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Unbelievable List of “TOP” 9 movies on Netflix this week

Since February this year, the streaming giant Netflix started introducing daily top lists of its most popular titles.

While the criteria for this list has been dubious ever since it was modified to suit we dont know whose interests. But this week, “The Last Days of American Crime” was the top movie on Netflix despite a 0% Rotten Tomatoes critic score.

For its list, Netflix counts one view for every account that watches at least two minutes of a title.

The following list has been arranged from the streaming-exclusive search engine Reelgood. The guys up at Reelgood keepa track of the list of any week’s most popular movies on Netflix every Friday.

This week, Netflix’s “The Last Days of American Crime” has been consistently at the top. A film that was torn apart by critics who called it “insipidly sleazy” and “braindead slog that shambles forward like the zombified husk of the heist movie it wants to be” has managed to become a hit.

There were other embarrassments too with several films termed to be in very bad taste by several critics, finding their way to the top.

Meanwhkle, there were other more reserving titles too, including Adam Sandler’s “UncutS0andlerwhich has been up there for the third straight week.

Below are Netflix US’s 9 most popular movies of the week

9. “The Guest”

Picturehouse Films

With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 91% this 2014 film follows a stranger claiming to be the close friend of a recently deceased soldier invites acceptance — and doubt — from the dead man’s family.

Unbelievable list of “TOP” 9 movies on Netflix this week
The Guest | Source:

Critics have praised the British actor Dan Stevens for serving up a “mesmerizing star turn of psycho charm”.

8. “Uncut Gems” (2019)


With his debts mounting and angry collectors closing in, a fast-talking New York City jeweler risks everything in hopes of staying afloat and alive.

With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 92%, the film follows a fast-talking New York City jeweler who is a gambling addict and risking everything in hopes of staying afloat and alive.

The street cast of the film was particularly praised for giving the film an authentic feel.

“At first glance the cast has the feel of a group of strangers grabbed at random from the sidewalk, yet it clicks and keeps clicking.,” read the Financial Times.

7. “The Night Clerk” (2020)

Saban Films

The 2020 film follows a voyeuristic hotel clerk on the autism spectrum who becomes a suspect in a murder that takes place during his shift.

Unbelievable list of “TOP” 9 movies on Netflix this week
The Night Clerk | Source: Hollywood Reporter

With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 35%, critics termed the film plain boring.

“Forget the half-baked investigation and quarter-baked love story — the real mystery here is how this movie is so boring.” —

6. “The Healer” (2018)

AMBI Media Group

With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 17%, the 2018 film follows a handyman who has hit rock bottom until he finds out he has Jesus-like powers to actually heal the sick.

For critics, the setting was particularly unbelievable for the year 2018, with so much being said about the downsides of superstitions and myths.

“Although the cause may be noble, the end effect is decidedly less rewarding.” — Los Angeles Times

5. “Clueless” (1995)


This 1995 film has long been a teen hit before it came to Netflix. With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 80%, it follows Meddlesome Beverly Hills high school student Cher who gets more than she bargained for when she gives a fashion-challenged student a makeover.

Unbelievable list of “TOP” 9 movies on Netflix this week
Clueless(1995) | Source: IMDb

For critics, the film maybe drifting at times in its storytelling, but “it’s mainly lightweight but personable fun.” — Chicago Reader

4. “The Help” (2011)


Based on a book of the same name, this 2011 film follows a young, white writer stirs up the status quo in 1960s Mississippi by interviewing Black housemaids and bringing their stories to the masses.

With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 76%, the film was particularly criticized for mansplaining the Black voice and “strengthening stereotypes it purports to shatter.” — Wall Street Journal

3. “365 Days” (2020)


The 2020 erotica would have been on the good side of this list with its fiery narrative of human mating, except it is about a mafia don kidnapping a independent working woman in a year-long confinement filled with BDSM and all kinds of kinky stuff.

Unbelievable list of “TOP” 9 movies on Netflix this week
365 Days | Source: IMDb

The Polish film has been termed “thoroughly terrible, politically objectionable, while occasionally hilarious.” — Variety

2. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” (2009)


With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 86%, this family film follows inventor Flint Lockwood who makes clouds rain food so the citizens of Chewandswallow can feed themselves.

For critics, “only a multiplex permanently stocked with smart, sweetly silly family films like this one…could be better than an endless supply of jellybeans and ice cream” — New York Daily News

1. “The Last Days of American Crime” (2020)


With a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 0%, this film follows a bank robber joins a plot to commit one final, historic heist before the government turns on a mind-altering signal that will end all criminal behavior.

According to critics, the film is an “instantly forgettable tough-guy fantasia.” — Hollywood Reporter

Unbelievable list of “TOP” 9 movies on Netflix this week
The Last Days of American Crime | Source: Netflix

We sincerely hope Netflix can understand what’s wrong with its Top 10 list-making algorithm. If this list isn’t proof enough, we dont know what will be!

If you found any other surprising names on Netflix’s Top 10 lists, comment below to let me know so I know I am not alone who sees Netflix taking a turn for the worse.

Source: Reelgood, Business Insider

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