New World Location Guide – Where and How to Find Rivercress Stem?

A tier 2 alchemical resource, the Rivercress Stem is an essential ingredient needed to advance in New World. Found next to water bodies, a trumpet-like luminescent blue flower blooms on top of the Rivercress plant giving it a preternatural aesthetic. 

If you are venturing out to obtain the Rivercress Stem, chances are you are playing the Weakness of the Ego quest. This mission requires you to collect Water x3, Petalcap x3, and Rivercress Stem x3.

Unfortunately, the catch here is that the Rivercress Stem is complex to gather as it spawns in a few specific locations only. Therefore, its whereabouts hold every bit of intricacy that can make you scratch your head.

If you are failing to get a hold of this mystical plant, don’t fret. Our Rivercress Stem Location Guide is here for your rescue!

New World Rivercress Stem Location: Where to Find the Plant?

New World Location Guide - Where and How to Find Rivercress Stem?
Rivercress Stem in New World

It is not going to take a university degree to decode that the Rivercress Stem grows next to water bodies, mainly waterfalls, rivers, or lakes. But finding the plant isn’t this simple. 

Not every shoreline provides habitat to the Rivercress. This is where the act of presumption comes into action as players have to keep walking next to a shoreside with hopes to come across the plant.

This undoubtedly gets very time-consuming.

To find the Rivercress Stem quickly and save time in New world, players can head over to the water bodies found in the following locations:

  • Fishing spot in Millberry Hill
  • Riverseat
  • Broadfishing spot
  • Most waterbodies in Windsward region
  • Lake found in the southeast of Valor Hold
  • Town Greehaven’s West
  • Nyhart’s Anchorage

Moreover, for your convenience, we are also attaching a video down below to pinpoint Rivercress Stem’s precise locations in New World:

Acquire Rivercress Stem New World

How to Harvest Rivercress Stem in New World?

New World Location Guide - Where and How to Find Rivercress Stem?
Harvest Rivercress Stem in New World

It must be kept in mind that in order to harvest Rivercress Stem in New World, a flint sickle and a minimum harvesting skill of 30 will be required. 

Upon harvesting the Rivercress plant, players will also be able to obtain Water Motes, Rivercress Flower, and Rivercress leaf besides just stem. 

The Rivercress stem x3 is going to help you inch closer towards the completion of Weakness of the Ego questline. Water Motes obtained, on the other hand, can be used in arcane crafting.

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