All of Ash’s Pokemon that He Trained Well

Ash has trained a multitude of Pokemon throughout the anime’s history.

Training Pokemon has never come easy for Ash ever since his first Pokemon Pikachu. His tough times training Pikachu allowed him to have a special connection with Pikachu.

This kind of exposure since the beginning has given Ash a different approach in the way he trains his Pokemon. Over the decades, Ash has caught plenty of Pokemon and trained them to be the very best in his eyes.

Though he has trained his Pokemon not all receive proper training. Here is a comprehensive list of Ash’s Pokemon that he trained well, according to the order in which they were caught.

1. Pikachu

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Pikachu | Source: Fandom

Pikachu is by far the best Pokemon Ash has ever trained. When it comes to ability, Pikachu has grasped every attack it tried to learn. He has an exclusive Z-move and even a Gigantimaxed.

While it may not seem strong due to its size, Pikachu has won many battles and even defeated many legendary Pokemon. Despite not being fully evolved it defeated 2 Mega Evolved Pokemon. All these will have not been possible without Ash’s care and training.

2. Bulbasaur

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Bulbasaur | Source: Fandom

Bulbasaur joins Ash’s team in the Hidden Village. Bulbasaur has remained the longest with Ash besides Pikachu.

He is a natural leader and with Ash’s guidance became one of Ash’s strong Pokemon who even defeated a whole herd of Exeggutor single-handedly. Bulbasaur even saved Ash, his friends, and Pikachu multiple times from Team Rocket.

Under Ash’s care, Bulbasaur became a Pokemon that he can depend upon as he sends May’s Bulbasaur to train under his Bulbasaur.

3. Squirtle

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Squirtle | Source: Fandom

Squirtle is the sixth Pokemon that Ash caught in episode twelve. Squirtle is one of Ash’s most commonly used Pokemon throughout his travels in Kanto and the Orange Islands and proved to be a powerful fighter despite his small size.

Ash use Squirtle to battle against the Orange Islands Champion, Drake’s Dragonite. Although Squirtle got defeated, it was a spectacular match with Squirtle not backing out until the end.

Later, Squirtle got some more training sessions to practice his new Rapid Spin skill and helped Ash gain the Brave symbol in Battle Pyramid.

4. Heracross

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Heracross | Source: Fandom

Heracross is the first Pokemon that Ash captured in Johto. He happily followed Ash and trained well under his guidance to battle many opponents. The only drawback of Heracross is his craze for sap.

He is a strong battler as seen in Roll-On, Pokemon, where he battled against a Donphan. Ash also used him in Wired For Battle, where he battled against a Scizor.

In Johto League, Heracross battled against Gary’s Magmar and Blastoise. Heracross is also the first Pokemon used by Ash to battle Tobias’ Darkrai in The Semi-Final Frontier.

5. Bayleef

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Bayleef | Source: Fandom

Ash caught Bayleef in her unevolved form as Chikorita in the Johto region. Chikorita shows immense courage when she went up against Charizard despite the type disadvantage.

When Team Rocket attacks Ash, she puts her all into saving Ash. This makes Chikorita evolves into Bayleef thereby defeating Team Rocket with some help from Pikachu.

She has a huge crush on Ash and will do whatever Ash asks her to do. As such Ash trained her to become a tactical and powerful fighter, using her vines as a means of greatly restricting her opponent’s movements.

6. Quilava

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Quilava | Source: Fandom

Quilava is the third Pokemon that Ash caught in Johto as a Cyndaquill. Cyndaquill was abandoned by an abusive trainer before Ash took it in.

Cyndaquill had difficulty using fire-type moves though being a fire Pokemon. So, Ash and Cyndaquill embarked on a training regime where he finally gained the ability to ignite the flames on its back. The training also helped Cyndaquill’s attack and speed.

Cyndaquill went on to defeat Skarmory whom he previously lost to. He went on to learn new moves with Ash and roasted Jasmine’s Steelix in a match.

While Cyndaquill fought with Team Rocket he evolved into Quilava and saved Ash and his group. Quilava went on to defeat Nando’s Staraptor during the Sinnoh League. Quilava has become a strong Pokemon from a weakling all thanks to Ash’s proper guide and training.

7. Noctowl

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Noctowl | Source: Fandom

Noctowl is Ash’s first Shiny Pokemon and is a supremely silent flier. Ash used Noctowl to find and battle Ghost-type Pokemon due to its psychic abilities. In this way, Ash also trained Noctowl with its flying requirements.

Ash uses Noctowl in his gym battle against Morty’s Gengar. Ash’s Noctowl learns Confusion halfway through the battle and uses it to defeat Gengar. Noctowl also manages to defeat Conway’s Lickilicky in Sinnoh League.

