New World: All You Need to Know about Fast Travel and Recall to Inn!

Amazon’s introduction to the MMO genre with New World gives players a taste of the immense vastness that Aeterum packs. With the game having no mounts, it can get bothersome for users to cover a significant distance on foot. This is where the fast travel system comes into action.

Fast travel allows players to cover the sprawling in-game regions by jumping from point A to B. New World, too, provides users with the ability to fast travel to Settlements, Home, Spirit Shrines, and Inns (Recall to Inns).

You see, offering a mammoth map is one thing and making its exploration convenient is another. Unfortunately, the devs have disregarded the latter by not providing users with Mounts. So, if you too are looking to save time, our guide is here to tell you all there is to know about fast travel in New World.

1. How to Fast Travel in New World?

New World: All You Need to Know about Fast Travel & Recall to Inn!
Fast Travel in New World

To fast travel in New World, open your map and zoom out so that the gold settlement icons start appearing. When they do, just click on wherever you want to go, and the fast travel option will come into sight, letting you choose between spending Azoth or Recall to Inn.

2. Fast Travel to Settlements

New World: All You Need to Know about Fast Travel & Recall to Inn!
Fast Travel to Settlements in New World

Before moving to a settlement in New World via fast travel, players must be aware of two conditions:

  1. Ensure that you have visited the settlement before. You cannot transport to a new sanctuary through fast travel. Moreover, fast travel to territories cannot be activated from anywhere. You have to be in a settlement or shrine area to do so.
  2. It costs Azoth to fast travel to settlements in New World. The amount of Azoth you’ll have to spend depends on your Faction level, encumbrance level, and the distance between sanctuaries.

If you have visited a settlement before and have the required amount of Azoth to fork out, then you can fast travel with ease.

Note: Faction bonuses can help you receive discounts on the Azoth costs.

3. Fast Travel to Spirit Shrines

New World: All You Need to Know about Fast Travel & Recall to Inn!
Fast Travel to Spirit Shrines in New World

Spirit Shrines are tall and thin structures emitting a green beam of light. These Shrines allow players to fast travel between them, Settlements, or Outposts when in their area for Azoth in return.

Here is a list of Spirit Shrine found in New World:

Shrines & Locations

Shrine NameTerritoryLocation
Hermit’s ShrineWindswardWest, in Primrose, by Fisherman’s Bend
Bearclaw ShrineEverfallEast, in northern Bearclaw Pass, by Longshadow Enclave
Shadowmine ShrineEverfallNorth, in Shadowmine, by Daughterwell
Las Torres LookoutFirst LightNorth, in southern Millberry Hills, by Campbell’s Rest
Cape Thomas BeachFirst LightSoutheast, in northern Elder’s Bluff, by Saircor
Achernar GateMonarch’s BluffsNortheast, in southwest Divine Rise, by Achernar
Dreadscythe ShrineMonarch’s BluffsSouthwest, in eastern Deadman’s Anchor, by Nautilus of Nunez
Marshview ShrineCutlass KeysCentral, in southeast Broken Dunes, by The Cutlass Keys Proving Ground
Skullworm ShrineCutlass KeysSouth, in Cayo de la Muerte, by Festering Fishery
Wolfbough ShrineBrightwoodWest, in Wolfbough, by The Iron Fields
Alchemist’s ShrineBrightwoodSoutheast, in west Bronzegrove, by Sinanovic Farm
Mallory’s RefugeWeaver’s FenNorth, in east Fay’s Sorrow, by Fenton Hamlet
South Pestilence ShrineWeaver’s FenSouth, in southwest Pestilence, by Fisher’s End
Shrine of SisyphosRestless ShoreNorth, in southeast Sunshade Plains, by Accursed Camp
New Balefire ShrineMourningdaleNortheast, in south Radhia del Ojo Rojo, by New Balefire
Ram’s RespiteMourningdaleNorthwest, in northeast High Pass Mountain, by Foulroot
Gatherer’s RoadEdengroveNorth, in Blightcrown, by Canker Snap
Elysian ShrineEdengroveEast, in west Elysian Falls, by Litheltop
Traveler’s PrecipiceEbonscale ReachNortheast, in northeast Palewind Terrace, by Skysong Shrine
Pilgrim’s RestEbonscale ReachSouthwest, in south Serenity Rise, by Serenity Monastery
Tempest Valley ShrineGreat CleaveCentral, in Deep Cut, by Sunderfort
Old Myrkgard ShrineShattered MountainCentral, in Illurmin, by West Illurmin
Source: New World Fandom

4. Recall to Inn

New World: All You Need to Know about Fast Travel & Recall to Inn!
Recall to Inn in New World

Out of Azoth, or want to save it for crating in New World? You can rely on ‘Recall to Inn’ to fast travel in New World as it won’t charge anything.

If you check-in and stay at one of the several Inns that New World houses, you can return to that particular Inn by opening the map and clicking on its icon. Moreover, this feature can be activated from anywhere and doesn’t need you to be in a settlement area.

‘Recall to Inn’ method of fast travel won’t cost you any Azoth too.

However, there is a catch here. If you have utilized Inn-based fast travel, you cannot use it again for one hour. On top of this, you can only register at one Inn at a time. You cannot have umpteen Inns ready to be utilized at your disposal.

5. Fast Travel to House

New World: All You Need to Know about Fast Travel & Recall to Inn!
Fast Travel to House in New World

Fast traveling to a house is similar to being registered at an Inn. Once your standing in a territory improves to level 10, you can purchase a home and fast travel to it for free from anywhere.

Note: You can own as many as three houses in different locations.

The method has a cooldown of two to four hours depending on the distance but shelling out Azorth can help you reduce that wait time!

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6. About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 but was delayed to its current date.

Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land known as Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using a buy-to-play business model, meaning there will be no monthly subscription fee.

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