An Easy Guide to Locate All the Codes in System Shock – Codes List

System Shock Remake is filled with codes that you can find to unlock doors, which will help you 100% explore the Citadel’s deck. These codes are a combination of digits that you can enter on a keypad to unlock passages, activate devices, and find secrets and collectibles.

The codes are a combination of three digits. What’s important to remember is that most of these codes are random, and in some cases, you’ll receive just a part of the three-digit code; the rest of it, you’ll have to figure out yourself. There are a few codes that have a permanent combination, but most of them are random.

A list of all the codes and their locations:

Medical – Clinic451On a flash drive near one of the first rooms of the Medical deck
Medical – Armory705On an audio log called “Many Paths” located in the northeast corridor
Research Labs – Robot Maintenance DoorsRandomOn a USB Stick in the southwest room of the Citadel’s second deck
Reactor – Safety OverrideRandomIn the Research Labs, it’ll be displayed on a screen after destroying one of the blockades and exiting the Cyberspace Terminal
Storage – Storage 9RandomDivided into two parts, they can be obtained from different audio logs: “Environmental Protection Packs” in Storage 6 and “Stashed Pack” in the Central area
Maintenance – Relay AnalyzerRandomUpon reaching a Diagnostic Receptacle in the Repair Bay, a text will pop up displaying the code
Executive – CasinoRandomDisplayed on the screens located by the elevator when traveling back from Maintenance
Flight Deck – Lifepods001On the Flight Deck, after destroying the Reactor, the code can be entered in any of the two Lifepods as it doesn’t need to be obtained from anywhere.

Since most of the codes are random, you have to actually go and find them, which can be a bit tedious, but there’s no workaround for it, unfortunately. Some of the codes can be found in audio logs and texts, and some of them can also be found on walls or screens. The locations of the codes will be listed below in detail.

It’s worth noting that sometimes the keypad might not accept a code, even if it’s right. If that’s the case, then all you need to do is lower the Security Level indicator or complete more side quests and objectives. Without further ado, let’s dive into their locations in detail:

I. Medical – Clinic Code Location

The code for the locked door in the Medical deck area is 451. The door is located in one of the first rooms of the Medical deck.

There’ll be a flash drive nearby with a “New Code” message. Upon opening the message, you’ll obtain the full combination of the code.

II. Medical – Armory Code Location

The code for this area is 705. The Armory is located on the southern side of the Medical deck. The code can be obtained from one of Althea Grossman’s audio logs called “Many Paths”.

The audio log is located in the northeast corridor, but you can just enter the code 705 on the Armory keypad and collect all the stuff inside the armory without having to go to that corridor.

III. Research Labs – Robot Maintenance Doors Code Location

The code is random. Robot Maintenance Doors are located on the southeast part of the Citadel’s second deck. There’ll be two doors. The second one requires a code to unlock, and the code can be found on a USB stick located in the southwest room next to a button.

The first door is locked by a junction box puzzle, while the second requires the code in the USB stick. Entering the code on the second door’s keypad will unlock a small room with a new junction box puzzle and solving that puzzle will stop the production of robots.

IV. Reactor – Safety Override Code Location

The code for this area is random, and it can be obtained from Research Labs. Use the Cyberspace Terminal in the Beta Section, destroy one of the blockades, and upon exiting the terminal, the code combination will appear on one of the screens.

After obtaining the code, use it in the Security Override Room located on the west side of the Reactor. Upon using it, you’ll be able to disable the laser security by pulling the lever and then destroy them at a later point in the game.

V. Storage – Storage 9 Code Location

The code for Storage 9 is random, but it’s divided into two parts, and they can be obtained from two audio logs: “Environmental Protection Packs” in Storage 6 and “Stashed Pack” in the Central area. Simply guess the middle number using trial and error.

It’s worth noting that the keypad at the entrance of Storage 9 can only be accessed after the Security Level drops to at least 20%. Even if you enter the correct code, Storage 9 will still be inaccessible due to the Security Level being above 20%. Find the room with Computer Nodes to lower the level.

VI. Maintenance – Relay Analyzer Code Location

The code for this area is random. The Relay Analyzer is located in the north room. Upon reaching a Diagnostic Receptacle in the Repair Bay, a text will be displayed on the screen.

The text reads that the subsystem’s relay is damaged, and you’ll learn the full combination of the code from that text itself.

VII. Executive – Casino Code Location

The code for this area is random, and the closed doors in the casino are located in the southeast corner of the map.

The code will be needed to unlock the closed doors in the casino. It’ll be shown on the screens located by the elevator when traveling back from Maintenance.

VIII. Flight Deck – Lifepods Code Location

The code to access the Lifepods is 001. The two Lifepods in this area will be inactive until further progress is made in the game.

After progressing sufficiently through the game, you’ll need to run a procedure that will make the Reactor destroy itself. Once it’s destroyed, you can put the code in any of the two Lifepods.

These are all the codes that have been found as of now, and this article will be updated when more of them are found.

About System Shock Remake

System Shock is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Nightdive Studios and published by Prime Matter. It is a remake of the 1994 video game of the same name, originally developed by Looking Glass Studios.

The game is has been pushed back to March 2023 and is planned to have a simultaneous release on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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