What dog will Anya get in Spy x Family?

The Forger family wouldn’t be complete without a pet, so, what better way to introduce a pet than through a cliff-hanger?

Dogs of all shapes and sizes come and go in anime: “Akamaru” from Naruto; “Alexander” from Fullmetal Alchemist, “Antoinette” from Ouran High School Host Club, and many more. But none so intriguing and captivating as the dog that was teased in Spy x Family.

I mean, this dog is about to become a relevant character in a series that’s sweeping young and adult fans to the beloved Spy x Family series.

That big, fluffy dog that Season 1 episode 11 dropped was, nonetheless, introduced in a dark scene that came out of nowhere on this family-friendly show. Surprising, right?

And since fans were introduced to a new character, this is the perfect time to dive into the aesthetically pleasing world of Spy x Family.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Spy x Family.

Anya will acquire a dog that sees the future. It’s the perfect pet for a telepath like her to own because she can also read its mind. She named the dog “Bond” because it reminds her of one of the characters in her Spy Wars cartoons.

Whenever Bond receives visions about the future, Anya can also see them by reading her dog’s mind. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Anya can now visualize events shortly before they happen.

How is the dog able to read minds, you say? Well, look back in episode 11 of Season 1.

Bond, along with other dogs, are inside locked cages, fed poorly, and mistreated by two bad guys in an unknown and shady facility. After undergoing difficult and traumatic experimentations, Bond is now a modified dog that can visualize events before those events occur.

What dog will Anya get in Spy x Family?
Anya | Source: Official Website

Another interesting fact is, that no matter how terrible a vision can be, such visions are preventable if sufficient external factors interfere. You’ll understand what I mean when cour 2 of Spy x Family drops in October 2022.

In any case, thanks to Bond being Anya’s doggy companion, the mind-reading abilities of a telepath like Anya are enhanced; she acquires pre-cognition abilities temporarily through her pet.

As to what type of breed it is, the author penned in the Volume 4 extras of the series that a “Great Pyrenees” breed was used as a model.

Great Pyrenees are not popular in anime or manga. So, after doing some digging, I discovered that Great Pyrenees are big working dogs covered in thick white fur. The thicker the fur (like in its neckline), the better; that way, Bond can fend off attacks, especially ones coming from wolves.

How did Anya name her Dog?

Anya named her dog “Bond” because the blackened furs on its paws remind her of the black gloves and black shoes of Bondman, a character from Anya’s Spy Wars cartoons.

When Bond demonstrated how skillful he is in finding Anya’s lost gloves in the dog park (see Chapter 23 of the manga), Anya immediately recalled her show.

What dog will Anya get in Spy x Family?
Spy X Family | Source: Fandom

In the show, her favorite character (Bondman) retrieved a stomach warmer for princess Honey (one of Bondman’s ladies). This scene is remarkably like how Bond sniffed and found Anya’s favorite gloves (which she lost) in the park.

Without the influence of her Spy x Wars cartoons, Anya wouldn’t even have thought of calling her dog a name that starts with a plosive consonant (consonants like “B”, “P”, and “T” as Loid explained).

The dog seems to like it better than the names Anya initially called it: “Lucky Vanilla Princess the Third”, and “Mick Angel Charlie Shogun”. Anya might have even acquired those names from the influence of her cartoons. She’s hilarious even if she’s a sweet girl!

And as you may all well know, the names that Anya initially picked for her pet are difficult names for a dog to remember.

No wonder Bond didn’t react to them when Anya used them. However, upon getting its proper name, Bond responded by kissing/licking Anya to show her his appreciation. 

What other powers does Bond have?

Bond’s solitary power is to see the future. There are no indications in the series that he acquired additional ones after getting out of the laboratory.

What dog will Anya get in Spy x Family?
Bond Forger | Source: Fandom

But it’s likely that Bond (and Anya) to get additional powers. We’re talking about Spy x Family after all; many life-changing events have not yet happened in the series. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what Tatsuya Endo has in store for the readers of this beloved manga.

Anyway, if Bond acquires extra abilities, hopefully, the author clues us in on them through the series’ volume covers.

Why? Well, you see, the word “Future” was written in the 4th volume of the series. You won’t miss it. It was intentionally added to the book cover to give readers a hint of Bond’s powers!

The cruelty of the terrorist organization in the Doggy Crisis arc (the arc that will come out in October 2022) is terrifying. Syndicated crimes are giving day-in-and-day-out trauma and physical injuries to all the pets so that the animals can be utilized as “bomb dogs”.

The dogs do not receive proper food; they do not receive hygiene care; the lot of them are set aside to die; they’re just toyed with; and after the scientists and terrorists are finished with them (again, to use them as sacrificial “bomb dogs”), they dispose of them. How utterly despicable!

Anya’s dog is lucky to have precognition abilities to see the Forger family coming into its life. That’s why cour 2 Season 1 of Spy x Family is a must-watch in October 2022. It’s going to be one of the best arcs of the series because of the action-packed scenes jampacked in it!

Will Anya’s Dog be a Guard Dog for the Family?

Bond’s role in the Forger family is to become Anya’s playmate; it has not yet become a guard dog for the Forger family.

In Chapters 17 and 24, Loid stated how he wants to acquire a dog for Anya that can improve the apartment’s security. That’s why, out of all the family members, he’s the one leaning more onto the idea of training Bond to become a guard dog soon.

What dog will Anya get in Spy x Family?
Anya And Bond | Source: Fandom

This idea alone from Loid speaks volumes: he wants a security dog to protect the Forger family from robbers, as well as Ostanian enemies (example: Yuri Briar from the Secret Service Police, Westalis’ dangerous enemies).

There’s no formal guard dog training for Bond yet, but as I said before, Loid’s initial plans for Bond will slowly come to fruition.

If you think enhancing apartment security is the only deal here, wait ‘til you hear this: Loid and Bond went on a rescue mission to save a puppy from a burning building.

In chapters 58.1 and 58.2, Loid was simply walking Bond when they encountered a burning apartment. The incident put Loid and Bond into action to save Daisy, a dog that a lady accidentally left inside the flat being engulfed in flames.

But with quick thinking and Loid’s flawless hold-and-detain skills, they captured the arsonist who brought accelerants and incendiary devices to start the fire in the area. What a heroic deed for our duo!

They may have forfeited the medals and public recognition. However, what they earned is trust. Loid learned to trust Bond with his life. He also advised Bond that Anya always wants her beloved doggy to be safe; that she’ll be sad if it doesn’t come home to Anya’s house.

The greatest character development in this chapter is Loid, of course, acknowledging Bond as a member (and not just a pet) of the Forger family, “Bond, your working dog duties should always come second.”

It may be a simple chapter, but Bond’s connection to the Forger family (especially to Master of Disguises, Twilight, himself) cannot be superseded.

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About Spy × Family

Spy × Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story follows a spy who has to “build a family” to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as a daughter and the woman he agrees to be in a fake marriage with are a mind reader and an assassin respectively.

Season 2 and a theatrical film are releasing in 2023.


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