8. Swellow

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Swellow | Source: Fandom

Ash first captures Swellow as a Taillow in Hoenn. Swellow is the first of Ash’s Hoenn Pokemon to evolve fully.

Taillow evolves into Swellow in the final round of Pokeringer where he wins the tournament. After this, Ash and Swellow partake in many Gym and League battles.

Ash’s ongoing training while battling gave Swellow the confidence and experience he needs. Swellow takes down Flying-typed Gym Leader Winona’s Shiny Swellow to earn Ash a Feather Badge.

Ash also teaches him how to use Aerial Ace and he continues to become strong and determined like Ash. Ash wins the Mossdeep City Gym double battle all thanks to Swellow and Pikachu.

Swellow goes on to dominate the Gym Battle at Sootopolis, where he slams Juan’s Whiscash with a powerful Quick Attack. Swellow pushes on to defeat Spenser’s Venasaur using Aerial Ace in Palace Maven.

9. Sceptile

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Sceptile | Source: Fandom

Sceptile is raised by Ash since he caught it as a Treecko in the Hoenn region.

Sceptile is one of the best Pokemon Ash has ever trained even though it started on a rough note. With Ash giving Sceptile the space he desires to thrive, he became incredibly loyal to Ash. As such, he eagerly and fiercely battles on Ash’s behalf.

Throughout his evolution, Sceptile has boosted Ash in winning gym badges. One of Sceptile’s most significant achievements of Sceptile in the anime is when he defeats Tobias’s mythical Pokemon “Darkrai” during the Lily of the Valley Conference.

10. Glalie

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Glalie | Source: Fandom

Glalie is the only Ice-type Pokemon that Ash currently possesses. He caught Glalie as a Snorunt in Hoenn.

Snorunt defeats Team Rocket once even though he had trouble with his Ice Beam attack. Later, with Ash’s help, he defeats Team Rocket once again and evolves to Glalie.

Ash trains newly evolved Glalie by using him in multiple battles in Hoenn League. As Ash continues to train Glalie, he gets better and better with his skills.

Glalie goes on to win the battle against Clark’s Charizard and against Morrison’s Metang with a powerful spinning headbutt to give the top 8 spots.

11. Staraptor

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Staraptor | Source: Fandom

Staraptor is Ash’s first Pokemon in the Sinnoh region as a Starly. Ash trains Starly how to use Aerial Ace properly.

When Team Rocket captures all the bird Pokemon in the forest, it is Starly who saves the day by evolving to Staravia. Staravia demonstrates Ash’s teachings by blasting Team Rocket off with a powerful Aerial Ace. He also defeats the Gym Leader Gardenia’s Cherubi.

Ash also helps Staravia learn Brave Bird, which helps him win against Gym Leader Maylene’s Machoke. Ash’s continuous training while battling has helped Staravia grow at a faster pace.

Ash’s training pays off as, during the Pokeringer Contest, Staravia evolves to Staraptor and defeats Paul’s Honchkrow. Staraptor has also defeated Candice’s Medicham and Nando’s Roserade.

12. Torterra

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Torterra | Source: Fandom

Ash caught Torterra as a Turtwig after battling Ash’s Pikachu. Ash trains Turtwig by battling him with several opponents.

Turtwig is trained by Ash to use its speed and small size which helps him defeat Roark’s Cranidos. Ash also trains his best so that Turtwig can learn to use Energy Ball and it pays off when Turtwig uses it to blast off Team Rocket.

During his battle against Paul’s Honchkrow, Turtwig evolves into Grotle but still gets defeated. Ash then goes on to train Grotle how to fight on the ground.

Since then Grotle goes on to defeat Team Rocket again. He also defeats Candice’s Sneasel despite the type disadvantage, using its precise attacks and defense strategies.

Grotle evolves into Torterra in another battle against Team Rocket in the Fleeting Tower of Sunyshore and blasts them off with his new move Leaf Storm. Ash trains Torterra to adapt to his new size and strength who goes on to blast off Team Rocket over again.

13. Infernape

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Infernape | Source: Fandom

Infernape was originally owned by Ash’s rival Paul when it was a Chimchar. The trainer deemed it too weak and released it. Ash then took it under his care.

Chimchar had some combat disorder from its time with Paul. Thankfully with Ash’s ample care and fun-loving approach helped the fire monkey. This allowed Chimchar to evolve not just once, but twice.

Under Ash’s training, it learned to control its Blaze ability, which had previously sent it into a rage. Thanks to this control, it was finally able to defeat Paul’s Electivire.

Infernape goes on to show how any Pokemon can become strong with a good trainer who guides with kindness, patience, and endurance.

