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Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

Baseball is loved throughout the world, but the upcoming Tribe Nine anime comes with an exciting twist. With futuristic tech and cybernetic technology amping up the sport, baseball is elevated to extreme levels in the anime.

Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator of Danganronpa, came up with the anime’s original plot and stated that he wants to make full use of Tokyo city.  From Center-Gai to Takeshita Street in Shibuya, famous spots in each ward will act as the baseball bases in the anime.

Production of the Tribe Nine anime began some time ago. According to Kodaka, “basically everyone at TooKyo Games is involved in Tribe Nine anime. It’s a project on a scale that I have never experienced.”

So let’s check out the latest updates of this upcoming anime.

1. Tribe Nine Release Date

Tribe Nine anime is scheduled to be released in January 2022. Funimation is co-producing the anime with the studio Liden Films. Crunchyroll will likely stream the anime once it’s released.

No specific date for its release has been stated by the creators yet.

2. Key Visual

The franchise also revealed a key visual featuring Haru Shirogane, Taiga, Saori, Santaro, Manami, and Kazuki from the anime.

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Tribe Nine Visual | Source: Official Website

Leaders of the Minato and Chiyoda tribes can be seen faded on the visual. The visual also displays what Neo-Tokyo looks like.

3. Trailer/Teaser

The trailer teases how thrilling of a game extreme baseball is. Shun Kamiya, the leader of the Minato tribe, along with his tribe members, can be seen in the first half of the trailer.

The first animation PV of the TV anime “Tribe Nine”

Otori Oujirou, leader of the Chiyoda tribe, along with his members, can also be seen. The later part of the trailer shows how intense and exciting extreme baseball can be.

4. Plot/Storyline

Tribe Nine’s story takes place in the country of Neo-Tokyo in the year 20XX. Young people form “tribes” to find their place in the world after the collapse of society.

As fighting between the tribes intensifies, the Neo-Tokyo government steps in and enacts the XB Law. This law limits the battles to XB (Extreme Baseball), where you can solve rivalry with pitching, hitting, and slugging it out.

With their pride on the line, the tribes go crazy for this new game vying with each other to become the ultimate winners.

5. Characters for Tribe Nine

Here are some of the new characters we will see in the upcoming anime:

I. Shun Kamiya

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Shun Kamiya | Source: Official Website

Shun Kamiya is the founder and leader of the Minato tribe. Minato is considered the strongest in Neo-Tokyo because of him. He is one of the few people who can use a beam bat. He likes to give odd nicknames to his friends and get hangovers from coffee.

II. Haru Shirogane

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Haru Shirogane | Source: Official Website

Haru Shirokane is a timid boy who is often bullied. Kamiya asks him to join the Minato tribe because of his excellent eyesight and agility.

III. Taiga

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Taiga | Source: Official Website

Taiga is a hot-blooded young man who crossed the ocean to Neo-Tokyo to defeat Shun Kamiya. He ends up joining the Minato tribe along with Haru.

IV. Saori Arisugawa

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Saori Arisugawa | Source: Official Website

Saori is the deputy leader of the Minato tribe. Despite her delicate appearance, she is an excellent catcher who can catch Kamiya’s fastballs. She cares deeply about her teammates, but she’s also strict about rules and morals.

V. Otori Ojiro

Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Otori Ojiro | Source: Official Website

Otori Oujirou is the leader of the Chiyoda tribe. He was trained under Tenshin to become the strongest XB player.

6. Cast

CharacterCastOther Works
Shun KamiyaAkira IshidaGaara(Naruto)
TaigaChiharu SawashiroSōma Kujō(Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth)
Saori ArisugawaMai FuchigamiNagisa Shiota(Assassination Classroom)
Haru ShirokaneShun HorieKazuya Kinoshital(Rent-A-Girlfriend)
Manami DaimonFukushi OchiaiBonjiri(Megalobox 2: Nomad)
Tenshin ŌtoriHiroshi NakaNaoyuki Okazaki(Clannad After Story)
Otori OujirouJunichi SuwabeShinta Fukuda(Bakuman)
Yui KamikiMikako KomatsuArte(Arte)
Santarō MitaMutsumi TamuraLutzAscendance of a Bookworm)
Kazuki AoyamaShōya ChibaYū(Fire Force)
Tribe Nine Anime: Winter 2022 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates
Tribe Nine | Source: Official Website

7. Staff

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorYū AokiGATE
Series CompositionMichiko YokoteReLIFE
Character DesignYosuke YabumotoDuel Masters
MusicMasafumi TakadaDanganronpa The Animation
StudioLiden FilmsTokyo Revengers

8. About Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine is an upcoming cyberpunk-themed sports anime under the Tribe Nine Project by Akatsuki and Too Kyo Games. The plot is set in the year 20XX at a fictional location called Neo-Tokyo, where young people build Tribes and battle through games of extreme baseball.

The story revolves around Haru Shirogane, a weak-minded person, and Taiga, an ambitious individual. One day they meet Shun Kamiya, leader of Minato Tribe, as the Tribes throughout Neo-Tokyo face a major threat.

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