We Never Learn Season 2 Revealed

2019 has been a blast for otakus. The year still shows no sign of slowing down. As we all know Shueisha’s weekly shonen jump’s latest hits get anime adaptations and one of the hits of 2019 spring is- Taishi Tsutsui’s We Never Learn. According to data, We Never Learn is not the most popular and enjoys a small but the strong fan following. That fan following will be happy to know that the show is continuing.

When We Never Learn season 1 ended, it was clear that season 2 will hit fans very soon and that is this year in October. Although, no official date has been announced. Here is an update about the second season.


The anime follows the story of Nariyuki Yuiga. He is a senior high school student and studying in Ichinose Academy. He is very poor and wants to secure a special VIP recommendation in order to achieve a full scholarship to college. In order to achieve it, he has to teach three classmates who are struggling to prepare in the entrance exam in different subjects. One of them is Fumino Furuhashi who is a genius in literature but horrible at mathematics. Another is Rizu Ogata who is perfect at mathematics, but terrible at literature, and the last one is Uruka Takemoto is a great athlete, but dreadful at all academic subjects. The girls work with Nariyuki to achieve their academic goals. but they also have to deal with their growing attraction for Nariyuki.

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