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Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Part 3 New Visual Out Now

Want to hit the beach and surf the waves of the blue ocean? The boys of “Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!” are here to show you how!

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The story follows Masaki and his adventures in surfing as he meets the princely Shou and delves into the world of waves.

He makes friends along the way and also grows as a person. Follow his journey to discover friendship and dream with a splash of ocean water. The third installment of the anime trilogy is back to amaze us.

“Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!” – the anime series trilogy has announced the third part and also revealed a key visual poster. Part 3 will come out in theatres on 30th October.

Man surfing new visual release Man surfing The third chapter key visual released on 10/30 (Friday) has been released! In addition to the already published dandruff & William, grown Masaki has been added Sparkles Continuing from the second chapter released today, Stay tuned for Chapter 3! !! Click here for the theater ▶ #Wave

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Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Part 3 New Visual Out Now
Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Visual | Source: Twitter

The poster features Masaki, the protagonist of the series along with Shouichirou William and Rindou riding the waves on their surfboards.

The anime series will screen the trilogy in three different chapters (Chapters 1, 2, 3). The screening theatres and ticket details will be available on their official website.

The eight cast members are going to perform the project’s theme song “Ride the WAVE!!” as a unit Naminori Boys (“surfer boys,” in short NBS).

The anime franchise will also include a radio program, CDs, a four-panel manga and even an upcoming smartphone game.

Let’s just say Asahi Productions and director Takaharu Ozaki have left no stone unturned to promote this franchise.

The Cast of the Series Features Voice Actors

CharactersCastOther Works
MasakiTomoaki MaenoHak (Akatsuki no Yona)
ShouJin Ogasawara
Shouichirou WilliamShoutarou MorikuboOscar (Code Geass)
RindouNobuhiko OkamotoRin (Blue Exorcist)

About Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Is an anime trilogy by Asahi Productions. The theatre release of the three parts starts from October 2020.

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! Part 3 New Visual Out Now
Masaki | Source: Fandom

The story features Masaki as he finds his passion for surfing with the help of friends and lives his life to the fullest.

The anime trilogy will get a four panel follow up manga and various other promotional projects.

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