Weekly Shonen Jump Coming Up With Voiced Comics

Weekly Shonen Jump has been winning our hearts over the years with its serialized mangas for people worldwide.

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However, in the last few years, Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine has seen a drop in its circulation rates. They are coming up with unique ideas to bring back the craze for manga.

Voiced manga is a concept that has attracted a lot of people around the world.

And now, Weekly Shonen Jump is releasing different Voiced Comics on its YouTube Channel, hoping that the voice acting, some sound effects, and music would intensify the experience for the manga readers.

Jump Official YouTube Channel @jumpch_youtube [Public information] One episode of “#Boku to Roboco”, which is being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, has been made into a voice comic! (The second part will be released tomorrow!) And …! The first volume, which is sure to burst into laughter, will be released on November 4th (Wednesday) the day after tomorrow !!!! I can’t wait! ︎ #Jump #Voice comic

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A new set of voiced comics will arrive. This will include the first chapter of Magu-chan, and the first three chapters of the Ayakashi Triangle.

Jump Official YouTube Channel @jumpch_youtube [Future voice comic UP schedule * All released at 18:00] ☆ 18th (Wednesday) 19th (Thursday) → “# Destruction God Magu-chan” Episode 1 Before and After A very ruinous comedy ︎! ☆ 20th (Fri) 21st (Sat) → “# Ayakashi Triangle” Episode 1 Before and After #Kentaro Yabuki’s latest work! Ayakashi love fantasy! [A few episodes will be updated on the following Monday and Tuesday! ] #Jump

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Weekly Shonen Jump has been releasing promo videos for different voiced comics on its YouTube Channel the whole week. Fans are excited to see the characters come alive with the voices of their favorite voice actors.

1. Me And Robocco

The first volume of “Me & Roboco” has been made into a voiced comic. The promo video was released on November 4.

【ジャンプ漫画】美人メイドが来るはずが現れたのは…?誤奉仕メイドのハートフルコメディ!『僕とロボコ』第1話 前編【ボイスコミック】
First Volume of “Me And Roboco”

2. Ousama Kiddo

A second promotional video has been released for the voiced version of Haruichi Furudate’s one-shot.

Promotional Video of Haruichi Furudate’s one-shot

3. Hitsuji Gondaira’s Mission: Yozakura Family

The third promo video is dedicated towards Hitsuji Gondaira’s Mission: Yozakura Family.

【ジャンプ漫画】(cv:川島零士・岩橋由佳)幼なじみの家族、実は全員スパイ⁉ 家族を失い心を閉ざした青年に襲い来る魔の手は一体⁉『夜桜さんちの大作戦』1話前編【ボイスコミック】
Promotional Video of Hitsuji Gondaira’s Mission: Yozakura Family

4. Miura Kouji’s Ao no Hako

On November 10, the official YouTube channel came up with the fourth voiced comic, Miura Kouji’s Ao no Hako.

Video for Miura Kouji’s Ao no Hako

5. Kurakari no Kyuketsuki

Matsuura Kento and Togo Goto’s Kurakari no Kyuketsuki has received a voiced version as well.

The fifth promo video features a one-shot, published before their serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. The sound effects make the manga even scarier to read.

Promotional Video of Kurakari no Kyuketsuki

6. Locker Room

The sixth voiced comic is Locker Room by Yuuto Suzuki, creator of the upcoming Jump serialization SAKAMOTO DAYS.

【ジャンプ漫画】「世にも奇妙な物語」で実写化された衝撃作『ロッカールーム』願えば何でも出せる不思議なロッカーを使った主人公の末路は…?ジャンプ+『骸区』の鬼才 鈴木祐斗再び...!【ボイスコミック】
Video For Locker Room

 7. About Shōnen Jump

Weekly Shōnen Jump is a weekly shōnen manga anthology published in Japan by Shueisha under the Jump line of magazines.

It is the best-selling manga magazine and one of the longest-running; the first issue was released with a cover date of August 1, 1968.

The manga series within the magazine targets young male readers. They tend to consist of many action scenes and a fair amount of comedy.

The chapters of series that run in Weekly Shōnen Jump are collected and published in tankōbon volumes under the “Jump Comics” imprint every two to three months.

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