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What will Yuno’s second magic be in Black Clover?

If you’d have told me a week ago that a Black Clover character can have two grimoires and magic types, I would have laughed out loud. But Chapter 308 of the Black Clover manga has left me speechless.

Yuno receives a grimoire from the Spade Kingdom during the battle with the Dark Triad member, Zenon Zogratis. So now we know for sure that Yuna is a Grinberryall, since only people who belong to that kingdom can receive grimoires from them.

His wind magic from the four-leaf clover grimoire is clearly due to the fact that he houses the reincarnated soul of Licht and Tetia’s son.

What will Yuno’s second magic be?

The most likely theory is that Yuno will get sun/star/sky/heaven/ether magic, which can be used with his wind attribute, as well as be arcane stage, i.e., strong enough to defeat Zenon, who is the host to Beelzebub.

Yuno vs Zenon | Zenon Kills The Golden Dawn - Black Clover

Yuno’s second or original magic can be something that reinforces his wind magic, or something not entirely obvious, because let’s be real, you can’t really ascertain which way Tabata will go with this.

One thing we do know is Tabata is an intricate and complex writer who focuses a lot on history/mythology, foreshadowing, and symbolism.  Only now do we know why the Spade resistance were so confused to learn that Yuno has wind magic. Tabata has also made sure that neither of Yuno’s parents’ abilities are known. This kind of makes me certain that Yuno’s original attribute will be related to his parents. Plus, magic is hereditary.

Let’s break it down.

Will it be sun magic? Is it related to House Grinberryall?

It has to be something to do with the sky. Yuno is the son of Ciel – which means sky or heaven, and Loyce – which means warrior. Loyce could also refer to King Louis of France, self-proclaimed as the Sun King.

What will Yuno’s second magic be in Black Clover?
Yuno | Source: Fandom

When Yuno was born, the grey sky was pierced by the sun in the ever-snowy Spade Kingdom; when Yuno receives his grimoire, we see a similar thing happening – gotta be a symbol right?

It could also be related to the other meaning of heaven – as in heaven-divine. Holy magic is a possibility too – it would mean it’s an appropriate arcane stage magic that can counter dark magic.

While light magic could be a good symbolic fit, we’ve already seen it happen. I’m thinking Tabata will give us something we haven’t seen before. Sun/star magic would be OP – what if he can explode stars? He could cause a black hole and defy gravity.

It could also symbolize flame magic, since stars are burning balls of gas. Maybe a combination of the two.

On similar lines, sky/star magic could also translate to space or spatial magic. We know Zenon/Beelzebub possesses spatial magic. Spatial magic cancels out each other, so if Yuno got spatial magic he could take down Zenon and the Spade Kingdom.

What will Yuno’s second magic be in Black Clover?
Yuno | Source: Fandom

The bottom line is, Yuno is part of the Golden Dawn; he is the rightful heir of the Spade Kingdom, directly in line to become King. If and when he defeats the Dark Triad, he’d be the Sun thawing out the Spade Kingdom after years of snow and darkness, giving rise to a new reign of House Grinberryall.

What if it’s earth or ice magic?

Now this is quite an unlikely theory, but Yuno might get earth magic, because this way, he’ll get the fourth elemental spirit, whom we haven’t seen before. He (technically Elf-Yuno) already has the wind spirit.

What will Yuno’s second magic be in Black Clover?
Yuno | Source: Fandom

If we’re going the elemental way, a fan-favorite is Ice magic, which is derived from water magic. Originally in the Spade Kingdom, the Grinberryalls defeated two ancient demons and caged one of them in a huge block of ice. It’s possible that someone in the Grinberryall line used powerful ice magic – perhaps arcane stage – to do this.

Ice would also make sense because Boreas is one of the wind gods from classical mythology and brings the north wind responsible for winter and the aurora borealis.

It would tie in with the fact that elf-Yuno or the reincarnated soul of Licht’s son within Yuno, is tightly bound to human-Yuno; they share the same memories, experiences, and body – their magical attribute therefore, must also be able to work simultaneously or have some kind of connection. 

At the same time, since Yuno is two different personalities/consciousness in one body (he is able to use both grimoires at the same time) it doesn’t really matter whether the second attribute is related to the first. It’s entirely plausible that Yuno can possess two completely different, unrelated types of magic.

What if it’s sword magic?

We haven’t considered Yuno-the-elf’s parents yet. The son of Licht and Tetia is an elf-human hybrid. This is why Yuno is able to use wind magic – it was Tetia’s magical attribute. Licht’s attribute was sword magic, so it’s possible that Yuno will get proper sword magic now.

What will Yuno’s second magic be in Black Clover?
Gale White Bow | Source: Fandom

However, he already makes swords out of wind, so maybe he’s already inherited a little bit of the sword attribute. Plus, in the final chapter, the incarnated elf-Yuno tells Yuno, “You have been using my magic for long, now it’s time for you to use yours.” So, it makes more sense that Yuno’s original attribute will be related to his own parents.

Well, whatever it is, I can’t wait to see what Yuno’s second magic will actually be and whether he is able to defeat Zenon.

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