Webtoon Sensation ‘Viral Hit’ to Unleash Anti-Bully Anime Storm in April 2024


  • ‘Viral Hit’ webtoon will inspire an anime titled ‘Kenka Dokugaku.’ 
  • The anime will premiere in April 2024 and be streamed by crunchyroll.
  • The story follows Kota Shimura, a high school student, as he rises against his bullies.

Have you ever felt powerless against the bullies that torment you? ‘Viral Hit’ Manhwa tells an inspiring story about resisting oppression. This gripping manhwa packs emotional punch after punch.

Quiet high school student Kota Shimura suffers constant bullying. One day, a girl saves him using amazing fighting skills. Her swift kicks and punches quickly stop the bullies.

Seeing this gives Hobin an idea. He asks Hyeongshin to teach him how to fight, too. As she trains him, an unlikely bond forms between the two outcasts. But can Hobin rise against the broken system without losing himself?

Taejun Pak and Kim Junghyun’s ‘Viral Hit’ webtoon series will get an anime adaptation. It will premiere in April 2024 under the title ‘Kenka Dokugaku.’ Crunchyroll will stream the series worldwide.

Broadcast this April
   #Fight Self-study animation decided
  Teaser visual released

TV anime “#Fight Self Study” will start broadcasting on Fuji TV “+Ultra” in April of this year!

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▽Official HP


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The key visual depicts Kota in a fighting pose with a determined look on his face even though he is being chased by countless limbs and smartphones as if expressing heckling from the viewers. 


The teaser PV shows the daily life of Kota, who is bullied at school and is forced to work part-time. The trailer ends with Kota standing up to the bully.

Although the cast for the anime is still unknown, the production staff has been revealed. Check out the list below.

PositionStaff MemberOther Works
StudioOkuruto NoboruUndead Unluck 
DirectorMasakazu HishidaFairy Ranmaru
Series ScriptsToshiya OnoThe Promised Neverland
Character DesignSatomi MiyazakiTomodachi Game
Music CompositionYutaka YamadaVinland Saga
Production CompanySlow CurveChainsaw Man

The manwha offers more than just adrenaline-pumping action. The art style is explosive and impactful, lending itself well to the fight scenes, while the storyline is thought-provoking and engaging.

But what sets it apart is its expertly crafted pace, packed with thrilling life-or-death battles and high school drama. The characters are uniquely designed, each brimming with their quirks and personalities. It strikes a perfect balance between heart-stopping action and emotional depth.

If you’ve already enjoyed ‘Lookism,’ then ‘Kenka Dokugaku’ will not disappoint. However, we will have to wait and see if the anime adaptation can achieve the same level of excellence as the manhwa.

About Kenka Dokugaku

‘Kenka Dokugaku’ (also known as Viral Hit) is an anime series based on the popular Korean webtoon. The anime adaptation is set to premiere in April 2024.

The story is about a high school student named Yoo Hobin who is often bullied and humiliated by his classmate, a famous Newtube streamer called Pakgo. Hobin works hard at a part-time job to pay for his mother’s hospital bills.

One day, after a fight with Pakgo’s cameraman Jiksae, their embarrassing scuffle is accidentally recorded and uploaded to Newtube, which gains overnight popularity. Hobin sees this as a chance to earn money through Newtube streaming and teams up with Jiksae to make videos of his fights. They take on bullies and seemingly unbeatable opponents, and Hobin aims to reach the top of the streaming world or face a foe he can’t outsmart.

Source: Official Website

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