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Wayne Gets New Home On Amazon Prime Video

After Cobra Kai, Wayne, another smash hit YouTube Premium show, is moving to a different streaming platform. The action-comedy, which premiered on YouTube in January last year, had gathered over ten million views within the first week of its debut. Naturally, fans were shocked when they came to know that the network had cancelled the series after its first season. After all, there aren’t many shows that are a complete entertainment package like this one.

Wayne follows the titular character, a violent teen seeking to right the wrongs in the world in his own way. His aggressive nature means that he does not have many people in his corner. When his dying father tells Wayne that his mother and her lover ran off with a car he was supposed to inherit, he vows to get it back.

He asks Del, the girl-next-door whom he has a crush on, to come with him to Florida, where his mother lives. Del’s family- her father and twin brothers- does not approve of Wayne; when they run away together, Del’s family and the town police chase them from Massachusetts to Florida.

Delightfully over-the-top villains is a USP of the series | Source: IMDb

Wayne is sure to make you root for its characters, laugh at them and cry with them in its ten-episode arc. Had it debuted on any other streaming platform, Wayne would definitely have been renewed for a second season. Unfortunately, YouTube Premium was changing its content plan – from scripted shows, it was moving towards ad-based content.

However, Amazon Prime has recognized the show’s worth and is making it available to stream on the platform from November. There is also good news for those who watched the first season and have been eagerly waiting for a second one. If the viewership stats are high, Wayne might get a second season! Creator Shawn Simmons had already mentioned that he has ideas for season two, and if another season were greenlit, he would return to write it.

Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo as Wayne and Del | Source: IMDb

For those who are uninitiated to the unique charm of Wayne, there are quite a few reasons you should watch the show. Winning performances by the lead actors, Mark McKenna (Wayne) and Ciara Bravo (Del), and an even more hilarious performance by Dean Winters are just a few of them.

If you clicked on the article hoping to read about a Batman series on television, don’t be disappointed. The names are not the only thing that the DC superhero and this teen have in common, both their beatdowns are incredibly satisfying to watch.

The first season of Wayne drops on Amazon Prime Video on November 6th, 2020.

Here is the trailer for the action-comedy:

Wayne | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals

Have you watched Wayne? Do you want a second season of the show?

About Wayne

Wayne follows a rough Massachusetts teenager who is trying to make all wrong things in the world right in his own aggressive way. When he finds out that his mother and her lover ran away with a Pontiac he was supposed to get after his father’s death, he decides to get it back with the help of Del, his neighbor and crush.

Wayne first premiered on YouTube Premium on January 16th, 2019. It stars Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo in the lead, with Dean Winters in a supporting role.

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