Retro Anime ‘Urusei Yatsura’ Posts a Chaotic Promo Video for the Remake

Misunderstandings always lead to the worst situations ever, and the one in Urusei Yatsura leads to a marriage proposal.

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Rumiko Takahashi became famous for creating Urusei Yatsura long before she made Inuyasha. The anime lives in our hearts to this day and a remake of it with today’s animation style is just what we needed this year.

Our anticipation has finally ended as the Urusei Yatsura anime remake’s first promotional video is here. The show is scheduled for an October release this year, and this chaotic teaser will get you hyped up for the premiere.

The first PV of the TV anime “Urusei Yatsura”

For those who don’t know the story, an alien race called ‘Oni’ invades Earth but gives humans a chance to fight back in a game of tag in which the human player must touch the Oni’s horns to win. A computer program selects Ataru Moroboshi as the human player and Lum as the Oni player.

Ataru is the most unlucky and lecherous high schooler on Earth, whereas Lum is the daughter of the leader of Oni. The game goes on for a week and ends up with Ataru winning on the final day by stealing Lum’s top so she’d leave her horns uncovered.

However, Ataru’s world turns upside-down when Lum misinterprets one of his sentences as a marriage proposal and says yes on the TV. Because of this, Ataru gets a beautiful alien princess to fall in love with him while he doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.

The franchise also gave us a key visual featuring Ataru standing while Lum levitates as they make eye contact.

TV anime “#Urusei Yatsura”

1st key visual release

Boy meets girl design where ram stares at each other when hit

Broadcast information

From October 2010

At Fuji TV, “#Noitamina” and others

#Ataru #Lum

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The teaser shows us the scene where Ataru is selected as the player and the consequences that follow. It also introduces some extra characters, and the franchise has revealed the voice cast too.

CharacterCastOther Works
CherryWataru TakagiGenta Kojima (Detective Conan)
SakuraMiyuki SawashiroMint Blancmanche (Galaxy Angel)
Shinobu MiyakeMaaya UchidaHiyori Iki (Noragami)
Shūtarō MendōMamoru MiyanoOsamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)

This modern-day remake seems to have a refreshing vibe that would please both veteran fans and newbies. Although the show will only be covering some parts of the manga, I hope they include all the fan-favorite moments.

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About Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura is a manga series by Rumiko Takahashi. It has a total of 374 chapters and was published from 1978 to 1987. Its anime adaptation received 195 episodes from 1981 to 1986. A new anime adaptation with selected stories began airing in October 2022.

In the series, a humanoid alien race invades the Earth but agrees that if the protagonist wins in a game of tag, they will leave it unharmed. Ataru wins against the alien girl, Lum.

Lum misunderstands and thinks Ataru is proposing marriage, and starts living with him and joins his high school. Ataru is a trouble magnet and gets stuck in weird situations pretty often.

Source: Urusei Yatsura Anime’s Official Twitter Account


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