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What Is The Truth Behind The Will of ‘D.’ In One Piece

The culmination of One Piece will go down as one of the most anticipated events in the manga and anime industry. This anticipation is mainly directed toward the unwinding of the true nature of One Piece and the mystery behind the “Will of D”. One Piece keeps stacking up arc after arc which orients toward the overarching theme of the story.

Throughout the story, Oda provides hints and information regarding the true nature of the world in One Piece. He discloses the significance of overlooked details and gives life to the mystery that holds the story of One Piece together.  We are here to address one of the most significant mysteries in One Piece – The Will of D or the truth behind D.

Inheritors of D.

1. Quick Answer

The significance and nature of the Will of D have not been revealed by Oda yet. The bits and pieces of information provided to the audience associate the Will of D with the Void Century in history and the existence of an ancient city on the moon. It is theorized that the discovery of the truth of D will lead to the truth of One Piece.

2. What is D.?

It began as an innocent question to Oda in his question-and-answer column SBS but Oda’s cryptic answer sparked the initial interest for the mystery.

Soon, the anime reveals that the significant letter “D” goes beyond Luffy with the introduction of characters such as Trafalgar D. Law, Portgas D. Ace, Marshall D. Teach and many more. The most important reveal is the name of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

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3. Mentions Of ‘D.’ In The Story

The Will of D was first mentioned by Dr. Kureha to Dalton when she reveals the real name of the late Pirate King – Gol D. Roger. She also claimed Luffy to be a dangerous man. The concern may come from her being Chopper’s adoptive mother but with no concrete evidence of why she believes Luffy is a dangerous man and her mention of the Will of D indicates that she associates the possessors of D as dangerous.

So it lives…the will of D

Kureha says to Dalton in reference to Luffy

In the Post-War Arc, the Five Elders also stated that “D” meant danger. The Will of D is brought up by Nico Robin a couple of times. The most noteworthy one is her conversation with Silvers Rayleigh where she brings it up along with Void Century and One Piece. Silvers does not divulge about the topic but he states that he had discovered the details of Void Century and “D”. He believed that Robin must discover the truth herself and arrive at her own interpretation of the truth.

Note: Void Century is the hundred-year gap in history that breaks the chronological alignment of historical events. The topic is quite controversial and provokes suspicion given that the study of Void Century is banned by the World Government. There are barely any artefacts existing from this period except for the poneglyphs written in a language comprehensible by few. It is interesting to note that the World Government came together toward the end of Void Century.

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During the Battle of Marineford, Whitebeard also remarks that the killing of someone with D will not extinguish ‘the flames of their will’ and eventually someone would inherit and carry on Gol D Roger’s will. Whitebeard also mentions One Piece in the same statement as Will of D indicating a connection between the two that is beyond Rogers.

Trafalgar Law – whose family kept the D in his name a secret – had wondered whether the Will of D would cause a storm again. After the time skip, he claims to have faith in Luffy because of the Will of D.

The most concrete information regarding D is provided by Donquixote Rosinante who called the clan of D – God’s Archenemy. He revealed to Law that the initial came from the family of D. Even the elders of the country were wary of the storm they were known to cause.

According to Rosinante, they were also referred to as the Natural Enemy of God. He said they’re considered as the enemies of Celestial Dragons who are hailed as Gods, and currently comprise the World Government.

Although not a Celestial Dragon, Enel POSSESSES the title of a God in Skypiea and was DEFEATED by Monkey D Luffy in battle. It is intriguing that the initial D is viewed through an antagonistic lens.

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4. Inheritors Of D. And Known Facts

Firstly, it appears that the inheritors of D all share a similar faith in their destiny or dreams. The general consensus regarding the appearance of a D is that they would stir up things on a global scale. This could be wars, change in government or the dawn of a new era. Some of the inheritors of D are unaware of its meaning. As of yet, the first to discover the meaning is Pirate King Gol D Roger.

Another notable feature of D bearers is that they are able to withstand a higher degree of punishment than others and only succumb to death when they believe it is unavoidable.

Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s Execution

Thirdly, the astonishing evidence of how the D bearers smile or laugh in their final moments. Witnesses claimed that Gol D Roger smiled during his execution. Ace and Saul were seen smiling as they died and frozen to death respectively. Even Smoker saw Luffy smile in a similar way during a near-death experience. The smile is interpreted as acceptance and these are just some of the instances to support the idea! The only exception to this was Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach).

The fourth shared trait is narcolepsy which is witnessed in Luffy, his grandfather Garp and Ace. They are seen falling asleep at odd times, sometimes even in battle.

The fifth shared trait is their appetite. D bearers such as Blackbeard, Luffy, Garp and Ace consume enormous amounts of food in one sitting.

The sixth and final trait is the spirit and charisma they possess. This could be disregarded as coincidental yet one cannot deny that most of the D bearers possess a strong sense of purpose that attract people towards them.

Known inheritors of the D in the story are:

  1. Monkey D. Luffy 
  2. Monkey D. Dragon 
  3. Monkey D. Garp
  4.  Marshall D. Teach 
  5. Trafalgar D. Water Law 
  6.  Gol D. Roger
  7.  Portgas D. Rouge
  8.  Portgas D. Ace 
  9. Jaguar D. Saul 
  10. Rocks D. Xebec

Note: There are some important mistranslations to dismiss in the analysis of the nature of D. Some translations in the English dub, refer to the Will of D as Gol D Roger’s Will or Gol D’s Will which finds no corroboration in the Japanese text. Whitebeard’s statement on One Piece and the Will of D hints at a connection beyond Rogers.

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5. Possible Theories

There are theories that the ancestors of the D inheritors had contact with the alien or supernatural civilisation that ascended Planet Earth from the moon (as said by Enel’s Cover Story) after they provided access to their advanced technology. A conspiracy was hatched to overthrow the people and take advantage of this technology.

It is theorized that the conspiracy was led by the Twelve Kingdoms that is now the World Government and that the advanced technology led to the legend of One Piece. Coincidentally, the Poneglyphs have inscribed stone blocks from the Void Century and are scattered over the Grand Line where Devil Fruits are found in abundance.

6. Conclusion

The notion of history is written and moulded by its victor seems to grow stronger as the mysteries of One Piece are revealed. The suppression of history by the World Government indicates the desperation to cover up some atrocious activities, possibly conducted by them. Rayleigh’s urge for Robin to come up with her own interpretation of the truth indicates a possibility that the truth dwells in a morally grey area.

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7. About One Piece

One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his ambitions to establish his own pirate crew and surf the world for the ultimate treasure of One Piece.

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