When Does Michael Die in Jane The Virgin?

After many tiny hints, when Jane’s lover Michael Cordero Jr. (Brett Dier) finally died of an old gun wound, fans were in for a rude shock. They had literally seen the boy survive a gunshot at the start of the season, and then to see him drop dead mid-season was a tad too much. The question of when (and how) exactly did Michael die remained too fuzzy to answer.

After a quick search online, here is what I found all about Michael’s death. When, where, and why have been answered to the best of my capacity below.

So Michael dropped dead in the middle of season 3 right after his LSAT. His death came nine months after Sin Rostro shot him, but the same gunshot still killed him. The complications left behind by the bullet in his body is what claimed his life. Michael was shot by the drug lord Sin Rostro.

Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) life was already a seemingly unending array of tragedies, which somehow did not stop her fans from rooting for her.

Even after Michael returned in later seasons, his death continued to hover over Jane’s life like a black cloud. He returned but with no memory of Jane or their love. But according to the show’s creators, the beloved character’s death was long in the making and had some severe plot values.

“So much of the show is about how Jane has all of these hopes and dreams and romantic ideals and how life changes and challenges her. So this was just one of the big events that we had to build for a while,”

Jennie Snyder Urman

“It was always just part of the larger arc…We kind of pushed and pulled with when it would happen, and we pushed till later, because Brett is just so magical and he and Gina are just so magical together,”


Also, there were definite hints. In Season 1, Episode 10, the narrator promised that Michael would love Jane “for as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath.” In the season two finale, the show went a step further when we saw Michael taking the bullet immediately after getting married to Jane.

1. What Season Does Michael Cordero Die? How Does He Die?

Michael Cordero dies in season 3. After being shot at the start of season 3, he survived and slowly recovered from his injury. He even appeared to be moving on with his life.

When Does Michael Die in Jane The Virgin?
Michael Cordero

Mid-season, he and Jane went back to where they had their first date and discussed having a baby together. But soon after, their wedded bliss came to a screeching halt when Michael died moments after taking the LSAT. An aortic dissection killed him from his gunshot wound.

3. Who Kills Michael in Jane The Virgin? Why is Michael Killed?

Even though Michael dropped dead as if on his own, it is the gunshot that kills. The complications arising due to the wound are what kill him. So the person who shot Michael can be said to be responsible for his death – Sin Rostro.

Sin Rostro, a drug lord and criminal mastermind, became a defining figure in Michael’s life over the seasons. Rostro kidnaps Jane’s newborn, kills Michael’s former partner, Nadine, and eventually shoots Michael. Though Michael survives the wounds, he is presumed dead of an aortic dissection nine months later.

When Does Michael Die in Jane The Virgin?
Sin Rostro

Rostro had long been hiding her criminal background in plain sight. Rostro is introduced to us as Rose, a whip-smart former attorney-turned-socialite wife to Emilio Solano. Her identity as the notorious drug lord Sin Rostro is revealed when she murders her husband, Emilio Solano.

Rose was quick-witted, cunning, ambitious, and described as a “textbook sociopath” by a linguistics analyst in the Miami Police Department. We later learn that she had married Emilio Solano to set up an illegal plastic surgery racket to alter criminals’ faces at The Marbella. However, while there, Rose met and fell in love with Luisa.

It is not until Season 4 that we learn why Rose shot Michael. According to Rose, Michael had run into her at a coffee shop while she was wearing her Eileen mask when it was unglued off her.

Although she wasn’t sure if Michael had noticed since Michael was going to be introduced to Eileen as Luisa’s new girlfriend, Rose feared Michael would figure out her true identity.

3. Did Michael Fake His Death? Does He Come Back?

No, Michael does not fake his death even though he does come back in season 5. Sin Rostro is the one who fakes Michael’s death and even gives him forced amnesia to protect her true identity.

Jane the Virgin S03E10 Michael Dies/End of Part Two
Michael Dies

At the end of Season 4, just as Jane was about to get engaged to Rafael (Justin Baldoni), Michael made a dramatic return after getting amnesia. He no longer remembered Jane or their love or even who he was, but his physical presence churned Jane’s insides.

“…looking at somebody who doesn’t remember you but still looks the same and smells the same felt like an emotionally rich area to dive into,”


“Michael has literally changed. Jane has changed too…and of course you’re always living with that sense of ‘Could his memories come back and could that change everything, or would it?'”

As fans learned in season 5, Rose faked his death and gave him amnesia through multiple electroshock therapy rounds (more like electroshock torture). He woke up in Montana with no memory of who he was or what had happened to him.

The newly-returned Michael—the man she was happily married to for the shortest minute and a half—wasn’t a severe option anymore. Instead, his return seemed simply a way for the writers to allow Jane to officially “choose” Rafael. She had first chosen him over Jason, and then over Michael.

4. About Jane The Virgin

A young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she is pregnant after accidental artificial insemination. Jane is a religious young Latina who is a waitress in a Miami hotel.

Her life takes a turn for the unexpected when her doctor (Dr. Luisa Alver) mistakenly artificially inseminates her during her routine checkup.

To make matters worse, Jane was inseminated with her boss’ sperm – Rafael Solano – by none other than his sister, Dr. Luisa Alver.

We’re told later that Jane and Rafael had met five years earlier and even shared a kiss. At the time, it had upset things between Jane and her long-term boyfriend, Michael Cordero, a police detective.

Cordero gets busy when murders begin to happen, and it’s a crime lord Sin Rostro who has blood on their hands, eventually revealed to be Rafael’s stepmother, Rose Solano.

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