14. Buizel

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Buizel | Source: Fandom

Buizel was originally Dawn’s Pokemon and was traded to Ash for his Aipom because of his winning streaks during battles.

Ash trained Buizel to learn Water Pulse in a battle against Maylene’s Lucario. From there on Ash trained his powerful Buizel by battling various opponents. Ash also used Buizel in the Pastoria Gym where he beats Crasher Wake’s Quagsire and Floatzel.

As Ash and Buizel keep on battling, Buizel keeps on improving be it losing or winning. Buizel uses Body Slam with Ice Punch to win against Paul’s Gastrodon, but loses to Drapion.

15. Gliscor

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Gliscor | Source: Fandom

Gliscor joins Ash’s team as a Gligar who is afraid of heights. Ash trains Gligar to overcome his acrophobia by trying various methods.

In the end, none worked and with some advice from Gary, Ash evolves Gligar into Gliscor with the help of a Razor Fang.

With Gliscor finally overcoming his fears, Ash lets Gliscor learns Fire Fang and defeats Byron’s Bastiodon. He also goes on to defeat Paul’s Drapion after perfecting Stone Edge and Fire Fang during his training with McCann. Ash also let Gliscor learn Giga Impact while training.

16. Unfezant

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Unfezant | Source: Fandom

Unfezant was caught while she was a Pidove in Unova. Pidove dedication to clear a swarm of Venipede before they reached the Central Plaza of Castelia City helps her evolve into Tranquill.

Ash uses Tranquill to help a revived Archen learn how to fly until it evolves into Archeops.

Tranquill helps Ash get the Jet badge by evolving into Unfezant to win against Skyla’s Unfezant.

After goes on to use Unfezant in many battles training her on the go. One such battle is against Cameron’s Riolu in the Vertress Conference where she wins despite a type disadvantage. Unfezant has also saved Pikachu from Team Rocket.

17. Pignite

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Pignite | Source: Fandom

Pignite, like Charizard and Infernape, was abandoned by a cruel trainer who thought him weak. Ash rescues him as a Tepig, and he evolves into Pignite in a battle with his previous trainer.

Pignite is a brave and confident Pokemon who is also an adept battler. Before he went on to win many battles, he faced a lot of defeats.

Ash helps him overcome his weakness and strengthen his morale as he defeats Cameron’s Hydreigon in the quarter-finals of the Unova League. Pignite also wins the Sumo Tournament by knocking off Rodney’s Golurk.

18. Snivy

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Snivy | Source: Fandom

Snivy is a smart Pokemon who decided that Ash is a worthy trainer and allowed Ash to catch her.

Ash trains Snivy by letting her battle multiple opponents to improve her moves. She then goes on to battle against Trip’s Servine and Georgia’s Pawniard and wins.

Ash also uses Snivy in a Gym Battle where she defeats Clay’s Palpitoad. She beats Moira’s Cinccino, and Jessie and James’s Woobat and Yamask.

19. Leavanny

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Leavanny | Source: Fandom

Ash saves Leavanny’s unevolved form, Sewaddle twice before it joins his team.

Sewaddle got training from Ash as they fight against Burgh’s Whirlipede, where he evolves into Swadloon after being hit by a powerful Solar Beam. Swadloon learns Energy Ball in the process and wins the battle with Tackle.

In Ash’s battle against Iris, Swadloon evolves into Leavanny to fight against Emolga. Leavanny is also able to knock out Roxie’s Koffing despite a type disadvantage.

20. Greninja

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Greninja | Source: Fandom

The first Pokemon Ash caught in the Kalos region is Greninja, though he joined Ash’s team of his own accord as a Froakie. His competitiveness led him to select Ash as his trainer, and things seem to have worked out for both of them since then.

Greninja proved to be one of Ash’s strongest Pokemon with his variety of speed and strength. The bond Greninja shares with Ash is unbelievable to the point that it unlocks their Ash-Greninja form.

This form of Greninja can rival the power of Mega-Evolved Pokemon and is only able to be used because of how close he is with his trainer.

21. Talonflame

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Talonflame | Source: Fandom

Ash caught Talonflame as a Fletchling in the Kalos region.

Fletchling has been used in several gym battles as part of Ash’s training, like against Viola and Grant. While Fletchling wins some and lost some he gains the experience and works harder to become better.

Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder while battling Moria’s Talonflame. He gets to learn Flame Charge and wins the sky battle.

Later, Fletchinder evolves into Talonflame while battling Moltres, one of the 3 Legendary Birds in the Kanto region. He gets to learn Brave Bird in the process yet gets defeated.

