The Ritual Killer Ending Explained: Does Detective Boyd Confront Randoku?

The Ritual Killer 2023 concludes with a dramatic final confrontation between Detective Boyd and the notorious serial killer Randoku. After pursuing Randoku for years, Boyd finally tracks him to an abandoned warehouse. Following is an intense fight between the two, with Boyd overpowering Randoku by repeatedly stabbing him.

Their confrontation results in an ending that is both shocking and ambiguous, leaving many viewers puzzled. Here is an in-depth explanation and analysis of the film’s controversial climax.

Boyd drags the injured Randoku into a back room in a disturbing turn of events. Randoku begs for mercy, but Boyd gouges out his eyes in revenge. This references Randoku’s ritual of removing his victims’ eyes. Boyd then consumes the eyes in a display of dominance over his tormentor.

The Ritual Killer concludes with several twists that leave the fate of critical characters unclear. In particular, the disappearance of Dr. Mackles and the ambiguous death of serial killer Randoku are puzzling developments that suggest more stories to be told.

1. Why Does Dr. Mackles Disappear?

When Boyd tries to rescue Katie from Randoku, Farner attacks the detective from behind. Mackles then hits the businessman and confronts Randoku himself. Although the sangoma attempts to kill the professor, the latter succeeds in stabbing the former. Eventually, Boyd manages to rescue Katie.

He later receives a call from Lavazzi, who tells him that Randoku was in Rome nine months ago to attend a lecture delivered by Mackles and met the professor several times. By the time Boyd reaches out to Mackles’ office, the professor has disappeared from his workplace, taking an indefinite leave of absence.

Throughout the film, Dr. Mackles acts as a consultant to Detective Boyd as he investigates the ritualistic murders committed by Randoku. However, in the final act, Dr. Mackles suddenly vanishes without explanation. His disappearance coincides with Randoku arranging a clandestine meeting with the doctor in a secluded location.

This implies Mackles and Randoku were somehow secretly in contact, leading to speculation that Mackles may have been an accomplice.

The African scholar can be the one who introduced the international criminal to the potential of muti, the South African tradition of medicine practiced by sangomas.

Mackles may have realized that he taught a cold-blooded murderer to earn a living by killing innocent lives only after Boyd collaborates with him to bring down the ritual killer. The professor may have felt guilty for indirectly causing the deaths of several individuals, including a ten-year-old boy.

The same guilt may have forced him to pursue Randoku after the latter escaped from the authorities.

Perhaps Mackles was hypnotized or blackmailed into aiding Randoku’s horrific crimes. His disappearance before the climax hints that Dr. Mackles remains a loose thread in the mystery.

What happens at the end of The Ritual Killer?
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2. Why Did Mackles Meet With Randoku?

In earlier scenes, Randoku informs Dr. Mackles that he has information relating to the disappearance of Mackles’ sister years earlier. This revelation suggests Randoku lured Mackles into a private meeting by preying upon his tragedy.

By leveraging Mackles’ buried family trauma, Randoku hoped to coerce the psychologist into becoming an ally. Their clandestine meeting may have been Randoku’s attempt to fully convert Mackles to his depraved cause. Mackles likely realized the truth and escaped before Randoku could ensnare him more profoundly.

3. Is the Evil Randoku Dead?

In the climactic scene, Boyd and Randoku engage in a brutal fight inside an abandoned warehouse. Boyd manages to overpower Randoku by stabbing him multiple times with a knife. Severely injured, Randoku is dragged into a back room by Boyd. What happens next is the most disturbing part of the entire film.

Boyd proceeds to gouge out and consume Randoku’s eyes. This shot is graphic, yet Randoku’s death is never confirmed on screen.

So, while it seems Randoku was killed, there are hints that he could have somehow survived the encounter. Earlier scenes establish Randoku as possessing almost supernatural endurance to pain and injury. The ambiguity leaves room for debate over Randoku’s true fate.

4. Why Does Boyd Eat Randoku’s Eyes?

In the story’s gruesome scene, Boyd consumes Randoku’s eyes after gouging them from their sockets. This disturbing act of cannibalism refers Randoku’s tendency to collect his victims’ eyes as trophies. By eating the killer’s eyes, Boyd aims to punish Randoku and assert dominance over him.

However, this scene also represents Boyd’s corruption after spending years immersed in pursuing Randoku. Boyd has adopted the rituals of his adversary, suggesting Randoku’s evil has tainted Boyd’s psyche. This creates a compelling rivalry between the two men that could fuel a sequel.

5. The Warehouse Setting

The pivotal events transpire in a secluded warehouse on the city’s outskirts. This is reminiscent of classic horror settings, where violent and transgressive acts often occur. By luring Randoku to this isolated place, Boyd intends to dispense justice outside the boundaries of law and society.

Boyd’s questionable actions have no witnesses or oversight in this sinister space. Boyd can unleash vengeance through whatever he deems justified within the warehouse walls. This suggests Boyd wants no limits or intervention in his quest for closure with Randoku.

6. Does Boyd Become What He Hates?

A running theme in the film is the notion of fighting monsters without becoming one yourself. Boyd’s cruel disfigurement of Randoku blurs the moral line. While Randoku is undoubtedly an evil murderer, Boyd’s final punishment of him is also extremely dark.

By mimicking his enemy’s rituals, Boyd risks letting his hatred and obsession transform him into the very thing he has hunted. The ending implies that even ostensibly good people like Boyd can become evil if consumed by vengeance. His actions raise the question of whether the two men are fundamentally different.

7. Will There Be a Sequel?

The Ritual Killer’s unanswered questions about Dr. Mackles, Randoku, and Boyd allows room for a follow-up film. A sequel could explore these lingering mysteries while complicating the relationship between detective and criminal mastermind.

Given the first film’s financial success, the producers have expressed interest in revisiting the horror universe for another unsettling thriller.

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8. About The Ritual Killer

The Ritual Killer is a 2023 American action-thriller film directed by George Gallo. It stars Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman. It was released by Screen Media and Redbox Entertainment on March 10, 2023.

Unable to process the death of his daughter, Clinton, Mississippi Homicide Detective Lucas Boyd embarks on a hunt for a serial killer who murders according to a brutal tribal ritual known as Muti. The only person who can help Boyd is Dr. Mackles, an anthropologist and local college professor hiding an unspeakable secret.



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