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Waiting for Batwoman to Stream on Netflix? DON’T, It’s not coming

Batwoman fans, bad news. Our favorite Arrowverse heroine isn’t coming to Netflix. Not now, not ever.

After season one finale aired on CW last week, some of us were expecting the show to head to Netflix this week, as per tradition.

Alas, the Netflix-CW partnership came to an end early this year, and many fan-favorites on CW could give Netflix a skip for other streaming platforms!

As for Batwoman, it will head to the Warner Bros camp to land on the HBO Max platform.

Why isn’t Batwoman on Netflix?

BATWOMAN Official Trailer (2019) Superhero TV Series
Batwoman Trailer

The end of Netflix-CW contract is great news for other competitive streaming platforms. In the last few years, a majority of the streaming giant’s popular TV shows have been picked up from CW. You could expect any episode aired on CW to arrive on Netflix within 8 days.

However, early this year, it was announced that each show produced after 2019-2020 would be individually sold by CW. Batwoman was grabbed by the Warner Bros’ HBO Max, which is launching later this week.

It was earlier announced that Batwoman won’t be available on HBO Max until August. However, due to the ongoing production hiatus around the world, it is unlikely CW will let go of the show until late 2020 or early 2021 to stream outside its website.

Batwoman wont be coming to Netflix. Here’s why!

It is a wee bit possible that you could watch Batwoman with the rest of the Arrowverse characters if only Netflix could share rights of distribution.

Meanwhile, fans can head to HBO Max, launching on May 29, to see the female caped crusader of a Jewish descent, who is only interested in women! Created originally by DC Comics, the character is a good attempt at diversity and inclusivity.

Actor-model Ruby Rose shines bright in the lead role. She has been seen previously in Orange is the New BlackJohn Wick, and The Meg. Batwoman is the sixth superhero series by CW, after ArrowThe Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends, and Black Lightning.

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