‘Sugar’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What happened to Olivia?

The episode comes on the back of a stunning revelation in Episode 6 where John Sugar was revealed to be an alien. In this episode, he talks to Melanie (Amy Ryan) about his true identity without revealing everything.

Further, Miller (Paul Schulze) tries to stop John Sugar from investigating Olivia Siegel’s case as Sugar escapes to investigate a man from Stallings’ (Eric Lange) crew but finds him dead.

1. How does Sugar Episode 7 End?

The ending of episode 7 of “Sugar” ties up some loose ends but still keeps some doors open. It discloses that Olivia Siegel is kidnapped by the son of a senator, who is caught up in human trafficking. It reveals why Olivia was kidnapped and the alien group shielded the protector.

It also goes inside Sugar’s inner conflict as he grapples with his alien identity and the need to save humans. Now that the truth about his being an alien has been revealed and the aliens are leaving, there is uncertainty over Sugar’s consequences.

The episode sets the stage for the season finale, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating how the story will conclude.

Sugar Episode 7 Ending Explained
Colin Farell in Sugar | Source: AppleTv

2. Is Olivia Siegel Alive?

Henry decides to help Sugar directly by giving him an address after he sees how determined he is to solve the last case and find Olivia. The protagonist is in total shock when Henry issues Sugar with this address.

Sugar, too, is dismayed with a slight hint of anger for not being told about Olivia’s whereabouts, whom they knew was missing and needed help all along.

Such is the irony of life! Within an hour after getting his hands on these details that had been held from him for so long, Sugar rushes there alone because Melanie has left him permanently.

The location belongs to a US Senator called Pavich, and it seems unoccupied, so the detective enters in his typical subtle yet efficient way.

Sugar goes inside to look for anything that might connect Olivia with the rest of the world. Then, after the latter´s alcoholic identity, he hears voices from another room.

Sugar is spotted by a young man dressed in a police uniform within the house, who investigates because he seems not to trust him. After handcuffing him first and putting him in the back of his patrol vehicle, Sugar eventually persuades him that things are terribly wrong at the house.

He mentions that a young woman is being held captive at the place, possibly in the basement, and this immediately catches the attention of the policeman. He brings the detective back into the house and then takes a look himself.

However, this turns out to be only a false pretension, as Sugar finds out from a photograph that the police officer is related to the family that owns the house. As it turns out, the young man is the son of the senator, Pavich, and he is the one who kidnapped and kept Olivia hostage for all this time. 

In a gripping turn of events, a policeman returns home to stumble upon Sugar, a suspicious intruder, lurking about. Initially inclined towards leniency, the officer’s resolve shifts dramatically upon learning of a woman held captive.

Tensions escalate into a harrowing confrontation between Sugar and Pavich Jr., culminating tragically as Pavich Jr. takes his own life.

Shocked witnesses are left reeling as the detective uncovers a hidden basement compartment, where Olivia Siegel, the missing woman, is miraculously found alive. This riveting narrative showcases the unpredictability of human nature amidst life-and-death situations.

3. Why Was Olivia’s Kidnapper Being Protected?

Sugar episode 7 finally reveals that Olivia Siegel had not been targeted by her own family, but rather, she had fallen victim to the horrific human trafficker, Byron Stallings. The reason or exact manner of this kidnapping is not yet revealed.

Still, Stallings abducted the woman and then handed her over to Pavich Jr. It could be that Olivia had spoken out against the man, or his senator’s father, as part of her activism, and this had made her a target.

Sugar found different instruments of torture there, which indicated that Pavich Jr was a sick, perverse man who very possibly abducted women and tortured them. Olivia was just one of those he had taken captive.

But Christensen said that the hiding of the man by the alien group on Earth was because Pavich Jr, or most likely his senator father, had somehow learned what they were.

The senator knew that the group, and especially the private investigator searching for Olivia, were all alien beings living undercover on Earth, and he threatened to reveal their secret unless his son’s crimes remained hidden.

Out of fear that such an occurrence would lead to extreme consequences, the aliens tried to keep Sugar away from Stallings so that he would not reach the perpetrator.

But with Pavich Jr. dead and the alien group preparing to leave Earth, what consequences Sugar might face for his brave actions and whether he might have to stay back on the planet remain to be seen in the season finale episode next week.

Sugar EPisode 7
Colin Farell in Sugar | Source: IMDb
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4. About Sugar

Sugar is an 8-part American drama television series created by Mark Protosevich, directed by Fernando Meirelles, and starring Colin Farrell who also serves as executive producer. It premiered on Apple TV+ on April 5, 2024.

It is described as “a genre-bending contemporary take on the private detective story set in Los Angeles”.

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