Alexander: The Making Of A God Ending Explained: Did Alexander Defeat Darius?

“Alexander: The Making of a God” is a six-part documentary series on Netflix that comprehensively explores the life and conquests of Alexander the Great, a renowned ancient Greek ruler and military commander.

Combining historical facts with dramatic reenactments, the series takes viewers through Alexander’s rise to power, drawing from contemporary accounts and ongoing archaeological excavations in Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexander’s The Making of a God Ending Explained

Alexander’s The Making of a God’s ending shows that Darius escapes again after his defeat to Alexander.

The narrative also highlights the downfall of Persian King Darius and the repercussions of his inability to either diplomatically placate the Greeks or defeat them in battle, resulting in the loss of his family, crown, and historical prominence.

Under the influence of Alexander’s persuasive allies, Governor Mazaeus is convinced to betray his promised marriage to Barsine in favor of joining Alexander’s forces.

After much effort, their persuasion proves successful as Governor Mazaeus begins to doubt Darius’s peace-making attempts, which had previously failed to quash tensions between him and Alexander.

Refusing Darius’ offer for reconciliation, a decisive clash ensues in Gaugamela. However, Alexander can again not eliminate Darius, who flees from the battlefield.

Despite the opportunity to seize the throne of Darius, Alexander chooses not to claim it until he brings about Darius’ downfall. In the meantime, Governor Mazaeus surrenders to Alexander and reunites with his former love, Barsine.

What happens at the end of Alexander: The Making Of A God?
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What Happened In The Battle Between Alexander And Darius III?

The lands of Issus bore witness to a monumental battle, where Alexander once again showcased his tactical prowess in war.

Despite being vastly outnumbered, the Macedonians emerged victorious due to their superior strategic maneuvers, trapping Darius in a precarious position.

As the Persian leader struggled to protect his kingdom and survive, he was forced to retreat from the battlefield. This posed a dilemma as, according to Persian customs, all wives and family members accompanied their men to war.

Alexander used this tradition to capture Stateira and Barsine, Darius’s wife and daughter, respectively.

In the years that followed, both women resided in Alexander’s court, with speculations that Stateira became his lover. Tragically, Stateira’s life came to an end while giving birth to a son, believed to be fathered by Alexander himself.

After suffering defeat at Issus, Darius was forced to abandon his capital and escape alongside his most trusted generals and advisors. The added worry of his wife and daughter being held captive by the enemy only added to his troubles.

Despite his efforts to negotiate for peace and even an offer for his daughter Barsine’s hand in marriage, Alexander remained unwavering in his resolve to defeat Darius and was not easily swayed by anyone.

Does Darius die in the end?

Darius had been strategizing a lengthy guerilla warfare campaign against Alexander, but his plans were quickly threatened when his trusted ally, Bessus, unexpectedly turned against him.

Bessus murders Darius to take everything for himself. Bessus does this for personal greed, personal power, and dissatisfaction with Darius.

Two years had passed since the fierce battle at Issus, yet fate again brought the two bitter rival kings to face Gaugamela. Despite the high stakes, the outcome remained unchanged.

Darius found himself backed into a corner, with death looming over him. But instead of facing his demise, he resorted to seeking refuge deep within his empire.

Though Alexander’s ultimate desire was to defeat his arch-nemesis, his wishes were not fulfilled. One of Darius’s closest confidants and generals, Bessus, ultimately caused the downfall of Darius III.

Alexander was disappointed to find out about Darius’ fate. Alexander, who has grown as a person, doesn’t think a king like Darius should have died this way.

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About Alexander: The Making of a God

Alexander: The Making of a God is a six-part docuseries that explores the life and legacy of Alexander the Great, one of history’s most influential and ambitious rulers. The series combines expert interviews and dramatic reenactments to depict Alexander’s rise from a young king of Macedonia to the conqueror of the Persian Empire and beyond.

he series is produced by Lion Television and Tailfeather Productions, and features Buck Braithwaite as Alexander, Mido Hamada as King Darius III, Dino Kelly as Ptolemy, and Agni Scott as Stateira. The series premiered on Netflix on January 31, 2024.


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