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‘Tsurune: The First Arrow’ Film Reveals Stunning Teaser Before August Debut

Tsurune is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking anime out there, and the series is returning to enrich your experience even more with an anime movie.

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By the end of season 1, Minato was gradually recovering from his target panic. Despite this pleasing development, Minato failed to notice the internal conflicts of the friends around him. Can he fix his relationships in the upcoming movie?

KyoAni’s masterpiece archery anime, Tsurune, will premiere Tsurune The Movie: The First Arrow in Japanese theaters on August 19, 2022.

Check out the latest trailer for the movie, where KyoAni’s brilliant animation once again takes center stage,

『劇場版ツルネ -はじまりの一射-』 劇場版 特報第2弾
“Theatrical version Tsuru-Ne-The beginning shot-” Theatrical version special news 2nd

The voice actors of Minato and Masaki narrate the teaser. Yes, Minato is still just as obsessed with the beautiful sound of the arrow, and Masaki is still a doting teacher.

Yet, what of Shizuya, the ever-supportive friend of Minato? Will his feelings of insecurity soar with this new film? Or will he and Shin finally have a proper showdown?

‘Tsurune: The First Arrow’ Film Reveals Stunning Teaser Before August Debut
Tsurune The Movie Visual | Source: Official Website

In addition to Minato’s teammates, his former friend, Shin, is also represented in the new visual. It shows each of the characters looking passionately at their bows.

Season 1 of Tsurune offered an incredible story with unexpected twists and turns, and I expect nothing less from the movie as well. In case you haven’t watched the anime yet, hurry up and stream it right now because it’s an experience you will never regret.

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About Tsurune

Tsurune is a light novel by Kotoko Ayano which was adapted into an anime series by Kyoto Animation in 2018. As of 2022, three volumes have been published under Kyoto Animation’s KA Esuma Bunko imprint.

The plot revolves around Minato, a high schooler who has grown up loving archery but developed a sudden target panic. Yet, he is recruited into an archery club in high school and along with his team and instructor finds the true meaning behind his passion.

Source: Official Website

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