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The New Boruto Villains! What Are Code And Eida’s Evil Plans?

The Boruto Manga is currently showing no signs of slowing down! Each chapter has fans desperately waiting for the next! Chapter 57 finally sheds some light on Eida and her abilities and why Code might have sought her out.

Eida is revealed to be a cyborg created by Amado with two terrifying abilities– the ability to steal a person’s heart and the ability to see everything in the world.

The brief interaction between Code and Eida reveals that Code sought out the clairvoyant cyborg to learn how to release the power limiters placed on him by Amado. But why would Code need more power?

Code plans to avenge Isshiki and carry out the will of the Otsutsuki by feeding Boruto or Kawaki to Ten-Tails, eating the chakra fruit, and becoming an Otsutsuki himself. He has sought Eida’s help– a cyborg with her own agenda of finding love and getting revenge on the scientist Amado.

Although Isshiki Otsutsuki was defeated in Chapter 53 by Naruto, Sasuke, Kawaki, and Boruto, his death has spurred Code, the last remaining member of the Kara, into action.

Code intends to take revenge on all those involved alongside carrying on the legacy of the Otsutsuki after being influenced by the last dregs of Isshiki’s dying spirit.

1. Code’s Motivations and Loyalty

Code is the last remaining member of the Inner Group of Kara– an organization devoted to Isshiki Otsutsuki’s goal of cultivating the God Tree and the Chakra fruit.

The New Boruto Villains! What Are Code And Eida's Evil Plans?
Code | Source: Fandom

The Otsutsuki are alien invaders who eat the Chakra fruit to update themselves. After being betrayed by Kaguya eons ago, Isshiki took over Jigen’s body and planned to feed himself to Ten-Tails.

He began to look for a vessel to resurrect himself through Karma to later eat the Chakra Fruit. Code is one of Isshiki’s failed vessels.

Upon being embedded with Karma, Code’s body began spasming, but he somehow lived. He failed to become a vessel but retained the power of Karma as a White Karma.

Code was stronger than Isshiki, but due to his unwavering loyalty, he wasn’t disposed of and instead had limiters installed in his body by Amado.

The New Boruto Villains! What Are Code And Eida's Evil Plans?
Isshiki’s Spirit Passing On His Will To Code | Source: Fandom

Code worships the Otsutsuki and is utterly devoted to Isshiki’s goal. He even resented Kawaki for being the vessel and not appreciating the opportunity he had been given.

Due to his intense devotion and loyalty, Code was approached by the last remains of Isshiki’s spirit after being defeated and was asked to carry out the will of the Otsutsuki and become a celestial being.

Code even pledged to avenge Isshiki and asked his spirit for the names of all those responsible for his downfall.

2. Eida’s Motivations and Evil Plans With Code

Eida is a cyborg created by Amado, whose abilities surpass that of Isshiki while inhabiting Jigen’s body. Due to this, she was ordered to be destroyed by Boro, who unfortunately fell victim to her love spell and instead secretly preserved her out of love.

The New Boruto Villains! What Are Code And Eida's Evil Plans?
Eida | Source: Fandom

This ability allows her to steal the hearts of all those except blood relatives and Otsutsuki. She resents Amado for taking away her ability to experience ordinary love by giving her this power of infatuation.

Eida was impressed by Kawaki’s actions during the battle against Isshiki and now sees him and Boruto as a chance to pursue ordinary love as both of them are nearly wholly Otsutsuki and would be immune to her ‘Love Spell.’

Besides her powers of infatuation, Eida also has clairvoyance, which enables her to see everything on Earth. She can even look into the past up until the time when she was created.

Although she cannot look into the future, she is still all-knowing and was aware of the details of Isshiki’s demise despite being asleep. Code approached Eida to gain intel on how to disable the limiters placed on him and the actions of Konohagakure.

3. Can Code and Eida be stopped?

Naruto was weakened after the fight, with Isshiki having lost Kurama and a lot of chakra using the Baryon Mode. Sasuke too, lost the Rinnegan after being stabbed by Boruto while Momoshiki was controlling him through the Karma.

Boruto cannot afford to exhaust all his chakra in a fight anymore because that seems to be the trigger that allows Momoshiki to take over. At the same time, Kawaki has lost the Karma and is no longer as strong as before either.

Eida’s clairvoyance is nearly impossible to defeat– the smokescreen used by Sasuke against Isshiki in the final battle would only be a temporary reprieve.

Moreover, the smokescreen would only help in a confrontation; Eida would still be to read their every move making it impossible to come up with a plan.

The New Boruto Villains! What Are Code And Eida's Evil Plans?
Code’s White Karma | Source: Fandom

The extent of Code’s abilities is yet to be revealed as well. Considering the difficulty with which Naruto and the others defeated Isshiki, Code would be unstoppable with his limiters disabled.

Lastly, Amado cannot be trusted entirely yet and has been behaving suspiciously, as noted by Sumire. He could still have ulterior motives that may or may not be in Boruto and Kawaki’s favor.

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