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Watch Great Pretender Now, Available on Netflix Worldwide

Wit Studio confirmed through their official Twitter account that Great Pretender is now streaming on Netflix worldwide, outside of Japan.

From L.A. to Singapore, the anime has gone a long way already, but it’s said to be nothing compared to what we will see in the future. Netflix is streaming the first 14 episodes from August 20th.

In 1987, the legendary band, Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury released his cover of “The Great Pretender,” a 1955 song performed by The Platters about pretending to be perfectly fine and happy, after experiencing a painful heartbreak.

But to Freddie, the song mirrored his feelings about his stage persona and career. In life, the musician said he pretended to be various characters, all while hiding who he really was and how he was feeling.

Great Pretender by Wiz studios seems to have taken inspiration from the song and the interpretation of Freddie Mercury about the lyrics.

In the anime series, we can see the con-artist facades of a cast of professional pretenders. That’s how it reciprocates the main song’s idea, which is also used as the ending theme of the series.

Great Pretender is streaming worldwide, outside of Japan
Great Pretender | Source: Netflix

This is Japan’s first television anime to feature a song by Mercury as its theme.

The main protagonist, Makoto Edamura is a con man who is said to be “Japan’s greatest swindler.” One day, after trying to pickpocket a foreigner, Edamura finds that all of his money was stolen instead.

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Chasing the man down all the way to Los Angeles, he learns the foreigner is Laurent Thierry, a French con man who has ties to international criminal organizations.

After Edamura follows Thierry and thwarts his big drug deal, Edamura gets tied up and left to die on the famous Hollywood sign.

This is what we know about the storyline as far and we clearly can’t wait for the next chapters of the story to unfold!

Season 1 of the Great Pretender anime has been divided into 4 cases. They are-

  • Los Angeles Connection
  • Singapore Sky
  • Snow of London
  • Wizard of the Far East

Wizard of the Far East is the fourth and final case of Great Pretender Season 1. On September 21, these episodes will be released exclusively on Netflix Japan.

Netflix is streaming the anime exclusively worldwide, but it is streaming in Japan ahead of the rest of the world.

The anime premiered on July 8 on Fuji TV’s +UItra programming block. The anime will run for two cours (quarters of a year) for 23 episodes.

Artist Daichi Marui launched a manga adaptation of the anime on Mag Garden’s Mag Comi website and LINE Manga service on June 10. The first compiled book volume of the manga shipped on July 10.

We can expect season two of the series to release on Netflix US around December 2020 or January 2021. Stay tuned for more updates!

Great Pretender is streaming worldwide, outside of Japan
Great Pretender | Source: Fandom

About Great Pretender

Great Pretender is an original Japanese anime television series produced by Wit Studio, directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Kosawa.

The series revolves around Makoto Edamura and Kudo, a duo of partners in crime who are supposedly Japan’s greatest swindlers/con-artists.

They try to trick a Frenchman, but they get out-swindled by him as he turns out to be Laurent Thierry, a much higher-level ‘confidence man,’ in control of the mafias.

A bigger picture opens for Edamura once he starts getting engaged in the Frenchman’s dirty jobs.

Source: Twitter

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