Everything You Need to Know About Character Items in Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is a popular city-building and economic simulation game that takes place during the Industrial Revolution. The game is set in the 19th century, where players must build and manage their cities, trade with other players, and explore new territories.

As players progress through Anno 1800, they’ll encounter various character items, which adds an extra layer of immersion for players who enjoy exploring the game.

Character items are unique items that serve no practical purpose in the game but are obtained by destroying the ships of AI opponents or pirates. They offer insights into the game’s characters and can be donated to the Research Institute to earn research points, making them more useful in the Land of Lions DLC.

How to use character items in Anno 1800?

Players can use Character items in Anno 1800 by donating them to the Research Institute, which allows players to earn 100 research points per item.

To donate character items, players can follow these steps:

Everything You Need to Know About Character Items in Anno 1800
Research Institute – Anno 1800

Step 1: Open the Research Institute in the Land of Lions DLC by clicking its icon in the game’s menu.

Everything You Need to Know About Character Items in Anno 1800
Donation to Science option – Anno 1800

Step 2: Once inside the Research Institute, click the “Donation to Science” option.

Everything You Need to Know About Character Items in Anno 1800
Selecting Character Items – Anno 1800

Step 3: Select the character item you wish to donate from your inventory.

Everything You Need to Know About Character Items in Anno 1800
Donating Character Items – Anno 1800

Step 4: Click on the “Donate” button to donate the selected item to earn 100 research points per item donated.

List of All the Character Items in Anno 1800.

Here is a list of all character items in the game:

I. Bente Jorgensen

Shiny PearlsThe initials BJ have been engraved on these. A gift, perhaps?
Jorgensen Trust ManifestoA number of question marks curled in graceful handwriting.
Bente’s Travel JournalCrammed with lively observations and assorted pressed flowers.
Bente’s Rarefied SeedlingSomeone assiduously fostered this little fella.

II. Princess Qing

Statue of a Jade DragonThe kind of useless keepsake an Emperor gifts his daughter.
Qing’s Volume of PoetryNothing less than breathtaking. You feel ashamed for reading it.
Qing’s EyeglassesStandard issue for imperial spies.
Oriental Fireworks  To celebrate an Empress’s impending victory over the West.

III. Willie Wibblesock

Willie’s Sausage Ring“Yum… just like mum’s.”
Willie’s Completely Ordinary Wooden BoxIt has a false bottom. Maybe it’s part of some sort of trick?
Willie’s Bar of GoldEngraved with an emblem of unknown origin. Its legitimate owner, maybe?
Willie’s AutobiographyA disturbingly Oedipal confession on money, guilt, ghosts and motherly love.

IV. Artur Gasparov

Blueprint For An Infeasibly Large Ocean LinerIt’s Gasparovesque.
Artur’s PortfolioIt’s nothing to look at, but the mind of a genius wanders these pages. Quite, quite alone.
Artur’s Magnifying GlassSomeone’s been desperately searching for ‘inspiration’.
A Bottle of ChampagneA toast to the self-proclaimed greatest architect of all time.

V. Beryl O’Mara

Beryl’s Nail ClippersSharp enough to chop branches… or the fingers of ragamuffins.
Beryl’s Mink CoatLooks expensive. Charity lady-like.
Beryl’s Barrel“Hey, listen! Is that scratching coming from inside?”
A Nice Cup Of Darjeeling“Come on dearie, come and have a chat with old Beryl…”

VI. Carl Leonard von Malching

The Von Malching Family SealSomebody has deformed this with a heavy hammer.
Meaningless BlingThere is an engraving. It reads: “For Bente, found at the end of the rainbow. Your darling Carl.”
Germ Resistant SoapSo, this is the source of Carl’s peculiar smell…
Carriage Wheel  It bears the emblem of the Von Malching Family. It appears as if someone might have tempered with it…

VII. Dr. Hugo Mercier

Royal CrownThe trophy to cap off Dr. Mercier’s revolution?
Mercier’s MegaphoneThe cone drips with the copious quantities of spittle only the very greatest orators are capable of producing.
Mercier’s Manifesto of the FreeA compilation of the most persuasive essays he wrote on anarchy during his time as a dentistry undergraduate.
Mercier’s Cookbook  The spiciest recipes of the time. Don’t burn yourself.

VIII. George Smith

Mined QuartzSeems strange, but George doesn’t dare throw this away. Memories, you know.
George’s Sewing MachineUnsurprisingly, George turns out to be an expert tailor.
George’s Police BadgeBack from the days when he was a chief inspector.
George’s Ear TrumpetHe’s deaf without the stupid thing.

IX. Admiral Vicente Silva

Silva’s Tortilla“Bahh, why must I always eat local food!”
Depleted Treasure ChestThe last of La Corona’s jewels, to be traded for weapons…
Banner of La CoronaAs majestic and superior looking as in the past.
Non-Functional Sea MineVicente’s plan was to use it against Sarmento… If only it was working!

X. Alonso Graves

Grave Human SkullThe word DOOMED is engraved on the forehead…
Alonso’s TranquilizersStrong enough to put a herd of bulls to sleep.
Alonso’s Hand DrillThe tip of the drill is smeared with blood, hair and skin.
Alonso’s Blunted Bone SawShow signs of heavy use.

XI. Lady Margaret Hunt

Strange SerumManufactured by the Promise Trust. It looks better for you than it actually is…
Length of Rope“One day she will hang, as her father hung Benjamin.”
Harlow Family RingTaken from Benjamin’s stiff finger as she wept.
Ball and Chain“There will be a reckoning! The guilty belong at the bottom of the sea.”

XII. Anne Harlow

The Old Pirate HatAnne found this chap below deck and thought he was funny, so she placed him in her cabin.
Pirate FlagThe skull symbolises her death wish; the daggers, revenge.
Anne’s Message in A BottleIt says: ‘Whatever bluecoat reads this, arm yourself, board a ship, and kill me if you can.’
Anne’s GramophoneStill recites the old tunes daddy played before they hung him.

XIII. Jean La Fortune

Tattered White FlagJean’s reminder of what happens when you ask La Corona for safe conduct.
Strange TalismanJean is a practical man most of the time, but nothing matches the power of Voodoo.
Jean’s Little HelperThere is nothing on a ship that an extra ration of rum won’t fix.
A Child’s Letter“Please papa, come home safe and sound!”
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About Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is a city-building real-time strategy video game, developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. Launched on April 16, 2019, it is the seventh game in the Anno series, and returns to the use of a historical setting following the last two titles, Anno 2070 and Anno 2205. Anno 1800 takes place during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

Following the themes of previous installment(s), the game brings the series’ traditional city-building and ocean combat mechanics, but introduces new aspects of gameplay, such as tourism, blueprinting, and the effects of industrialisation has on island inhabitants.

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