleash its maximum potential making this the most powerful grimoire show as of now on Black Clover.


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