Talonflame went on to battle many opponents along with Ash, thereby improving their synergy. He even wins an Honor of Kalos medal for fighting against Team Flare. He defeats Olympia’s Meowstic in a Gym Battle and the Sawyer’s Slaking in the Semi-Finals.

22. Hawlucha

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Hawlucha | Source: Fandom

Ash has trained Hawlucha even before he caught him. He helped Hawlucha perfect his Flying Press.

After Hawlucha joins the team, he goes on to defeat Team Rocket along with Ash’s Froakie. Ash used Hawlucha in multiple Gym battles thereby training and perfecting each new move that he gains through experience.

The bond that Ash and Hawlucha share can be seen when Hawlucha hugs Ash for winning the battle against Valerie’s Spritzee despite the type disadvantage to earn Ash the Fairy Badge.

Hawlucha’s biggest feat is winning against the Mega Evolved Absol, owned by Astrid despite being Non-Mega Evolved. He also defeats Alain’s Weavile. Along with Ash’s other Pokemon, he receives an Honor of Kalos medal for his fight against Team Flare.

23. Noivern

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Noivern | Source: Fandom

Ash first found Noivern as an egg that hatched to Noibat. Noivern is a Semi Pseudo Pokemon but has never participated in any Gym Battle.

Noibat slowly learns how to fly with the help of Ash and Ash’s Hawlucha and Fletchinder. Since then, Noibat has helped Ash in his travels by being the navigator.

Later, Noibat evolves into Noivern to save Hawlucha from falling into a ravine because of the Legendary Bird Pokemon, Zapdos. As a Noivern, he fights bravely against Mega Gyarados. He receives an Honor of Kalos medal for his efforts against Team Flare.

24. Lycanroc

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Ash’s Lycanroc | Source: Fandom

Ash first met Lycanroc as a Rockruff at Professor Kukui’s house. Ash offered to train Rockruff after seeing his determination to become strong.

Under Ash’s guidance and training, Rockruff battles against Hiroki’s Mudbray. During the battle, it performed the Z-Move, Breakneck Blitz, and defeated Mudbray. He went on some other training camp with Ash and his team.

Later, he evolves into Lycanroc while howling at the sunset.  Lycanroc got frustrated with training as he was failing but Ash cheered him on. He then finally gets to perfect several Z-moves and defeated many opponents.

Lycanroc’s most significant win will be winning Ash his first Pokemon League, the Manalo Conference in the Alola League. The only time Ash becomes the Pokemon Champion in a region.

25. Incineroar

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Incineroar | Source: Fandom

Incineroar decides to join Ash’s journey as a Litten. He began warming up towards Ash as they did a lot of training with each other so he can become stronger causing him to evolve into Torracat.

Torracat learns to use Flame Charge and Ash helps him watch battles to gain knowledge. Ash trains Torracat near the beach along with his other Pokemon for the Alola League.

Later, during the Alola League exhibition match, Ash use Torracat to battle against Professor Kukui’s Incineroar.

In this intense match against his evolved form, Torracat defeats Incineroar and involves in his final form. Ash praises Incineroar for his hard work and evolution. I wish to see more of Incineroar, since after his evolution he is left with Professor Kukui.

26. Lucario

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Lucario | Source: Fandom

Lucario and Ash first met each other when they each responded to each other’s Auras while it was still an egg. Riolu hatched from the egg but didn’t recognize Ash at the beginning until Ash saves him from the Onix.

He obeys every command that Ash gives. He trains on his Vacuum Wave and also learns Face Palm from Mr. Mime. Ash also lets Riolu watch battles to broaden his horizons.

Riolu evolves into Lucario during his battle against Rose’s Pokemon Copperajah and Ferrothorn.

After he evolved, Lucario and Ash communicate with their aura abilities to win the match using Aura Sphere. Ash’s Lucario has been together with Ash through many battles and with the Aura connection they brought down so many opponents even Pokemon with Gigantamax forms.

With Lucario, Ash finally has a Pokemon which can Mega Evolve.

27. Sirfetch’d

All of Ash's Pokemon that he trained well
Sirfetch’d | Source: Fandom

Sirfetch’d, as a Galarian Farfetch’d is the first Pokemon that Ash catches in the Galar region.

He has a slow start with Ash in terms of emotional bond and winning battles. Once he sees Ash as a worthy trainer, he lets Ash guide and train him.

Farfetch’d also love the fact that he has a good spar partner, Riolu. Ash lets Farfetch’d experience many battles and trains him to overcome his weakness.

Ash battles Rinto’s Gallade again but this time instead of losing Farfetch’d evolve into Sirfetch’d easily beating Rinto’s Gallade. With new skills and newfound confidence, Sirfetch’d help Ash’s rank to shoot up in the World Coronation Series. 

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