We Were The Lucky Ones Episode 3 Ending Explained

The “Siberia” episode in the series “We Were The Lucky Ones” continues to follow the Kurc family as they struggle to survive amid the ongoing war. Halina, Genec, and Addy each face tough challenges in different parts of the world, but they all cling to the hope of reuniting someday. “Siberia” refers to the location where the Soviets have taken Genec and his wife, Harta.

1. How does Episode 3 End?

This episode shines a light on the harsh realities many families endured during the war. Genec and Harta are forced to go through extreme cruelty while imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Halina risks her safety by trying to find information about her family, while Addy attempts to escape the conflict and seek solace and safety in another country. Although episode 3 portrays the family’s troubles, there is a glimmer of hope that their situation will improve.

What happened at the end of We Were The Lucky Ones Ep 3?
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2. Herta & Gennec’s Imprisonment In Siberia: Real Life Gulags & Polish Defensive War

After the invasion of Poland, Herta and Genec are arrested by the Soviets.

Herta and Genec’s trek to Siberia echoed the grim experiences of countless prisoners during World War II. These journeys to labor camps could stretch for up to three weeks, with the trains always overcrowded, forcing passengers to stand.

The conditions were harsh and bleak, a stark reminder of the immense suffering endured by so many during that dark period in history.

The episode continues after the events of the previous one when Genec is arrested by NKVD soldiers for not disclosing his Polish nationality and Jewish faith in the rental agreement for his apartment.

Instead of letting her husband leave alone, Herta sacrifices her freedom and demands to be arrested as well, boldly telling the soldiers, “If he is an enemy, I am an enemy too.”

They are among many Polish citizens arrested in the aftermath of the Polish Defensive War of 1939. Genec and Herta are then forced to endure a dreadful three-week journey on a cramped and shabby train to Siberia.

Their journey reflects the experiences of thousands of prisoners during World War II, as trips to work camps could take up to three weeks, with passengers crammed together and forced to stand.

Genec and Herta arrive in Siberia and are taken to a labor camp run by the Soviets, known as a gulag. These gulags require forced labor in exchange for food and shelter.

Escape is nearly impossible, as the nearest village is miles away, and they would face severe punishment if they tried to flee. Genec and Herta represent dozens of Soviet prisoners who realize they must fight hard to stay alive if they hope to return home after the war.

Addy quickly adjusts to life on the ship, entertaining and playing the piano for the other passengers. One day, he meets Elisabeth, a young woman traveling with her mother. Their time spent together provides a welcome distraction from the hardships of war.

As they watch the morning sun, they notice that the ship is nearing land. Addy knows they haven’t reached their destination yet, and he starts to worry that something terrible is about to occur.

While there have been numerous films and TV shows exploring the horrors of the Holocaust, “We Were The Lucky Ones” may stand out as one of the most impactful.

This gripping historical drama chronicles the incredible true story of the Kurc family, who experienced the unimaginable hardships of that dark era yet managed to survive against all odds.

Through its vivid storytelling and deep emotional resonance, the work has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

3. Addy’s Journey Delays Explained: The Fear & Search For Safety

“Addy’s words, ‘Nowhere is safe, the war is everywhere,’ capture the grim reality they face. No matter where they try to go, they live in constant fear of the threat of war looming around them.”

Addy’s journey to Brazil faced unexpected challenges. The ship was stopped in Se negal, an anti-Jewish colony, for a month. These constant delays made Addy increasingly frustrated.

When he learned the ship would no longer go to Brazil, Addy lost his temper and got into a fight with the captain, who said nothing could be done. In his anger, Addy declared, “Nowhere is safe; the war is everywhere.” This reflected the dark reality of their situation – no matter where they tried to go, they lived in constant fear of the threat of war.

Addy’s outburst reflects everyone’s feelings. They all want to escape the war and find a safe place, but the constant stops make them wonder if they’ll ever find safety.

In the evening, Elisabeth visits Addy in his room to see how he’s doing, and they spend the night together. Eventually, the passengers are told they must disembark in Casablanca, where many refugees were left during the war evacuations. In the chaos, Addy gets separated from Elisabeth, and he’s left alone, unsure of what to do next.

4. Herta’s Labor and The Harsh Realities of Gulags Explained

Soviet Camps had little-to-No proper health care for Prisoners.

During the war, numerous gulag detainees lacked access to medical treatment and were frequently punished harshly, as demonstrated when Genec was beaten by the officers.

As the story unfolds in episode 3, Genec and Herta face hardship in the prison camp. Genec’s requests to the officers for his wife to rest are repeatedly ignored.

The harsh conditions of the camp increase Genec’s worries for Hera, but his pleas to have a doctor examine his wife are rejected. Later, Herta goes into labor and is forced to deliver their baby in the unsanitary work camp without any medical assistance.

What happened at the end of We Were The Lucky Ones Ep 3?
Logan Lerman in We Were the Lucky Ones (2024) | Source: IMDb

Genec is punished by having his food taken away for a week because he was late for work. This makes Genec angry, and he tells the commandment that everyone in the camp is being treated unfairly. During the war, many prisoners in the gulag had no access to medicine and were often severely punished.

 This is shown when Genec is beaten by the officers. However, Genec’s anger and pain are reduced when he learns that Herta has successfully given birth to a healthy baby. This is the first positive moment for the couple. While they still face difficult challenges, the birth of their baby offers them hope that things will improve.

5. What were Halina’s Crimes?

Many people obtained fake IDs during the war to hide their Jewish identity and find information about their families. This is evident from Halina’s use of false IDs to trace details about her brother.

As depicted in episode 2, “Lviv,” Halina manages to flee Radom and reach Lviv with Bella. In the following episode, “Siberia,” Halina finds work as a laboratory assistant for a Soviet professor.

While on the job, Halina steals valuable items from the lab, which she trades for fake identification documents. Adam scolds Halina for her criminal actions, warning that she is jeopardizing her employment and risking arrest.

However, Halina explains to Adam that she is aware of the risks but is willing to do whatever it takes to locate her brother.

During the war, many ordinary people turned to criminal activities and worked with underground resistance groups to get fake IDs and escape the Nazis.

Many obtained false identities to hide their Jewish heritage and find information about their loved ones, like Halina using counterfeit documents to trace news of her brother.

Halina’s desperation to locate Genec prompts her to confide in the Doctor about her family, and she’ll do whatever it takes to find him.

The episode concludes with Halina being taken away by Soviet officers, leaving her future uncertain, but the next part of “We Were The Lucky Ones” will undoubtedly provide answers about whether Halina is reunited with her family or not.

The first three episodes of “We Were The Lucky Ones” can now be streamed on Hulu. The additional five episodes will be released weekly, starting April 4th and running through May 2nd, 2024.

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6. About We Were The Lucky Ones

We Were The Lucky Ones is an American historical drama miniseries for Hulu that premiered on March 28, 2024. It is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Georgia Hunter.

It dramatizes the Holocaust from the perspective of the Kurc family, fictional Polish Jews inspired by real people. The story centers on siblings Halina (Joey King), Addy (Logan Lerman), Genec (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), Jakub (Amit Rahav), Mila (Hadas Yaron) and their parents, Sol (Lior Ashkenazi) and Nechuma (Robin Weigert).


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